Chapter 162: Gu Ruoyuns Ploy (3)

    Chapter 162: Gu Ruoyun's Ploy (3)

    After hearing what Gu Ruoyun had said, everyone felt relieved. If the pill formulas had been completely taken away by the Cool Breeze Faction, they definitely wouldn't get the chance to buy pills!

    However, Wei Yiyi, who had not spoken a single word in the entire exchange, couldn't hold back an eyeroll.

    A nobody?

    Who didn't dare to fight with the Cool Breeze Faction?

    Was shifu sure that she was describing herself? Others might not know of the trump cards that Gu Ruoyun held in her hands, but how could Wei Yiyi not know of them? Without mentioning the two strong men she had hidden away in the rear courtyard, just the spiritual beast Baobao alone could probably invade the Cool Breeze Faction, no?

    Shopkeeper Zhao coughed hard twice, clearly frightened by her words. With an awkward expression, he said, "Everyone, I'll give you some time to prepare your gold. Come here to buy the pill within a month. If you don't come back in one month, your place will be given away. That's all, you can go back now."

    Everyone stood up and bid their farewells one by one. Some who had prepared enough gold bought the pills on the spot. As for the others, they still had to gather up enough gold...

    Very quickly, only Shopkeeper Zhao, Gu Ruoyun, and Wei Yiyi were left in Hundred Herb Hall.

    "Eldest Miss, you're really quite something! You actually gave Gu Xianglin fake pill formulas. When he finds out, it'll be too late." Shopkeeper Zhao laughed out loud and looked at Gu Ruoyun with admiration.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled: "Who said the pill formulas were fake?"


    Shopkeeper Zhao choked. He thought that Gu Ruoyun had used fakes to trick Gu Xianglin. Who could have thought that she had really given him the actual formulas?

    "When we auctioned off the Beauty Rejuvenation Pills three years ago, why do you think we didn't attract unwanted attention from the stronger powers? It was thanks to some other powers suppressing the news so it didn't travel further... For example, places like the Medicine Order still don't know that Beauty Rejuvenation Pills have appeared in Azure Dragon Country. However, it wasn't easy for them to let us live in peace for the past three years. If the news of the Longevity Pills spreads this time, what do you think will happen, Wei Yiyi?"

    Wei Yiyi groaned for a moment: "Although the Longevity Pill isn't a pill that can help cultivation, it still counts as a pill. For powers such as the Medicine Order, once the word 'pills' comes into play, they absolutely won't ignore it! When the news hits, it'll be as good as a death sentence. Whoever has the formulas will be hunted to the ends of the earth and killed! Besides, fake pill formulas might be able to deceive the Cool Breeze Faction, but it won't work against powers like the Medicine Order!"

    Back then, when Shifu had given her the Treasure Encyclopedia of Medicine, she had suffered the machinations of that wretched couple. Furthermore, Gu Ruoyun held the fabled pill formulas in her hands. How could they possibly let her off easy?

    "That's right," Gu Ruoyun nodded, "I brought out the Longevity Pills for sale because the Devil Sect needs a lot of gold to support its growth. Pills are the quickest method to earn money for me. However, after this, those pill formulas are going to be hot potatoes. Since a certain someone is so willing to take them off my hands, there's no reason to look a gift horse in the mouth. Why wouldn't I give them to him?"

    While her words made a lot of sense, Shopkeeper Zhao still felt that something wasn't quite right. He thought for a moment before asking: "Eldest Miss, what if the Cool Breeze Faction really finds out how to refine pills? Then..."

    "The pill formulas I gave him are real, but I changed the order of the ingredients. Furthermore, pill refinement isn't easy. Without a guide, forget a couple of years; given a hundred years, it'd be impossible to learn the techniques from just a formula. And if they're not careful, they'll be blown to bits from trying! Why do you think no one has managed to refine any pills for so long? Not only is there a lack of formulas, but even if they had one, no one would have a clue how to refine them!"
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