Chapter 163: Gu Ruoyuns Ploy (4)

    Chapter 163: Gu Ruoyun's Ploy (4)

    There were too many details to pay attention to while refining pills. If not for Zixie standing by her side and guiding her back then, she wouldn't have learned it so quickly. No one had rediscovered the art of refining pills even after so many millennia; of course it wouldn't be as simple as following a list of instructions. It was true that there was a lack of pill formulas, but a skilled pill master could even create their own if they wanted to. The path to become a pill master, on the other hand, was where everyone was stuck.

    "Eldest Miss, but what if those people try to kidnap you when they find out they can't understand the pill formulas?" asked Shopkeeper Zhao, anxious. It was only natural that he worried.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled. "I'll have about five to six years before that happens. Within those five to six years, I'll be able to dominate the mainland! By that time, who would still be able to kidnap me? Furthermore, with Gu Xianglin's IQ, he definitely thinks that the pills were refined by Wei Yiyi and that the only reason she was following me was because of the pill formulas in my hands. Those powers won't dare to touch Wei Yiyi for the time being, so I have enough time to prepare!"

    Frankly speaking, Gu Ruoyun didn't think much of the Cool Breeze Faction.

    There were much stronger powers on the mainland, like the Weapon Refining Sect and the Medicine Order, and there were still even stronger powers to consider like the Spirit Sect...

    She had to be a little more cautious!

    Since Gu Xianglin was willing to bear the dangers for her, she had no reason to reject him.

    Shopkeeper Zhao forced a smile: "Eldest Miss, you've really thought of everything. Gu Xianglin is a fool. He tried to steal the pill formulas in such a public location with so many people around. He'll regret it soon enough."

    "If he hadn't done it in such a public place, I wouldn't have given them to him," Gu Ruoyun raised a corner of her lips, "However, Gu Xianglin said something right: I definitely won't regret giving him the pill formulas. As for whether he'll regret it or not, well... who knows? Right now, everyone knows that Gu Xianglin has taken away the pill formulas, so no one will trouble Hundred Herb Hall for the next few years."

    Hearing this, Shopkeeper Zhao felt even more pity for Gu Xianglin. Hadn't he brought this upon himself? Perhaps not long after, neither the Gu family nor the Cool Breeze Faction would be able to live in peace...


    Ever since those people left Hundred Herb Hall, the news of the Longevity Pill had spread. Those who had not arrived in time to get a place in the buyers' list were upset. An extra ten years of life was now something they were unable to buy, even with 100 million gold coins.

    Thus, a single place was now being sold for sky-high prices. Of course, not many people were willing to sell their hard-won places. Only one or two people in dire need of money had headed to Hundred Herb Hall early that morning, all to queue up for the sake of getting that rare place.

    However, it was a pity. No matter how early they had gone there to queue, there was still a long line ahead of them. There were even people who had rushed over from distant places for the chance to buy a pill...

    At this time, within the study, Gu Xianglin held onto the token in his hands as he spoke excitedly: "Foster Father, I have some good news to tell you. That good-for-nothing from my Gu family managed to get a pill formula from somewhere, so I used threats and bribes to take it from her hands. I want to give it to you to show my filial respect."

    If someone had been in the room with him, they would have felt extremely startled. Gu Xianglin was alone in the study, so who was he speaking to?

    After a long silence, a grave voice spoke from the token: "Is that true?"

    "Definitely!" Gu Xianglin couldn't hold back the tremors in his heart and said: "I personally saw an elderly man on the verge of death recover his vitality after using that pill. The imperial physicians had initially given him just a month left to live, but now he can live for ten more years!"
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