Chapter 164: Gu Ruoyuns Ploy (5)

    Chapter 164: Gu Ruoyun's Ploy (5)

    The study sunk into silence once more. After a moment, the middle-aged man's voice rang out again. This time, it was clear that his breathing had quickened.

    "Keep the pill formula safe. Hand it over to me when you return."

    "Yes, Foster Father!"

    Gu Xianglin was very emotional now. He could practically imagine how it would be when he earned his foster father's full trust and the candidacy of next Faction Master...

    It was at this moment that a knock came from outside the room. Gu Xianglin frowned and cut off the conversation with the middle-aged man. Upon raising his head to look and seeing Second Master Gu entering the study, his tensed expression relaxed.

    "Father, is something the matter?"

    "This..." Second Master Gu rubbed his fists and lightly chuckled, "I heard that you snatched two pill formulas from Gu Ruoyun?"

    Gu Xianglin nodded and looked at Second Master Gu with suspicion: "That's right. I'm going to give them to my foster father as a gesture of filial respect. With the pill formulas, I'll be able to become the successor to the Cool Breeze Faction."

    "Stupid, you're really stupid!"

    Second Master Gu seemed to be disappointed in him for failing to meet some hidden expectations as he said: "What's so great about the Cool Breeze Faction? They can't even match up to the Dongfang family. I know someone even more powerful, and he's very strong! Much stronger than the Dongfang family and the Weapon Refining Sect! If we offer the pill formulas up to that power, our Gu family will have even more benefits."

    More than ten years ago, he had helped that power get rid of Gu Tian. However, because Gu Tian's body had not been left as evidence, that power had removed all the benefits he had given him in a fit of rage. Other than being tasked to watch Gu Shengxiao and Gu Ruoyun, there had been no other movement from him. However, if Second Master Gu offered up the pill formulas to him, then he could borrow that organisation's power. Even some simple benefits would be enough to reign like a tyrant in Azure Dragon Country.

    His imagination went wild as he thought of his future domination. Second Master Gu broadly grinned and looked at Gu Xianglin with glee.

    Gu Xianglin frowned: "Father, that power you're speaking of is..."

    "This, I'm actually not too sure of it myself," Second Master Gu shook his head. With a reverent expression, he said, "Although I don't know where that person comes from, I can understand how great that power is! For example, a single person from that organisation could flatten the entire Cool Breeze Faction. Imagine: just how much power must they have to be able to do that?"

    Gu Xianglin's heart shook. A single person would be able to flatten the entire Cool Breeze Faction? Under this sky, there were only three organisations who had that kind of power...

    How did Father get acquainted with that kind of expert? Could he be trying to trick him into giving away the pill formulas?

    After weighing the pros and cons, Gu Xianglin slowly spoke up: "Father, I want to meet the person you speak of. If the power he's from really has that kind of ability, then I'll gladly give up the pill formulas."

    Second Master Gu knew that his son didn't trust him. However, he didn't get angry. When they got their benefits, who would he have to fear? Even the Dongfang family wouldn't be strong enough! Furthermore, he was going to return every bit of humiliation that Dongfang Shaoze had given him that day!

    "Alright, I'll take you to see that person. However, you absolutely can't let your grandfather know of this."

    Otherwise, that old man would surely know how Gu Tian had died...

    Although that old man had always been selfish, he had looked very favourably upon Gu Tian. After all, ten years ago, Gu Tian had been the kind of genius that could be counted on one hand! With him around, who would have dared to disrespect the Gu family?

    However, ever since he had died, the Gu family had suffered much humiliation. This drop in status had driven Old Man Gu crazy. How could Second Master Gu let him discover that he had been the one who had helped those people kill Gu Tian?
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