Chapter 165: The Dispute Over Pills (1)

    Chapter 165: The Dispute Over Pills (1)

    Gu Xianglin didn't say any more and followed him out. If that power was really as strong as Father had said, then what was the harm in giving him one of the pill formulas? He had two in his hands right now anyway.


    They eventually arrived at a mysterious secret room. It was lit by candlelight; the two side walls were lined with candlesticks, each crowned by a flickering flame. Their fluctuation was mirrored in the shadows cast across the space, and because of it, the room's lighting was in a constant state of alternation between dark and light.

    Second Master Gu looked at the elder standing in front of him with a respectful, humble expression.

    That elder's face was hazy, as if he was hidden in a black mist. At the very least, they could tell he was dressed in a grey robe, but anything about his face was obscured. It didn't matter how intently Gu Xianglin observed him; he just couldn't get a clear picture of the man's face.

    It seemed like the elder had felt his measuring gaze, because a powerful aura burst out towards Gu Xianglin, easily suppressing him. Gu Xianglin trembled in fear; he hurried to cast his gaze downwards and didn't dare to look again.

    However, from just that one blurry glance, Gu Xianglin could tell that this person was very strong!

    Unbelievably strong!

    No wonder Father had said something like that. If he were able to receive this person's guidance, even creating his own sect wouldn't be a problem, let alone becoming the young master of the Cool Breeze Faction.

    "Why have you called me here today, brat?" The elder's voice was very low, yet it held an aura of undeniable majesty. "Or rather, have you completed the task I gave you?"

    Second Master Gu smiled sheepishly. "My lord, this time I have brought something good to offer to you."

    "Oh?" The elder sent Second Master Gu a dubious look. Then, aloof, he said, "You should know that I'm not interested in ordinary items. If what you have brought doesn't interest me, then you know what the consequences are!"

    Second Master Gu unconsciously broke out into a cold sweat. He gritted his teeth and said, "My lord, the item I brought for you today will surely interest you greatly. That's because it's a pill formula that my son stole from someone else's hands with much difficulty!"

    Pill formula...

    These two words were like a thunderclap sent straight into the elder's ears.

    Although Second Master Gu couldn't see his expression clearly, he could feel the air around them turning grave. After a long time, the elder's deep voice rang out again: "You're being serious?"

    "Extremely serious."

    Second Master Gu wiped away the cold sweat that had accumulated on his forehead and cast a look at his son. The only sound in the room was the elder's heavy breathing as Gu Xianglin took the cue and slowly walked forward.

    "My lord, this is the pill formula I've obtained."

    Gu Xianglin's face no longer held the arrogance it normally did. He respectfully passed the pill formula over to the elder, who received it with shaking hands.It was obvious that he was having difficulty staying calm.

    It felt like an eternity had passed before the elder slowly spoke: "It's a pill formula, it's really a pill formula! This ancient aura cannot be faked! I didn't think a pill formula would ever appear again, even in a hundred million years! Brat, you've done well!"

    Right now, even if Gu Xianglin couldn't see the expression of the man in grey, he could visualise the sheer jubilation that would be on his face! Even the strongest experts would reveal their true nature in the face of a pill formula; they would even fight to the death for them!

    "My lord, only an expert like you is fit to use this kind of priceless treasure," Second Master Gu said, putting on a smile meant to flatter, "However, could you perhaps gift me with a pill when you succeed in refining some? I would like to live for another ten years too."

    The grey-robed man nodded, and with his mind cast to a faraway place, he replied with, "I can promise you that. However, the art of refining pills has been lost for many years. If I want to succeed in refining them, I need at least ten years to study the pill formula! Furthermore, shouldn't you bring out the other pill formula you have on you?"

    When he finished speaking, his gaze landed on Gu Xianglin.

    Gu Xianglin's body suddenly trembled, his eyes full blown with terror.

    He had been intending to give the other pill formula to his foster father! In fact, he had already promised it to him! If he brought it out now and gave it to the elder, then when he showed up empty-handed to meet with his foster father... Gu Xianglin would surely be blamed!
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