Chapter 173: Subduing the White Tiger (4)

    Chapter 173: Subduing the White Tiger (4)

    The woman had an indifferent expression on her beautiful face, like a chrysanthemum flower blooming with an enchanting fragrance on a remote mountain.

    However, that was only on the surface. The woman's features held a cold arrogance, and she had a king's domineering aura as gifted by nature.

    "You're the White Tiger, Yunyao?"

    Gu Ruoyun's voice pierced through the layers of white mist and resounded in the elegant woman's ears.

    The woman smiled and said: "Yunyao... Hehe, it has been many years since someone has called me by that name. Little girl, do you know what kind of place this is? What are you doing here?"

    Gu Ruoyun returned the smile before replying: "I know you're living in the body of this child called Bai Chuan, and that you need to use his spiritual qi to nourish your injured body. I'm the person he has called to subdue you."

    "Subdue me? Haha."

    Yunyao couldn't resist laughing out loud. Even when she was laughing, her appearance remained noble and graceful; this was what a real aristocrat looked like.

    "Such a huge boast for a little girl. You're just a little martial general, and you have the nerve to subdue me? Since you know that I'm the White Tiger Yunyao, why are you making such a boast? I'd like to see what abilities you have to subdue me today!"

    As a spiritual beast with the bloodline of a Divine Beast, even if she was seriously injured, the White Tiger's strength could not be belittled. However, this little girl was only a martial general and was trying to subdue her?

    This was too laughable!


    Yunyao exerted the pressure of her power, trying to break Gu Ruoyun's thread of spiritual consciousness. She had thought that it would be as easy as swatting a fly, but very quickly, the smile on her face froze...

    The other's spiritual consciousness was thin, but it still remained within Bai Chuan's body, drifting about erratically.

    "Little girl, it looks like I've underestimated you! Although you don't have much power, your willpower isn't too shabby. You've managed to withstand my pressure, but your body on the outside must be feeling pretty bad now, isn't it?"

    Yunyao was right.

    The Divine Beast's pressure was too overwhelming. Gu Ruoyun had resisted with all her might to keep her spiritual consciousness from dispersing, since it would be hard for her to enter again if it disappeared. However, with this move, her body had suffered heavy injuries.

    If her spiritual consciousness hadn't been stronger than normal, she might even have turned into an idiot.

    "Yunyao, you've been dwelling in Bai Chuan's body simply because you want to heal your injuries. What if I can help you treat them?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly, and Yunyao's watching gaze changed.

    Yunyao froze for a moment before she sneered: "Little girl, why should I believe you? Humans have always been sly. If it weren't for you sly humans, I wouldn't have suffered such serious injuries and been unable to heal them for so many years. I also wouldn't have lost contact with my three companions."

    She had never held much goodwill towards those crafty humans, and this girl had declared her intention to subdue her the moment they'd met. This girl was no different from the humans who had used all sorts of tricks to hurt them, and who had almost succeeded in trapping them.

    "If you don't believe me, I can let you try it out."

    Gu Ruoyun knew that Yunyao wouldn't believe her so easily, so she let the spiritual qi from within the Ancient Divine Pagoda leak out.

    Endless spiritual qi entered Bai Chuan's body from that thread of spiritual consciousness, and rushed towards that dried up lake.

    Yunyao's body stiffened abruptly. Other than astonishment, there was undisguised excitement and happiness on her face.

    She couldn't resist closing her eyes and quickly absorbed the spiritual qi that Gu Ruoyun had brought out into her body.
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