Chapter 174: Subduing the White Tiger (5)

    Chapter 174: Subduing the White Tiger (5)

    In that moment, she felt that her internal organs had been enveloped in that warm and gentle spiritual qi. She felt like a weight had been lifted from her entire body, and she couldn't help but take a deep breath of air.

    Following that, she opened her eyes. Her beautiful pupils were locked dead on Gu Ruoyun. It was clear that Gu Ruoyun was much more enticing than Bai Chuan to her now.

    Even if she stayed in Bai Chuan's body for five to six years, it wouldn't even be able to match the amount her body had recovered from that burst of spiritual qi just now.

    "Girl, speaking honestly, that spiritual qi you just transferred to me is indeed very tempting, but I, Yunyao, am not willing to submit to any humans. Otherwise, I would have just willingly become the mount for those humans then, and I wouldn't have suffered such grievous injuries! However, if you give me the spiritual qi to heal my body, I'll fight for you for that period of time in return! Although I'm currently badly injured, there'll be no problems unless you meet a martial emperor."


    Gu Ruoyun sunk into silence for a moment before agreeing to Yunyao's request: "Leave Bai Chuan's body now and I'll send you to a place where you can rest and recover from your injuries."

    After she finished speaking, she couldn't hold on to that thread of spiritual consciousness any longer. She hurriedly pulled out from Bai Chuan's body and took in a deep breath.

    "Shifu, how did it go?"

    Wei Yiyi stood to one side anxiously. She was just about to inquire about the results when she saw a thick mist dispersing from Bai Chuan's body, which quickly coalesced into a young woman dressed in a yellow dress.

    "It's... it's out."

    Tears suddenly flowed out of Bai Chuan's eyes.

    He hadn't cried despite the countless times he had failed to break through. He hadn't cried despite how he had suffered on the journey to find the Ghost Doctor. Even when he had finally seen Wei Yiyi, he hadn't cried... But now, seeing that Yunyao had left his spiritual ocean, Bai Chuan couldn't hold back any longer and burst into tears.

    No matter how mature he acted, he was still a child. The emotions he had held back all these years finally exploded and he felt the strong urge to hug Gu Ruoyun and kiss her.

    Yunyao had left; in other words, he was no longer a good-for-nothing!

    After all the humiliation and disdain he had faced all these years, how could he not be excited now?

    "Shifu, you... you subdued her?"

    Wei Yiyi couldn't refrain from widening her eyes. She held endless admiration towards Gu Ruoyun in her heart. She hadn't expected that shifu would be so strong as to subdue this spiritual beast! Would anyone in Azure Dragon Country even dare to come looking for shifu and cause  trouble now?

    "Yunyao, I'll send you off to rest."

    Gu Ruoyun didn't say much more, but simply let Yunyao enter the Ancient Divine Pagoda. Anyway, Zixie was inside the Ancient Divine Pagoda. She wasn't worried that she would cause a ruckus or anything...

    As for whether Yunyao would spread news of the Ancient Divine Pagoda to the outside world, she wasn't worried about that either.

    Firstly, Yunyao wasn't able to leave the Ancient Divine Pagoda now. Secondly, very soon, Yunyao would still become one of the great generals under her command in the end!

    "Wei Yiyi, I suffered some injuries just now and I need to recover. Bring Bai Chuan out with you first, don't come in until I allow you to."

    Gu Ruoyun shut her eyes weakly, her face extremely pale.

    Wei Yiyi was very worried in her heart, but she knew that wounds of this caliber weren't a problem at all with Shifu's abilities. Thus, she nodded: "Okay, Shifu. I'll wait outside the door. Call me if you need anything."

    After saying so, she dragged away the bawling Bai Chuan and walked out without looking back.

    When the two of them had disappeared, Gu Ruoyun then entered the Ancient Divine Pagoda, just by thinking about it.

    Ever since she had become a martial warrior, she needed to break through two ranks to enter the next level of the Ancient Divine Pagoda. Thus, it was only when she had passed the martial knight rank and become a martial general that she was able to enter the third level of the Ancient Divine Pagoda and receive the rewards there.

    The snow wolf Baobao and the Longevity Pill formula were the treasures she had obtained on the third level.

    At this moment, within the Ancient Divine Pagoda, a large and formidable white tiger was currently hiding in a corner, trembling. The fur on her body was standing on end, as if there was something scary nearby.
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