Chapter 175: Subduing the White Tiger (6)

    Chapter 175: Subduing the White Tiger (6)

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    "Yunyao, why did you revert to your original body? And what are you doing hiding in the corner?" Gu Ruoyun was a little astonished. She had witnessed Yunyao's haughtiness for herself, so what had occurred to put her in this state?

    Zixie glanced at Yunyao. "I'm not sure. She became like this once she saw me."

    Before Zixie had spoken, everything was fine. But once he spoke, the frightened White Tiger almost jumped straight out of her pelt. The tremors that had wracked her body only increased at the sound of his voice..

    Gu Ruoyun thought that if there was a crevice within the Ancient Divine Pagoda right now, Yunyao would definitely choose to burrow into it.

    At a time like this, she had abandoned all her previous haughtiness and had even forsaken her dignity.

    "Girl, what kind of place did you bring me to? Why is this guy here? Why?" Yunyao was so scared that even her voice had begun to tremble. Inwardly, she scolded Gu Ruoyun a thousand times over.

    This damned human had still tricked her in the end.

    She had actually brought her to the territory of that god of pests! Was she even going to have the chance to leave with her life intact?

    "Who?" Gu Ruoyun stared, bemused. She really didn't know what Yunyao was talking about.

    "Who else could it be?" Yunyao wanted to glare at Gu Ruoyun, but upon detecting the dangerously cold aura radiating from Zixie, she was so frightened that she lowered her head, "This plague god, the Ancient Phoenix Zixie! I trusted you; why did you trick me? And if that wasn't enough, you even brought me to this demon's lair!"


    Gu Ruoyun was completely speechless. She looked at Zixie and raised an eyebrow in question. "What did you do last time? How did you scare the White Tiger to this point? She even calls you... a god of pests?"

    "Didn't I tell you before? Even if all four Divine Beasts came at me together, they wouldn't be a match for me. I wasn't just using that to describe my strength. Many years ago, they actually did so."

    With a casual shrug of his shoulders, Zixie nonchalantly continued: "I simply beat them all up. After that, they disappeared from my sight and never came looking for me again."

    Yunyao, indignant, nearly leapt to her feet. Just a beating? How could it have been that simple? If that had been all there was to it, then it wouldn't have left them traumatised to the point where they would check for this god of pest's whereabouts every time they left their houses! They absolutely would not go to any place he was visiting!

    Just as Yunyao was contemplating how to escape, she spotted Zixie walking towards her. It scared her so much that she decided to accelerate her plans and leave immediately. However, this was the god of pests' territory; was there any room for escape here?

    "Yunyao, there are many people on this mainland searching for this Ancient Divine Pagoda. Now that you've entered this place, I can't be at ease."

    Zixie watched Yunyao with his signature devilish smile. It made Yunyao absolutely terrified; she was about to suffocate from fear.

    Yunyao was really regretting her decision now!

    She could have stayed in a perfectly good spiritual ocean, but thanks to Gu Ruoyun and her tempting spiritual qi, she had left her sanctuary and stepped right into the god of pests' territory. Now she was about to lose her life over that stupid decision! If she had known that the spiritual qi had come from Zixie's home, if she had known Gu Ruoyun had planned to trick her, if she had known death was just one short step away... She should've just let her body slowly recover. That would have been better than meeting this god of pests...

    "You... what do you want?"

    Yunyao clenched her teeth, but they chattered anyway, clacking against each other as they revealed her underlying fear.

    "It's simple," A corner of Zixie's lips lifted into a smile, "You have two choices. One, I'll destroy your soul! Two, make a contract with her! Only then will I be able to trust you!"

    Actually, Zixie had been waiting for this all along.

    If he had made any sound while Gu Ruoyun and Yunyao were talking earlier, this little tiger would have definitely hidden in that spiritual ocean and refused to come out! Thus, he could only wait until Gu Ruoyun had lured her into the Ancient Divine Pagoda. Only then could he step out and make his threat...
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