Chapter 181: Zuo Shangchens Rage Awakens (2)

    Chapter 181: Zuo Shangchen's Rage Awakens (2)

    If she wasn't a genius amongst geniuses, then who could be one?

    Furthermore, Gu Ruoyun's talent would only be revealed at a later stage. The higher the rank, the more bottlenecks one would encounter. While everyone else gets stuck trying to break through bottlenecks, she would be able to break through immediately.

    That is to say, as long as Gu Ruoyun fills up her spiritual ocean, she would be able to break through without any bottlenecks in her way.

    "Qingyi, go investigate immediately! Find out who tried to assassinate Xiao Yun'er!" Murderous intent flashed across Zuo Shangchen's eyes, "No matter who it is, they have to be sentenced to be ripped apart by horses and have their souls disappear!"

    Qingyi's heart shook as she looked at Zuo Shangchen's face with some fear. She hurriedly kneeled down on one knee and said respectfully: "This subordinate will do as you bid!"

    This time, her lord's rage had really awakened!

    She didn't know who had been so short-sighted to accept a mission they shouldn't have. It was their just deserts to face their lord's rage now! Even their lord didn't dare to harm Gu Ruoyun, the culprits behind this were too reckless!

    If their lord failed to give Miss Gu a proper explanation, the Dark Yin Palace definitely would not be able to suffer her older brother's anger...

    "Seeing as you've shown a proper attitude, I won't hold this matter over your head. However, if I find out that you're sheltering the people of the Dark Yin Palace, then... get ready for a lifetime of fear!"

    After she finished speaking, Gu Ruoyun glanced at Zuo Shangchen and walked out without turning back.

    Behind her, Zuo Shangchen gazed at the girl's slender figure, a bitter smile hanging on his lips: "Xiao Yun'er's temperament is rather similar to Gu Shengxiao's; they won't let themselves get taken advantage of! These two are really a pair of siblings. Qingyi, go now and investigate. I don't want Xiao Yun'er to have any misunderstandings about me."

    However, within these four nations, there probably wasn't any other person who would dare to threaten him besides her.


    Within the inner palace, in a bedroom, Imperial Concubine Ling looked at the elder sitting behind a screen. Her heart was worried sick as she asked: "Elder Liu, I heard that there's a formation set up over the compound that Gu Ruoyun lives in. The men from the Dark Yin Palace will be fine, right?"

    The white-robed elder called Elder Liu smiled haughtily: "I've already asked around about it, so there's someone who's proficient at formations amongst the people I sent this time. At Gu Ruoyun's level, even if she found someone to deploy a formation for her, it would likely just be a common one."

    "Then I'll be at ease."

    Imperial Concubine Ling sighed in relief before malice flashed across that noble and poised countenance; a sneer at the corner of her lips.

    Gu Ruoyun, I wonder how you'll feel once you receive that Declaration of Death from the Dark Yin Palace! You'll probably faint from fright! This is what you get for making me your enemy!

    Three years ago, I've already pledged my life to avenge this grudge!

    "Something bad... Imperial Concubine, something bad has happened!"

    Suddenly, a hasty shout sounded from outside the room.

    Following that, a man in an imperial guard's uniform quickly ran in and hurriedly made a greeting. He reported anxiously: "I was observing the situation from outside the entrance. Those people entered the compound a long time ago and never came out. However, just now, the people inside threw a bunch of corpses out and cremated them right outside the entrance."

    "What did you say?"

    Imperial Concubine Ling's face instantly warped. Without waiting for her to continue speaking, the elder by her side hit the table with a bang. His expression was extremely ugly as he said: "Gu Ruoyun, you've actually made our Dark Yin Palace fail a mission! It looks like I have to carry the mission out personally this time!"
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