Chapter 184: Zuo Shangchens Rage Awakens (5)

    Chapter 184: Zuo Shangchen's Rage Awakens (5)

    "Little girl, he's in my hands now, so you had better not fight me. It's useless to fight back."

    Elder Liu's muddy pupils narrowed slightly as he said heartlessly.

    "You're not allowed to touch him!"

    Seeing Elder Liu walk towards Bai Chuan, Moyu's eyes turned red and she rushed forward recklessly.

    Master had entrusted this little guy to her, proving the trust that Master had for her. She couldn't betray that trust, so she absolutely couldn't let that old fellow touch him, even if she had to put her life on the line!

    Absolutely not!

    "You're thinking too highly of your abilities!"

    Elder Liu harrumphed as an imposing aura welled up from his body. With a bang, Moyu's slender body was thrown away before she could even reach him. A strong power battered her body, causing her to spit out fresh blood.

    The elder didn't let her off and an overwhelming Tathagatha Palm appeared in front of her, pressing her down viciously.


    The pain of her bones being pulverised caused veins to pop out on Moyu's forehead. Her fists were clenched tightly. From the start to the end, she didn't let out a single sound or beg for mercy. She only stared dead-on at Elder Liu, her eyes full of hatred and anger.

    "You're useless now."

    Elder Liu shook his head.

    Actually, he had intended to use Luo Yin as bait at the start; who didn't know about the friendship between Luo Yin and Gu Ruoyun? Unfortunately, Luo Yin wasn't even in Azure Dragon Country these past few months, so he could only go for his second choice.

    Although Moyu also stayed by Gu Ruoyun's side, Elder Liu wasn't able to dig out the true relationship between the two, so he didn't think much of it. However, this little shota was different. Gu Ruoyun had made things difficult for the crown prince in a very public setting just for this kid. This was something that many people knew of. If he used this kid, then he could definitely threaten that woman.

    However, Bai Chuan hadn't spoken a single word from the start. He only angrily glared at Elder Liu with his unyielding resolve. His little figure looked extremely tenacious right now...

    "Come with me!"

    Elder Liu grabbed Bai Chuan and instantly flew far away. In midair, he left only a single message.

    "Go back and tell Gu Ruoyun... that I'll be waiting for her at the Ling household! Haha! If you come too late, then just be prepared to bury this kid!"


    On the streets, a woman covered all over in blood left an eye-piercing red trail behind her as she crawled with difficulty. When Hundred Herb Hall came into view, a spark of hope lit up in the woman's dull eyes.

    Bai Chuan had been captured by the Dark Yin Palace, she had to notify Master! Otherwise, who knew what the Dark Yin Palace might do!

    Upon thinking of that, an unknown strength filled her and she moved, bit by bit, towards Hundred Herb Hall while grabbing onto the ground before her.

    Seeing that she was about to reach Hundred Herb Hall, although she had been close to fainting a few times, she still held onto her consciousness. It was hard to imagine what kind of willpower she had to crawl all the way here with all the bones in her body shattered.

    "No... I can't faint here... Bai Chuan could be in danger!" Moyu bit onto her lip. Piercing pain flared up all over her body every time she tried to crawl a step, like daggers stabbing into her body, "Three more steps. Just three more steps and I'll be there. As long as I reach Hundred Herb Hall, they'll be able to inform Master..."

    Elder Liu had taken Bai Chuan away, but didn't send anyone to inform Gu Ruoyun, purely to torture the little girl who had dared to speak out before him! Even though so many people had been watching just now, none of them had helped Moyu...

    The Dark Yin Palace was much too fearsome. Who would dare to make an enemy out of them? Wasn't that just digging their own graves?
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