Chapter 187: Zuo Shangchens Rage Awakens (8)

    Chapter 187: Zuo Shangchen's Rage Awakens (8)

    Currently, in the Ling household, Elder Liu was sitting on a chair with a grave, indifferent expression. The current head of the Ling family, Ling Yihui, stood to one side as he trembled, not even daring to look at this mighty elder.

    Three years ago, the previous Ling family head, Ling Yi, died at the hands of Qianbei Ye. His younger brother, Ling Yihui, succeeded him. At first, Ling Yihui had wanted to take revenge for his brother and nephew, but the servant girl of Dark Yin Palace had come out to stop them. Due to his fear of the Dark Yin Palace's power, Ling Yihui had not dared to make a move; he had even gone to the point of making sure that no one in the family would breathe a word about revenge.

    He hadn't expected that the Imperial Concubine would actually find an elder of Dark Yin Palace willing to execute their plan. However, even so, Ling Yihui felt uneasy inside. He had a feeling that something bad was going to happen...

    "Great Elder, will Gu Ruoyun really come?"

    Ling Yihui was apprehensive. To be honest, he was hoping she didn't come. That girl had changed so much after almost being beaten to death by her own grandfather. No one had been able to find out what she had been up to, especially in these past three years.

    His brother and nephew were already dead. He didn't want to bury the rest of the Ling family along with them for the sake of this grudge.

    "Hmph!" Elder Liu harrumphed, "If she wants this kid back alive, then she'll definitely come."

    While speaking, his turbid eyes swept towards the tied up little shota. The hidden danger in those eyes made a chill run down the little shota's back. However, that cute, fair baby face didn't show a lick of fear. His black pupils were calm and even obstinate as he stared at Elder Liu.

    Bai Chuan didn't know if Gu Ruoyun would come for him. After all, they were facing the monstrous Dark Yin Palace this time. If his father were here, he might have had a chance at survival, but... Even though Gu Ruoyun was the Ghost Doctor's Shifu, she was just a normal person in the end. Most normal people would go to great lengths to avoid these organisations.

    Thus, she probably wouldn't come...

    Bai Chuan's pupils dimmed. He nibbled his lip, feeling an unconscious burst of disappointment in his heart.

    Even his family had been close to abandoning a good-for-nothing like him. He couldn't expect more from a stranger, especially one who he had only met by chance. How could she possibly place herself in danger for someone like him...

    No matter where he was, he was still a burden who could be abandoned at any time!

    "You don't have to..."

    Bai Chuan raised his head and stared straight at Elder Liu. He had thought of telling them not to wait for Gu Ruoyun anymore, since they had no strong ties between them. However, before he could finish speaking, a clear, cool voice rang out from behind them. His tiny little body stiffened in surprise.

    "Since the Dark Yin Palace is looking for me, why not ask for me directly? You not only hurt my people, but you didn't even let off a little child! So this is how some people of Dark Yin Palace act!"

    Dressed in green with a waterfall of black hair, the young woman's figure blew in like a gust of wind, carrying with it the tranquil scent of medicinal herbs with her. The scent was one of the few that could instantly ease the anxiety carried by a person's heart...

    However, rather than being put at ease, Bai Chuan's heart was doing somersaults in his chest. He hadn't thought that this woman would come for him in the end.

    She had come to save him!

    Gu Ruoyun was taking on such a big risk for someone she had only known for a few days, whereas the old farts in his family had wanted to abandon him just because he wasn't able to have a breakthrough. Had it not been for his daddy protecting him, he probably would have been chased out of the Bai family by now...
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