Chapter 189: Zuo Shangchens Rage Awakens (10)

    Chapter 189: Zuo Shangchen's Rage Awakens (10)

    A layer of white mist gathered on the ground of the courtyard. In that haze, the White Tiger was like a divine beast who had come treading on clouds; her charisma was as boundless as the sky above, each curve of her body drawing the mortal gaze and enticing worship.

    "A spiritual beast? A martial king spiritual beast? Her power seems to be comparable to mine... That is to say, she's a mid stage martial king!"

    Although there was just one stage between a mid stage martial king and an early stage martial king, that single stage made a huge difference. This was why Elder Liu hadn't considered Elder Yu's prowess an issue. In his eyes, Elder Yu was just some rubbish that he could easily fight off.

    Of course, there were exceptions when spiritual weapons were brought into play.

    Even though Moyu was also a newly made martial king, if she had a spiritual weapon, she wouldn't have necessarily been beaten by Elder Liu. However, she hadn't brought a spiritual weapon with her at that time, so she didn't have the power to fight back in front of Elder Liu...

    "A martial... martial king spiritual beast?"

    Ling Yihui was absolutely terrified. He almost collapsed to the floor. He had already told her not to mention revenge anymore, that their brother was already dead. Wasn't it good to live a peaceful life? Had the Imperial Concubine gone crazy? Would she only be happy if she dragged the entire Ling family down to their graves with her?

    At that moment, the frightened Ling Yihui scolded the Imperial Concubine Ling a hundred times over in his heart. He wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead before gritting his teeth and saying, "Go report to the Imperial Concubine that Elder Liu has failed! Tell her not to drag our Ling family down! I don't want the entire Ling family line to be ruined at the hands of a woman!"

    Ling Yi had tried to defeat Gu Ruoyun, but he had been rendered a cripple at the hands of a Qi level 6 Gu Ruoyun. His brother had tried to take revenge for his grandson, but he had been killed by the silver-haired man by Gu Ruoyun's side... Ling Yu was too stupid and colluded with outsiders to try to assassinate Gu Ruoyun, and look what had happened to her. Hadn't they all ended up dying without even a grave marker to remember them by?

    How was it that the Imperial Concubine still hadn't understood that Gu Ruoyun was untouchable after all that had happened? That woman had limitless potential and a countless number of strong backers by her side; she wasn't someone they could provoke.

    Did the Imperial Concubine want to walk down the road to ruin again?

    Even if she was courting her own death, she shouldn't drag them down with her! He only wanted to live the rest of his life peacefully! He didn't want to participate in any matters of revenge!

    Back then, Ling Yihui hadn't become the family head because he had been too cowardly! However, he was the only one here who could see through everything that had happened. If he had been the family head from the start, the Ling family wouldn't have ended up in such a state...

    "Gu Ruoyun, I finally understand why so many people have fallen by your hands. Even the Weapon Refining Sect couldn't do anything to you!" Elder Liu narrowed his eyes and sneered, "You don't have any abilities of your own, but you have many strong people by your side. You've even managed to tame a martial king spiritual beast! Perhaps I was too careless for this mission. However, the men from our Dark Yin Palace would rather die standing than kneel like dogs! Since I've accepted this mission, I have to carry it out to the end! Since my subordinates weren't able to kill you, then it's up to me to do so. If I happen to die, the next one to come after you might even be our Master! Despite his young age, our Master is extremely strong; he's not someone you can stand up to! So if you die at his hands, that'll be your fortune."

    Elder Liu's pride was obvious throughout his entire monologue. He didn't show any hint of cowardliness in front of the White Tiger Yunyao.

    The spirit of the Dark Yin Palace would always live on! When one died, the next would follow until the mission was complete. This was why the Dark Yin Palace occupied such a high position on the mainland, infamous to the point that everyone knew their name!
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