Chapter 190: Zuo Shangchens Rage Awakens (11)

    Chapter 190: Zuo Shangchen's Rage Awakens (11)

    Elder Liu believed from the start to the end, that the young woman before him would definitely feel fear at the thought of such a monstrous creature coming after her without pause!

    Unfortunately, he was destined to be disappointed. Gu Ruoyun's expression didn't change at all. She remained indifferent, her eyes calm, as if what he was narrating had nothing to do with her...

    Even Elder Liu couldn't help but admit that he would definitely want to take Gu Ruoyun in as a disciple if he hadn't accepted the mission first. This girl had a steady mind. Even if she couldn't match up to Master's accomplishments, she couldn't be too far off.

    However, there was no abandoning any mission that the Dark Yin Palace accepts.

    Thinking of that, traces of pity and regret showed on his elderly face...

    "Old fellow," Yunyao smiled, "What are you talking so much rubbish for? No matter how much you jabber away; I, Yunyao, will kill you today!"

    "Haha!" Elder Liu laughed crazily, "You're a great king of the spiritual beasts, and you can even speak. Why are you helping an ordinary human? The forest is where you should stay!"

    Speaking honestly, Elder Liu was extremely jealous of Gu Ruoyun. How had a martial general like this girl managed to make a martial king spiritual beast submit? He wasn't willing to accept this! He had no chance of victory if he were to fight with this spiritual beast!

    It wasn't until this moment that Ling Yihui suddenly realised that this white tiger had actually spoken.

    Heavens! Could this fellow get any scarier! If his heart wasn't strong enough, he probably would've been frightened to death by these people!

    "Old fart, stop dragging out the time! Why don't we start our battle?"

    Yunyao didn't look at the other people in the courtyard. She snorted coldly, before her enormous body streaked across the sky and her ferocious claws reached out towards Elder Liu...

    Elder Liu's pupils dilated; with a bang, he raised the sword in his hands and blocked the tiger's claws. However, it was as if two sharp weapons had collided, sparks flew in all directions with a fizzle.

    The battle between two martial kings was extremely exciting. However, at this moment, the Ling family didn't have the inclination to admire it.

    That was because they knew that there was still an Elder Yu residing in Hundred Herb Hall. He might not be able to defeat Elder Liu, but if he decided to join the battle at this moment, then Elder Liu wouldn't have any chance at victory!

    Actually, what they didn't know was that the Ghost Doctor had also recently broken through to martial king. Adding Xunfeng and Baobao on to that, there were now more than just one or two martial kings by Gu Ruoyun's side.

    Furthermore, she still had her last trump card: Zixie!

    Gu Ruoyun still hadn't seen that man's true power, even up till now. However, judging from Yunyao's attitude in front of Zixie, it could be seen just how powerful he must be, whether it was at his peak or now!

    He was so strong that it defied sense!

    Gu Ruoyun's gaze was focused on the battle before her. A cold glint flashed across her eyes as she said impatiently, "Yunyao, is that all you've got? You're taking so long just to handle a simple mid stage martial king?"

    Yunyao almost somersaulted right into the ground. She really wanted to cry. My master, did you think that I was the same Divine Beast White Tiger as before? Ever since I was beaten up by that bastard, I haven't been able to recover. Right now, I'm just a mid stage martial king.

    No matter what, she couldn't let her master look down on her. Otherwise, if her master didn't want her anymore, she might get burned to ashes by that Zixie...

    Thinking of that, Yunyao charged towards Elder Liu again...


    At this moment, within the imperial palace, when Imperial Concubine Ling heard the message from the Ling family, her body went limp and she collapsed on the floor, "Gu Ruoyun, is it really impossible for me to kill you? No, I can't believe it! No matter what, you have to die!"

    She closed her eyes and turned to the Ling family servant kneeling before her: "Go back."

    "Yes, Imperial Concubine."

    Very quickly, the Ling family servant was sent out by the palace maids and Imperial Concubine Ling was left alone in her sleeping chamber. After a long time, she opened her eyes and said: "Great Azure Dragon, I let you hide here to recover from your wounds back then, and you promised that you would do one thing for me. Right now, I want you to help me kill Gu Ruoyun, please?"

    She hadn't been willing to use this trump card at first, but now she was forced to bring it out. This was all Gu Ruoyun's fault; she definitely wouldn't forgive her!
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