Chapter 198: Evil Gets Its Just Deserts (1)

    Chapter 198: Evil Gets Its Just Deserts (1)

    "Your Majesty, there's trouble!"

    Within the imperial study, Emperor Leng Wujing was in the middle of a discussion with one of his ministers when an eunuch rushed in without announcing his presence. He looked like a terrifying monster had chased him the entire way to the study. Upon seeing Leng Wujing's displeased expression, the eunuch hurriedly said, "Your Highness, that Gu Ruoyun from the Gu family has invaded the palace!"


    Rage bled across Leng Wujing's imperial countenance. With an ashen face, he said: "Three years ago, We didn't hold her accountable for her crimes no matter how brazen she acted, even though she killed the family members of Imperial Concubine Ling! However, now Gu Ruoyun is using the support of Hundred Herb Hall to run roughshod over this Azure Dragon Country. She no longer respects Us! Well, We shall see how Hundred Herb Hall is going to protect her this time!"

    To be honest, although he didn't trust the Ling family, they were at the very least Imperial Concubine Ling's family, as well as important figures in court. Gu Ruoyun had killed them as she liked and had not left any room for mercy. In the end, because of Elder Yu from Hundred Herb Hall, he hadn't pushed the issue with her.

    However, this time, even if Hundred Herb Hall tried to step out, they wouldn't be able to protect her! How would they continue to stand firm in this world if they did something so heinous as shelter a woman who went against the emperor?

    He didn't believe that Hundred Herb Hall would willingly become the scorn of everyone in the world for the sake of a single woman!

    After thinking for a bit, he continued speaking: "Servants! Summon General Luo and General Gu here! We must punish that woman for her crimes today!"

    No matter what, Leng Wujing was the emperor of a country. If he didn't take any action after someone had just trampled all over him, how could he retain his dignity in the future? This Gu Ruoyun didn't know what was good for her; she dared to act so impudently in Azure Dragon Country!


    Onlookers in the imperial city watched as Gu Ruoyun led a group of people and charged towards the imperial palace, brimming with killing intent. They burst out into fervent discussion. Following that, they saw General Luo and General Gu leading their troops as they sprinted towards the imperial palace. It was obvious, then, that carnage would soon reign in the imperial city.

    Within the imperial gardens, Gu Ruoyun watched the imperial bodyguards surround her, her gaze cold as ice. A sneer appeared on her face before, devoid of all emotion, she shouted: "Scram!"


    A strong burst of qi energy directly struck the chests of the imperial bodyguards. In an instant, the entire group was thrown into the air, blood trickling from their mouths. However, even more imperial bodyguards ran in from all directions, surrounding Gu Ruoyun again.

    Suddenly, a mighty, domineering shout came from behind the bodyguards, vibrating with unconcealed anger: "Gu Ruoyun, you've got some nerve! I tolerated your actions because you were in the employ of Hundred Herb Hall, but now you've crossed the line, committing treason against your emperor! Even if Elder Yu comes, he won't be able to protect you!"

    The cold aura coming off Gu Ruoyun's body continued to grow even more pronounced. However, her expression remained as indifferent as it was upon her arrival. Her clear pupils surveyed the figure walking out from behind the bodyguards. He was dressed in imperial yellow, looking quite the sight. Anyone else would've trembled in fear at the emperor's personal appearance, but not Gu Ruoyun.

    "I have no business with you. Hand over Imperial Concubine Ling, or else I won't mind flooding the imperial palace with blood!"

    Leng Wujing was completely enraged now. An endless amount of anger gushed out from his heart like a raging waterfall. As he gnashed his teeth together, Leng Wujing said, "Gu Ruoyun, you killed Ling Yi and Ling Yu, and you crippled the sole scion of the Ling family. That's already enough to be considered a serious crime. However, now you actually have the nerve to come into the imperial palace and make demands of Us! Hundred Herb Hall won't be able to defend you this time. You've gone too far! Did you think that Elder Yu would still defend you after you've acted so impudently?"

    Leng Wujing was the ruler of a nation, yet he had lowered himself to making such threats. One of the reasons was that he was completely infuriated by Gu Ruoyun. Another reason was that none of the organisations within the four countries were allowed to interfere with the imperial family! This was a rule that everyone understood. Misfortune would surely fall upon Hundred Herb Hall if the Three Great Authorities found out!
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