Chapter 202: Evil Gets Its Just Deserts (5)

    Chapter 202: Evil Gets Its Just Deserts (5)

    He was an early stage martial general at the very least. Even if Gu Ruoyun was also a martial general now, he could stand against her using his years of experience. Together with over ten thousand troops, taking down a little Gu Ruoyun wasn't going to be a problem at all.

    However, just as Old Man Gu was filled with confidence, Gu Ruoyun shot a sideways glance at him...

    With just that one glance, with a boom, he felt a tremendous force wash over his mind, causing him to lose consciousness. Following that, another burst of power came from in front of him. His elderly body refused to listen to his commands and fell back, landing within the mass of troops.

    Old Man Gu, who had considered himself unparalleled in Azure Dragon Country, had just been taken out with a single blow from a young woman?

    Leng Wujing's fists were clenched. His palms were covered in cold sweat, while his handsome and imposing countenance was currently displaying his panic. If this woman could defeat Old Man Gu with just one blow, then it proved that her power was on a whole other level.

    "How... How could this be...?"

    The old man finally recovered his senses; his face contorted into a fierce expression. He had been defeated by the once good-for-nothing in such a public place with so many witnesses. How was he going to live this down?

    However, upon thinking of that terrifying power that had erupted so suddenly from that woman, Old Man Gu no longer dared to act blindly without thinking...

    It was at this moment that the sound of footsteps rang out from not too far away. When everyone turned to look, they saw an anxious Elder Yu leading a group of people from Hundred Herb Hall towards them.

    When Leng Wujing saw those people, he felt a burst of delight in his heart. He had been at a loss on how to end this fiasco. Since the people from Hundred Herb Hall had come, he could get them to punish their subordinate! Since Gu Ruoyun was someone that Hundred Herb Hall had trained, she would have to obey orders from Hundred Herb Hall, no matter what.

    However, Elder Yu didn't even wait for him to speak before striding towards Gu Ruoyun and anxiously asking: "Eldest Miss, are you alright?"

    Eldest Miss?

    Everyone present turned dumbstruck, let alone Leng Wujing.

    If they hadn't heard wrongly, the martial king Elder Yu had just called Gu Ruoyun Eldest Miss?

    "I'm fine," Gu Ruoyun shook her head and said, "Elder Yu, take care of things here from now on. Furthermore, it seems like Azure Dragon Country needs a change of emperors. If you have any good candidates, just help him rise to the throne."

    "Yes, Eldest Miss."

    Elder Yu made a cupped fist salute as he replied respectfully.

    Right then and there, looking at the indifferent Gu Ruoyun, Old Man Gu's expression stiffened. His entire body started trembling as he shook his head, his face as pale as ash: "Don't tell me that she wasn't just given a place in Hundred Herb Hall because of Elder Yu's sympathy back then... but... she was already Elder Yu's master? How did Gu Ruoyun make a martial king serve her? The heavens are really blind! An unfilial woman like her is the greatest outrage and should be struck to death by lightning!"

    He couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe everything happening right in front of him. If this was real... he would fall apart!

    "You dare!?"

    Leng Wujing recovered from his earlier shock and gritted his teeth: "What power does your Hundred Herb Hall have to remove this emperor's seat? Aren't you afraid that you'll violate the law?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled in the middle of the crowd, her green clothes fluttering in the breeze, haughty humour showing clearly in her pupils.

    Actually, before coming to the imperial palace, she had already sent Shopkeeper Zhao with instructions for Elder Yu.

    Furthermore, since her wings were fully fledged now, it was time to let others know that she was the owner of Hundred Herb Hall! To let those people know that they shouldn't try to eye her possessions... She wanted to make Old Man Gu realise what a big mistake he had made back then.
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