Chapter 204: Retribution (1)

    Chapter 204: Retribution (1)

    "Have you heard? The real master of Hundred Herb Hall is actually that good-for-nothing who was kicked out of the Gu Family, Gu Ruoyun!"

    "Tsk, tsk. Who would have thought that the weak girl from three years ago would reach this point in the blink of an eye? I wonder how much the Gu Family is regretting their decision now! Haha, in three years' time, she broke through and became a martial general from a lowly Qi level 2. Surely, even Gu Tian wasn't a genius of this caliber."

    "That's nothing. I was actually outside the Ling Estate that day and I saw that stunning scene with my own eyes. Have you seen that White Tiger before? She was so fast and strong! And that Azure Dragon dominated half the sky! Those great spiritual beasts are under her command! Even though Gu Tian was a genius back then, his achievements can't be compared to those of his daughter..."

    Ever since that incident, Gu Ruoyun's name resounded throughout Azure Dragon Country. Of course, in contrast to the title of good-for-nothing she had three years ago, she was now the model that parents wanted their children to follow after...

    Right now, within Azure Dragon Country, you could be forgiven if you didn't know the emperor's name. However, if you said you had never heard of Gu Ruoyun before, then everyone would look down upon you! How could you claim to be a citizen of Azure Dragon Country if you have never even heard of her?

    Who else would dare to publicly challenge the Dark Yin Palace? Furthermore, who else would dare to charge into the imperial palace and remove the emperor just like that? Even if they had the power to do so, they wouldn't have her daring.

    Not only that, everyone heard that Gu Ruoyun had flown into a terrible rage because Imperial Concubine Ling had sent assassins after her and hurt her servant girl instead. In the end, Gu Ruoyun had disregarded all consequences in pursuit of revenge for the servant girl! For the sake of avenging the grudge!

    At this moment, within the Gu Estate, Gu Panpan's pretty face contorted as she listened to the servants discussing the events of the day. She gripped her sleeves firmly and gritted her teeth so tightly that she almost ground them down to dust.

    "All of you, shut up right now!"

    With anger clearly showing in her eyes, she said viciously, "I'll make sure that the next person to speak the words 'Gu Ruoyun' again will suffer a most horrible death! No matter how great her achievements are now, she'll always be someone that our Gu Family kicked out!"

    All the servants fell silent in a moment. Frightened, they stood to one side and didn't dare to utter another peep.

    However, rage was still brewing in Gu Panpan's heart, and she needed an outlet for the flames of her anger. These servants had, unfortunately, walked right into the fire.

    "And don't forget, back then, all of you also took part in bullying Gu Ruoyun when Gu Shengxiao wasn't here! Now that she's famous, you guys are done for. So I don't want to hear any praise for her coming out of your mouths! If you want to talk about her again, you must call her a good-for-nothing like before!"

    She couldn't accept it!

    She really couldn't accept it. How did someone, who had been a good-for-nothing three years ago, reach a point where she had to look up to them?!

    The heavens were so unfair! An immoral woman like Gu Ruoyun, who had even harmed her own grandfather, should be struck by lightning and put to death!

    When Gu Ruoyun had charged into the imperial palace, Old Man Gu had led a hundred thousand men there for support. After the incident, he had been captured by Elder Yu and taken away. There had been no sight of his return even until now. With the main pillar of their Gu Family gone, how could she remain calm?

    A light breeze blew by. Hidden by dense foliage at the top of an ancient tree in the courtyard, a figure in black stood on a branch, his clothes fluttering gently in the wind. Sunlight fell upon his black mask, reflecting a cold, cruel light.

    The man stood with his hands behind his back, his lips pressed together. As his grim gaze fixed upon the young girl throwing a tantrum in the courtyard below, a glint of murderous intent flashed through his eyes...

    He couldn't have imagined that so much would happen after he had left for some other business just a few days ago.
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