Chapter 207: Retribution (4)

    Chapter 207: Retribution (4)

    She must be trying to trick him into revealing something. That's right, that must be it.

    When he thought of that possibility, Second Master Gu calmed the anxiety in his heart and said with a pale face: "What evidence do you have? Why are you saying that I killed Older Brother? We were close brothers, I couldn't possibly have done something like that!"

    "Is that so?"

    Gu Ruoyun's smile grew even more pronounced, but her clear pupils remained as tranquil as a calm lake.

    "Actually, I already knew that you had something to do with my parents' deaths. I just didn't know what motives were behind your actions. However, I finally found out today... It was all because of my brother, Gu Shengxiao. Someone wanted to take him, so you killed my parents! Gu Qing, am I right?"

    Gu Qing was Second Master Gu's name. Upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's words, his expression changed completely. Shock and astonishment warred within his gaze. However, he quickly recovered his composure and spoke through gritted teeth: "I don't know what you're talking about! Gu Ruoyun, you've really racked your brains to come up with a reason to deal with my Gu family! You're even able to spout such nonsense! You're shameless!"

    As long as he refused to admit it, it wouldn't matter even if she knew everything.

    There couldn't possibly be any evidence!

    "Gu Qing, did you think I waited until now to bring this up, just to find some evidence?" Gu Ruoyun looked up, her indifferent gaze focused on Gu Qing's ashen face. "You're wrong. I waited until this day so that I could find out how many people participated in this matter, to know who's innocent and who's not. I also wanted to find out what kind of grudge you had with my father to do something like this! Evidence? When have I, Gu Ruoyun, ever needed evidence to do anything? I won't let off those that I have to kill! That's right, I don't have any evidence to convince others, but so what? I only have to keep my conscience clear!"

    The girl's voice was calm, but it pierced deeply into everyone's hearts.

    Compared to the wretched Gu Qing, it was clear that everyone found it easier to believe in Gu Ruoyun's words.

    So what if she didn't have any evidence? As long as she did things with a clear conscience, she didn't need any evidence at all!

    "I didn't think that the Gu Family's Gu Qing would be so malicious as to act against his own brother! Tsk tsk. Someone like this even dared to come to someone else's home and lecture them on how to respect their elders. Wasn't Gu Tian his elder as well? A brother is like a second father, hasn't he practically committed patricide?"

    "Gu Tian was such a genius back then, but he died such an untimely death. He also became a deep regret in everyone's hearts. If the Gu Family still had Gu Tian, it wouldn't have fallen to this level. Furthermore, if Gu Tian were still here, even if Gu Ruoyun was still a good-for-nothing, no one would have dared to mistreat her!"

    "Hehe, the Gu Family already caused Gu Tian to die, and they still have the cheek to ask for the release of Old Man Gu? I think Gu Ruoyun isn't in the wrong at all. Anyone who has blood running in their veins would definitely take revenge for their parents! On what basis has Gu Qing come to disturb her?"

    The crowd surrounding them broke out into fervent discussion. Their gazes held undisguised disdain towards Gu Qing. Some of them even spat at him, cursing at him.

    Gu Tian was a hero in the hearts of many! However, a hero like that had been brought down because he had trusted too heavily in his kin. He had been killed by a wretched little nobody. How could they not be angry?

    "Don't believe her, don't believe her! What she's saying isn't true! It isn't!"

    Gu Qing went crazy. His hair came undone and fell in a mess of strands around his head. From underneath the fringe covering his face, his eyes shone with a vicious light: "Gu Ruoyun, you're a little bastard. You won't have an easy death! Hahaha! One day, the heavens will destroy a scourge like you!"

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