Chapter 213: The Dongfang Familys Call for Help (3)

    Chapter 213: The Dongfang Family's Call for Help (3)

    When she saw Dongfang Shaoze's gentle expression, Second Madam Gu broke out into cold sweat. A chill started from the bottom of her feet and climbed all the way to the crown of her head. Undisguised panic flitted across her bloated face as she cried: "I don't want to die, please let me go! I really don't want to die!"

    "If you had known of the consequences earlier, then why did you act like that back then?"

    Dongfang Shaoze sighed as he saw that Second Madam Gu had turned pale from fright. "You have only yourselves to blame for the consequences today. The Gu Family was already doomed when they made those mistakes back then!"


    That day, the anguished wailing of Second Madam Gu could be heard all the way from the streets. No one knew what happened, or even witnessed anyone entering the Gu Estate, but her cries painted a vivid image of flesh being flayed off bit by bit. Closely following her screams, the entire estate went up in flames. The fierce fire burned for an entire day and night, and when it finally subsided, the insufferably arrogant Gu Family had disappeared from the mainland...

    Within Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun was listening to Elder Yu report about the recent events. Suddenly, a burst of gentle laughter came from outside the door. Following that, the mild voice of a familiar man interrupted her thoughts.

    "Yun'er, it has been three years since we last met. I hadn't expected you to grow so fast, and you've even done so much to make people sit up and take notice of you."

    Upon hearing a voice she hadn't heard in three years, Gu Ruoyun slipped into a slight daze. Without waiting for her to speak up, Elder Yu went up to the visitor with a look of pleasant surprise. "Young Master, you've come back?"

    Dongfang Shaoze nodded. When his eyes landed upon Gu Ruoyun's face, a soft smile spread across his handsome face.

    For some reason, every time she saw Dongfang Shaoze, Gu Ruoyun would feel a sense of kinship with him. That intimacy didn't come from the man's warm smile, but... it came from within her heart.

    Furthermore, if not for Dongfang Shaoze, she wouldn't have been able to become the master of Hundred Herb Hall, and she wouldn't have been able to grow this fast.

    "You've come back?"

    Gu Ruoyun asked, raising an eyebrow. There was a bit of good humor in her expression.

    Dongfang Shaoze smiled back at her, but he had a grave look in his eyes. After muttering to himself under his breath for a while, he spoke up: "Yun'er, there's something that I didn't want to tell you at first, because I didn't want to pull you into this dispute. But now, I have no other choice but to tell you..."

    "Young Master?" Elder Yu stiffened, "Did something happen to the Dongfang Family?"

    Judging by how overprotective Young Master was of Eldest Miss, he would never reveal that matter to her unless it was a critical situation. Otherwise, it would only bring Eldest Miss unnecessary trouble.

    Thus, upon hearing the first half of Dongfang Shaoze's words, Elder Yu knew that something had happened to the Dongfang Family... something that even the young master couldn't solve.

    Gu Ruoyun didn't think too much of it and simply smiled as she said, "Young Master, if you have anything to say, speak freely. I'm all ears."

    Dongfang Shaoze's mind seemed to be somewhere far away as he looked at the girl's pretty face. "You're really like them. Your face is really similar to your parents'. Actually, Yun'er, you should call me Uncle! The real name of your mother, Liu Yu, was actually Dongfang Yu. She was the eldest miss of my Dongfang Family, and the older sister I admired ever since I was a boy."

    What kind of genius had Dongfang Yu been? Even if she was compared to Gu Tian, she absolutely wouldn't have lost to him. However, as the eldest miss of the Dongfang Family, she had been hidden away since she was young. Except for the powers that were on the same level as the Dongfang Family, how could anyone have known how glorious she had been?
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