Chapter 215: The Dongfang Familys Call for Help (5)

    Chapter 215: The Dongfang Family's Call for Help (5)

    "Actually, it's nothing big. I just feel that your grandfather's health has been deteriorating lately, and his light is starting to wane. In addition, the Dongfang Family is facing enemies on all sides. Not only do we have to face the enemies from the outside, now we even have to defend ourselves against inner struggles. He's gradually losing his strength. If he doesn't break through now, he'll probably only be able to hold on for another one or two years."

    Dongfang Shaoze showed a bitter smile. Back then, so that the Weapon Refining Sect would be too busy to deal with Gu Ruoyun, he had taken pains to convince his father to do something. However, in the end, it was the Dongfang Family that suffered the consequences.

    Three years. For three whole years, the Dongfang Family and the Weapon Refining Sect had been at war. If anything happened to Father, then the Dongfang Family would probably be destroyed. However, he didn't explain this to Gu Ruoyun. No matter what, he wasn't willing to use this debt to ensnare her...

    Gu Ruoyun sunk into silence for a while. After some time, she raised her head and looked at the man's mild face: "I don't like the Dongfang Family, because of the way they reacted to Mother's death. However, I acknowledge you as my uncle. You're a member of the Dongfang Family, so... I can't let anything happen to the Dongfang Family!"

    She was implying that she was willing to help the Dongfang Family, but only because of him, Dongfang Shaoze, and not because of any kinship with the Dongfang Family.

    His heart warmed, but he was still filled with inerasable guilt. He couldn't imagine just how much difficulty this girl had been through in the past to make her this calm. If only he had come out of his closed door cultivation and travelled to Azure Dragon Country earlier, then perhaps she wouldn't have suffered so much...

    No one from the Dongfang Family had helped her after so many years, so it was understandable that she didn't hold any goodwill towards the Dongfang Family. If not for her good luck, who knows how many times she would have died in the hands of the Gu Family by now?

    "Uncle, based on my current abilities, I have no way to help the Dongfang Family Head to break through yet. So let's talk about helping him break through later on. I have a Longevity Pill here; take this to him and tell him to use it first. This Longevity Pill can add ten years to your lifetime. Right now, I'm going to make a trip to somewhere else. When I'm done with that matter, I'll go to the Dongfang Family to look for you."

    Gu Ruoyun could guess a little at what the Dongfang Family Head was facing right now. Elder Yu had told her before that the Dongfang Family was most likely the reason why the Weapon Refining Sect had not come looking for her. Without any need to think about it, it was clear to her that it was something Dongfang Shaoze had done for her sake...

    Even though he hadn't brought up that matter to force her into helping the Dongfang Family, Gu Ruoyun wasn't an ungrateful person who didn't repay her debts. Thus, even though she wasn't too impressed by the Dongfang Family, she would still do her utmost to help him...

    However, upon hearing her words, Dongfang Shaoze froze in place.

    Honestly speaking, he had come here to ask for a Longevity Pill. With that pill, Father would be able to hold on for another ten years. With those ten years, he might even be able to break through. Even in the worst case, if Father was unable to break through, it would still give the Dongfang Family another ten years to fight on.

    But Yun'er had just said that she didn't have any way to help the Dongfang Family Head break through... yet? Didn't that mean she might have one in the future?

    Thinking up to here, Dongfang Shaoze shook his head and smiled: "Yun'er, then I'll wait for you at the Dongfang Family. However, could Uncle ask you something? Where are you going to next?"

    Gu Ruoyun cast her gaze downwards as her lips curled into a smile.

    That smile was filled with warmth, expectation, and a thread of impatience...
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