Chapter 222: The Good-for-Nothing Prince (6)

    Chapter 222: The Good-for-Nothing Prince (6)

    "Damn it, who was so sinister and vicious as to poison me! If not for that bastard, I wouldn't have become a good-for-nothing! If I hadn't become a good-for-nothing, I wouldn't have given up on myself! And ended up letting myself go to this point! If I find out who that bastard is, I'm definitely going to screw his ancestors!"

    Pang Ran was going crazy from anger. The way he gritted his teeth spoke clearly of how much he wanted to skin the culprit alive. Heavens knew how he had passed his days these past few years! As for the person who had caused him to suffer so much, he definitely wouldn't let him off!

    "That's right, what's going on with the predictions that the Imperial Adviser made for me?" Pang Ran's eyes flickered as he thought of that topic.

    "Who is the Imperial Adviser usually close to?"

    "That's definitely Imperial Concubine Lin. The Imperial Adviser is Imperial Concubine Lin's older brother, and her biological brother. My eldest brother, second brother and fourth brother all died at an early age. My third brother is Imperial Concubine Lin's son and the most likely candidate to inherit the throne. The one who came to cause a ruckus at the restaurant just now was my fifth brother."

    Afraid that Gu Ruoyun wouldn't understand the relationships between them, Pang Ran decided to explain them for her.

    While listening to Pang Ran's words, Gu Ruoyun caressed her chin as she pondered. "This Imperial Adviser isn't a simple man. Adding onto that he's a direct relative of a concubine and the third prince is his nephew, it's very likely this had something to do with him."

    "****!" The fatty's rage reached new heights, "The Imperial Adviser actually tried to harm me? What a waste of my worship for him! It really wasted my feelings!"

    The Imperial Adviser had already given a prediction that he would grow up into someone without any merits, and this fatty had still worshipped him like an idol? It wasn't only the emperor of Black Tortoise Country who was a marvel, for this fatty was the strangest of the strange...

    She had never seen such a peculiar person before!

    "Fatty, come with me," Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow, "If you stay here, someone will definitely come to disturb you. We'll look for a quiet place to help you lose weight. After three months, I'll definitely help you lose all this flesh on you."


    Gu Ruoyun's secret weight loss plan was to bring out another bunch of unknown herbs for the fatty to soak in. Thus, every day, Gu Ruoyun could hear the fatty's pig-like screams. However, the results were obvious. After every bath, layers of yellow fats could be seen floating in the bathwater. Those had been all purged from his pores.

    Of course, while losing weight, the fatty was also forced into cultivation training by Gu Ruoyun.

    Unfortunately, he didn't have much talent in this area. Adding his own laziness to that, and he was only able to reach Qi level 2 after three months, and that was even with the effects of Gu Ruoyun's pills.

    Thus, Gu Ruoyun had already given up on making him continue cultivating.

    However, compared to cultivating, the fatty had talent in ruling a country. This kind of person was more suited to become an emperor! As an emperor, you didn't need much strength, but you had to have the ability to allow your citizens live and work in peace and happiness. Furthermore, Black Tortoise Country was controlled by the Xia Family in Heaven City, so you could sit stably on the throne if you had the Xia Family's permission. No one would dare to seize the throne. It was only if the reigning emperor had committed a huge mistake, that the Xia Family would choose a new emperor to take his place.

    The reason the fatty hadn't displayed his talents previously, was because of the Imperial Adviser's prediction that he would be useless. Thus, he had also started to give up on himself.


    Within the imperial study, a figure dressed in royal yellow sat on the dragon throne, evaluating the imperial edicts piled high on the table. He would frown or sigh at times; the space between his brows was filled with worry.
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