Chapter 229: A Familiar Person (4)

    Chapter 229: A Familiar Person (4)

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    Upon hearing Luo Li's words, the young boy walking in front of her paused and turned his head. His clear pupils remained calm as he gazed at the person following behind him.

    Luo Li was stunned. She stared at the young boy's handsome face as a tender and loving expression appeared on her own small, delicate features. However, she pouted, "Yu-gege, I'm only worried about Uncle Xia's illness. Uncle Xia is the Young Master of the Xia Family. Should anything happen to him, the Xia Family will surely descend into chaos. The matter of finding the God of Medicine for Uncle Xia is much more important."

    This young seemed to be about fifteen years of age, and he had an extremely delicate appearance. His features were exquisite and flawless, like fine porcelain. His eyes were clear and limpid, so bright that anyone who gazed upon them would feel their heart skip a beat.

    "I'm going to Azure Dragon Country to look for someone. Other than this person, no one else will be able to cure my Father. If you want to follow me, don't talk too much. Otherwise, I'll send you back to the Luo Family immediately."

    Whenever he recalled the words he had heard on the street just a while ago, he would grow excited for some reason.

    He slowly took a deep breath to calm his turbulent emotions.

    Azure Dragon Country, Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun...

    Sister, is that you? He wondered.

    The personality of the girl named Gu Ruoyun changed so much after she awoke and began showing off her abilities. I changed in the same way and at the very same time. I cannot think of any reason behind this if it's not you.

    I really cannot think of anyone else who would have such exceptional abilities, who could grow so powerful in just four short years...

    In our past lives, you have suffered so much for my sake, sister. This time, if I can find you in my present life, then let me protect you for the rest of your life!

    If anyone dares to hurt you, I will ensure that they will never live peacefully!


    Gu Ruoyun was happily chatting away with Pang Ran on the street when her eyes were drawn to someone - a slender figure in front of her. For some reason, she could not take her eyes off of him. She stared intensely at him and in that moment, she felt as if her heart had leaped into her throat. An uncertain sense of hope began to fill her chest.

    "Goddess, what happened?"

    Pang Ran, who had noticed Gu Ruoyun's sudden change in behavior, scratched his head in confusion. But Gu Ruoyun did not answer him and sprinted towards the figure. Just then, even the normally oblivious Pang Ran could sense the tension in her body and her... excitement?

    What had she seen to cause such a sudden shift in her demeanor, especially since she had always been so calm and indifferent?


    Just as Gu Ruoyun was about to catch up to him, a luxurious carriage ran past her on the street, bringing a cloud of dust that covered Gu Ruoyun's line of sight.


    "Luo Li, I'm leaving."

    The young boy did not notice the movement behind him at all. A smile appeared in his limpid black eyes, "Follow me if you can keep up."

    When he finished speaking, the young boy leaped into the air. His slender body turned into a gust of wind and flew towards the city gates.

    The only thought in his mind was to get to Azure Dragon Country as fast as he could to meet the person he is longing to see, as soon as possible... To tell her that he was still alive and now had the power to protect her.

    Of course, he did not expect that the very person that he was longing for would be just a few meters behind him and that they were only separated by just one carriage...


    The carriage charged across Gu Ruoyun's path, separating them from one another. When Gu Ruoyun finally had the opportunity to leap over it, the young man had already disappeared from the crowd. But there was no way that she could have mistaken it! That was Yu'er!

    "He's still alive, he's really still alive..."

    Xia Linyu, her only brother, had been completely disregarded by their terrible father, Xia Ming, ever since he was a child simply because he was too weak to cultivate. Finally, the cruel man sentenced him to death! That very scene was still fresh in her mind's eye. Just thinking about it made her feel as if her heart was being torn into pieces! She did not expect to find that she was not the only one who was reborn... Her brother was still alive!

    As the thoughts ran through her mind, Gu Ruoyun's emotions manifested into streams of tears running down her face.

    She did not cry when faced with Xia Ming's heartlessness. She did not show any signs of weakness upon discovering Lu Chen's betrayal. Even if she had died in the end, she chose to die with dignity.

    Hence, this was the third time that she had ever cried.

    The first was when her mother and the entire family of her maternal grandfather died!

    The second was when her brother was dismembered alive in front of her!

    The third time was right now when she realized that her brother was still alive.

    "Yu'er, do not worry. Now that I know that you're still alive, I'll find you even if I have to dig into the furthest corners of the world..."
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