517 A Single Sword Move

    Facing the angry Royal Advisor of Bomi, Meng Qi felt as though he was a small fishing boat on a vast ocean, rising and falling with storms and waves, and could capsize at any moment. He could not fight against natural forces and could only rely on his hard work and luck.


    The dense red mist surrounding the entire Bomi tumbled, the cold moist feeling hiding within and yet blocked by it surged like waves, strong and vigorous. Nether Spirits appeared out of thin air from time to time, making even ancient monsters shudder.

    Seven Luminaries Devil was exchanging objects with the Gatekeeper of the cave. He suddenly frowned and increased his momentum. The seven evil stars that surrounded him rose, shining their light onto his body.

    "Why is there such a phenomenon?" Seven Luminaries Devil asked.

    The Gatekeeper controlled his breath and sighed. "This is the second time I have felt this surging, cold moist feeling. I'm not sure what happened..."

    His tone was melancholic, full of the vicissitudes of life.

    "The second time? When was the first?" The starlight of Seven Luminaries Devil blocked the invasion of the cold moist feeling.

    Gatekeeper laughed wryly. "That was 60 years ago. I was locked here then and was unable to escape on my own. I had to cooperate with Ye Yuqi, hoping that she could help cut off my chains."

    Seven Luminaries Devil was curious about this matter for a long time but never asked since he thought it to be a great secret. Now that Gatekeeper had mentioned it voluntarily, he would not miss out on the opportunity. "Who locked you here? What door are you guarding? And why did those Peerless Master Pros who entered the cave before all disappear?"

    The Gatekeeper exhaled deeply, and replied with a grim expression, "That is a question I have asked myself for all these years too. I did nothing then except for meeting that young crazy Taoist, who locked me by the door, and told me to watch the door with all my heart, and to wait for a destined person. Those disappearances had nothing to do with me. There were many paths and traps in the cave, and it went deep into the ground. Devil Qi was left behind in many places, and the magical array seemed to be present. One could easily die catastrophically if not careful."

    "The door? Blah! That's not a door! It was just a drawing by some stupid child on the cave walls using charcoal! I've searched high and low for 60 years but discovered nothing!"

    Seven Luminaries Devil was stunned. "Really?"

    "Of course! I can take you there right now, and we won't add to the deal just now." Gatekeeper felt that he could escape soon, and was no longer afraid of others knowing the right path. Anyway, he had collected most of the exotic minerals and products in the caves and had exchanged for materials for training and for making longevity elixirs.

    Seven Luminaries Devil remained vigilant, wary that Gatekeeper would use the traps in the cave to hurt him. Yet he was curious about the mysterious door and what lied behind it. He believed there to be huge opportunities and adventures ahead. Thus, he hesitated a while before saying, "Please lead the way."


    The angry roar and scary momentum pressed toward Ye Yuqi but her expression remained unchanged, as calm as always.

    "If you didn't take the wrong path, why did you sleep for so many years?"

    "If you didn't take the wrong path, how could you not remember yourself?"

    "If you didn't take the wrong path, why did the spirit, that you had spent so much effort getting out, forget your original intention? Why did it forget everything about Carefree Valley, and couldn't enter this place after searching for so long?"

    The queries came like lightning, hitting the old man and making his breath tumble. He could no longer form sentences, and could only roar ferociously.


    "It was clearly the influence of Asoka Blossoms!

    "No! It was the Nether Water! I used the Nether Water for training!"

    The surroundings of Meng Qi's body shone with golden light, enduring the overwhelming pressure outside. Emperor of the Netherworld from the external world was actually a spirit created by the old monster, Royal Advisor of Bomi. He hoped that the spirit could grow independently so that it could awaken himself and solve his own problems. However, the spirit had forgotten about its former reincarnations. It only knew that it needed to find Carefree Valley, but it did not know why and how to find it!

    It was no wonder that Progenitor Doumu did not "realize" and responded slowly, letting the Vital Spirit of Emperor of the Netherworld escape. She was well experienced and probably had expected it all along, and did it on purpose!

    The stars behind Ye Yuqi were like snows spinning in a blizzard, and the central feeling of nothingness became denser. She opened her mouth again, speaking coldly.

    "Asoka Blossoms do not have such strong effects!"

    "If it was the Nether Water, you would have completely forgotten about your former reincarnations. How can you still remember them now?"

    "You clearly guessed that you made a mistake, but you are unwilling to admit it, lying and rambling on and on!"

    "Nonsense!" The elder's brown eyes were murderous. His snake-shaped hairpin was broken and thus his white hair fell onto his shoulders, like thin hissing snakes that seemed to strike instantly to kill the damned woman ahead.

    Ye Yuqi waved the token in her hand and smiled slightly, confident and yet full of reverence.

    "He said that he only needed one sword move to kill you!"

    Only one sword move...Meng Qi was shocked by this preemptory remark.

    "Nonsense!" The moist and cold feeling engulfing the entire Bomi swirled again. All the Nether Spirits were like tentacles, flying towards the elder. The deep and profound murderous sensation almost rendered Meng Qi's Eight Nine Mysteries useless.

    As the elder made his move, the token flew out, tearing apart the void, and a stroke of sword light flew out.

    The stone room and the Carefree Valley suddenly became white, but Meng Qi was already an Exterior expert and had all his Aperture acupoints opened. He could sense the path of the sword light slightly.

    It did not seem strong, nor did it have any added magic. However, it was like the combination of the Teachings of Buddhism and logic, piercing through deep layers of moistness and darkness, and sliced at a point where many Nether Spirits seemed to meet.


    The node disconnected, and the surrounding Nether Spirits lost control and started shrieking.

    Initially, the strength of the attack was nothing for Royal Advisor of Bomi. But to Meng Qi's surprise, more and more Nether Spirits lost control, they influenced each other, and the nodes collapsed one after another.

    Using a metaphor, Meng Qi could only describe it like dominoes he had seen in his previous life. As long as one used the correct sequence, and placed them in the correct position, the whole chain could collapse with just one soft touch.

    The sword light was not shockingly powerful, but it was uncanny in that it struck at the perfect opportunity, and that it successfully deduced the weakness of the elder.


    The chain reaction continued, the elder tried his best to stabilize, but he could not resist it anymore. More and more Nether Spirits lost control, returning to their original faces and disappearing in mid-air, all looking relieved.


    The cold and moist feeling completely vanished as the air swirled everywhere. If the power of the seal was not present, the whole ground would probably collapse.

    When the cold airflow had dissipated, Meng Qi saw the stunned elder standing in front of the Emerald Jade Coffin.

    He looked dazed and whispered to himself.

    "How is it possible..."

    "At present, how is it possible for any Dharmakaya to tear down the seal here, and let his power penetrate in..."

    "How could my Souls of All Creatures be so fragile..."

    His breath was not as strong as before but was still far greater than Ye Yuqi's at Dharmakaya's level. Each and every whisper was like the calling of evil spirits, and Meng Qi had to use all his strength to keep himself composed.

    At this instance, the elder's skin deteriorated at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, and the breath of his Vital Spirit declined quickly.

    Meng Qi realized instantly that he had died due to his finished lifespan. He was of the same generation as Patriarch Bodhidharma, and would instantly rot to death without the support of the secret treasures, the numerous Nether Spirits, and Precious Weapons.

    However, normally, the physical body of a strong Dharmakaya would not rot, unless he was at a special cultivation stage, such as Nirvana for Buddhist Dharmakayas, creating Buddha's relics through Golden Bodies. Thus Meng Qi was not too surprised by the elder's rotting body.

    "Did, did he find the correct path?" The elder stared straight at Ye Yuqi before his breath dissipated.

    "All previous ten dynasties have orthodox paths, they just require a longer time." Ye Yuqi stopped before continuing. "He had his own path. Although he cannot be sure that he is right, he can only be sure that you must be wrong."

    The elder sighed softly, and his breath then collapsed inwards. His physical body became a pool of blood and meat, and a yellowish-red light shone from it.

    Only one move was needed... Meng Qi did not know if the person who made the move was Master Lu or Primogenitor Lingbao, but he was full of admiration. This move was outrageous, no, it was simply fascinating!

    I also want...

    The yellowish red light dissipated, and the Emerald Jade Coffin had decayed into the mud. A single yellowish-red bead lay on the ground. The exterior seemed dead and cold, while the interior seemed full of vitality, which made Meng Qi remember many of the previous treasures that were "absorbed".

    An amazing bead created by the body of a Dharmakaya master... Meng Qi was excited at first before he subconsciously glanced at Progenitor Doumu, and the words "kill for treasure" appeared in his head.

    Obviously, the one being killed was himself!

    Recalling his previous careless mistake, where he was unable to obtain the objects on Old Zhong, Meng Qi sighed at his misfortune. He deduced from the death of Jiang Hengchuan that the contract could not break Space Rings, or divide them unless secret documents of The Myths were inside. But if that was the case, opening the Space Ring would destroy it immediately, and thus Meng Qi did not take any object from Old Zhong at first, leaving him with a hope, so as to soften his mind to facilitate interrogation. In the end, he added a destruction spell on the Space Ring, and the ring then died with him.

    Ye Yuqi's face was clean and plain. She looked at the yellow-red bead and said, "I need this object. If you let me take it, I will leave the rest of the objects to you. If they are not of value, I will make up for the differences."

    Whew, no wonder she was a member of the just forces - the "leader" of a big sect. She was indeed upright and honest, not lying and cheating at all... Meng Qi was relieved and nodded in agreement.

    As Ye Yuqi collected the yellow-red bead, Meng Qi's heart swelled with gossip. "Fairy Ye, the one who helped just now was Senior Lu or...?"

    He omitted Primogenitor Lingbao.

    Ye Yuqi gently nodded. "It was my brother-in-law."

    Staring at the token in her hand, Meng Qi's eyes twinkled, and were full of envy. "It's so good to have a Dharmakaya that can help at any time."

    At the same time, he remembered that Cui Qinghe stayed at Pinjing, yet could still help by using his sword.

    "Such containers require Dharmakaya masters to cultivate daily and communicate using heart and soul. It is immensely troublesome and requires him to re-cultivate after lending the object for a few days. Some more normal Dharmakayas can only cultivate one, but my brother-in-law has at least two." Ye Yuqi stared at the token in his hand softly but spoke with a proud tone. "If they were the ancient powers, then they could use any objects attached to them to help, regardless of the number, and no need for cultivation..."

    Well... Meng Qi did not need to worry that everyone from Luo Denomination or Shaolin Temple could use Dharmakayas in fights. However, that demoness Gu Xiaosang might have such objects...

    Ye Yuqi kept the dim token and said, "After another Death Task, you will probably travel to many ruins. Some dying Dharmakaya masters may be inside, but they have all paid a certain price and have serious weaknesses. Don't be scared by the word 'Dharmakaya'."

    "Yes." Meng Qi nodded solemnly. No wonder Domou was so calm just now and had a hunch. It turned out she had similar experiences before.

    He suddenly frowned. "Saying that Royal Advisor of Bomi had taken the wrong path indeed seemed Master Lu's words. But saying that he only required one sword move was something out of Senior Lu's character..."

    Master Lu was calm and humble, he was devoted and focused, and didn't seem to be someone who could say something so cold and tyrannical. It would be normal if it was Su Wuming, no, but if it was Su Wuming, he wouldn't even say anything, and would have charged ahead with his sword right away...

    Ye Yuqi calmly said, "It's just my guess. Is there a problem?"

    "Nope. Not at all." Meng Qi realized that he had asked a stupid question. He looked around, trying to find any treasure, and his eyes rested at the gap where the turtle and snake statues met with the door.

    He touched the Black Tortoise Jade Pendant and realized that its size was correct...
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