522 The Karma Saber

    More detailed information about The Plenitude Gate needed an extra 1,000 Karma points. Rich as Meng Qi now was, he would rather not waste his Karma points for this. He could still find the place and first explore for himself; he could turn to the Six Realms for help if he really couldn't figure it out-after he could freely walk in and out of the Immortals, he didn't have to wait before or after a task to request evaluations.

    Qu Jiuniang stroked the keys, imagining what treasures would be found when she opened the vaults. Her eyes were tender and weren't shining as fiercely as they used to be. In regards to how to find them, she didn't have to waste the Karma points in the Six Realms. She had the information network all over the West Regions after all.

    Meng Qi put away the two keys as well as the opening token to The Plenitude Gate. He reflected on the things he needed as he looked at the Exchange List.

    Meng Qi didn't lack the Exterior movements after earning the Exterior chapter of the "Heavenly Golden Scripture". Even though he had enough movements, his best and main movements-the bladesmanship and the sword arts, were kind of weak.

    As for the Exterior sword arts, he only had the Vairocana Swordplay, the Samsara Beasts Sword, one style of the Heavenly Fairy, and the 10th style of the Nine Strategies Beyond the Swords of the upgraded "Muscle-bone Strengthening Scripture". Additionally, only the former sword arts had high grades, the two latter sword arts were relatively really weak. Practicing the Momentum-destroying Sword meant getting the elementary Dharma and Logos of Sword Principles. These could be combined with every sword art. One could explore and grow in many aspects, but it also demanded one to experience more sword arts to grasp the Dharmas and Logos.

    Compared with the sword art, the main attacking method-the bladesmanship seemed to be even weaker. Other than his treasured Five Thunder Bombardment of Sky Dharmakaya movements and the Big Bang Technique, the Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship had been rarely put into use. The Seven Purple Thunderstrikes remained only one lone thunderstrike. While the Heaven Blade that recently turned into the Exterior grade was more like a Primary Instruction. Leaving Meng Qi with the only one sword art that could be used as a conventional means, the Virtual Purity Sabersmanship.

    Of course, thoroughly mastering one set of well-graded bladesmanship and sword arts to branch out to other movements, was a better way than aimlessly learning others. It would be a Jack of all trades, and a master of none. He did bear the impartation of the Thunder God and had been studying the thunder-natured bladesmanship. It would be giving away his previous hard work and failing the impartation if he abandoned all that. Practicing two main sets of bladesmanship would not really be distracting.

    In regards to the saber and sword joint attack he had been working on, he had only redeemed a style of Yin-Yang Reversal. Though it was graded low and did not have strong power. It could only be used as a stepping stone to enhance one's saber and sword joint attack; in addition to getting familiar with the method. Therefore it was rarely used in a fight. This time, he needed to redeem a style of highly-graded saber and sword join attack movement.

    "Yes, I need a sword art movement that overwhelms all." Meng Qi was pondering when he suddenly came up with an idea!

    "Why can't I just try the whole-body imbuing with Karma Fruits?"

    "Though in the Six Realms, it imparts through the script impartations, rather than the greater Gist of Trueness. The Karma Fruit might not be the Blade of Anavakara. Although, a whole-body imbuing can help me realize the Gist of Trueness. I also collected some merits through the karma incidents previously, and I'll get more karma knowledge of the Exterior chapter of the Heavenly Golden Scripture soon. Even though I can't directly realize it, maybe I can manage it with some fated chance."

    "No matter how mysterious and traceless an Ananda matter is, a karma tangling will finally appear. If I master the principle of karma and learn the Karma Saber, I can get a little ahead of the game. I'll no longer have to worry all the time and I can start to find a solution to it!"

    "The Heavenly Primogenitor is called the Seed of All Karma. The contents from the Gold Badge absolutely can fit with the realization of the Fruits of Karma. It may also deviate from Ananda's past path."

    Between the rush of thoughts, Meng Qi had made up his mind: Since he already had the Primary Instruction of the Gist of Trueness, the Fruits of Karma of the whole-body imbuing required only twice its original price, 2,400 Karma points.

    He did what he wanted to do. Without hesitation, he walked into the central jade pillar.

    The pillar just looked like it was made of jade. Meng Qi felt like crossing a sticky swamp as he whispered in his heart.

    "Whole-body imbuing the Fruits of Karma of the fifth style of the Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship!"

    "The impartation of the Gist of Trueness is available and 2,400 Karma points are deducted. The whole-body imbuing begins." The voice of the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms echoed in Meng Qi's head.

    The dense mist fell upon him and Meng Qi felt everything around turn dark. Countless glistening star threads spread throughout the void. They looked all tangled, but actually, they fit with the pattern of the Dharma and Logos, appearing excessively profound.

    A saber radiance fell and at some of the joints where the star threads met they suddenly snapped. All the threads, no matter if they were good or bad star threads, clung onto the saber radiance. The joint without its karma became weak and with another whip of the saber radiance, it completely vanished.

    Kill you and bear your karma!

    Bear your karma and take your life!

    Everything disappeared and Meng Qi opened his eyes. Inside his eyes, there were numerous tangling threads. His mind was filled with the affairs of the Tang family, the affairs of the Su family, and the karma of the body. In the state that he was in, he was full of feelings.

    "As expected, it's not really a Blade of Anavakara, it can only cross ranks to a small extent. It's not like the more karma the enemy has; the more possible it is for you to win. The enemy can only suffer. The real Karma Fruit only needs to bear the killed's heaviest karma and doesn't need to take the rest. By the whole-body imbuing of the Six Realms, all the karma will cling to you. It'll be a lot of trouble. Both your body and Tao may perish if you fail to handle it properly." Meng Qi savored the whip of the blade.

    Qu Jiuniang had put away her keys and saw Meng Qi exchanging. But she did not ask anything as they were his skill and secret means and not her business.

    Suddenly, she found Meng Qi staring at herself; his eyes were deep like Chaotic Holes as if they hid things that would disturb her.

    "Progenitor, you hold a lot of karma!" Meng Qi's voice sound muffled.

    Qu Jiuniang looked startled. "What?"

    Meng Qi just smiled without a word, like a fortune teller on the street. He could only "see" that she had a lot of karma, but he couldn't know what the karma was unless he bore them himself.

    Meng Qi did not continue but resumed the exchanging; as Qu Jiuniang ground her teeth and grumbled. "Jibber-jabber on! How great you are to have the Exterior chapter of the Heavenly Golden Scripture! How great is the Seed of All Karma!"

    "Great indeed!" Meng Qi said to himself. Then he completed the Seven Purple Thunderstrikes as he made his decision.

    As for secret treasures, now that he had the Nine Zen Beads and would not put them into use in the near future. He would wait until before the apotheosis mission to redeem them because by that time he would have gained another pile of Karma points.

    At this thought, Meng Qi was greatly frustrated. He made great efforts to become a Slivery-badge Arrester and then the prices of the materials to enlighten the Apertures plunged. Originally, he would earn around 300 Karma points each month whereas now it was only 30 Karma points. He ground his teeth with hatred when thinking of the Six Realms.

    The Seven Purple Thunderstrikes required 8,800 Karma points, but Meng Qi had spent 2,000 to redeem the Primary Instruction and the fifth style of the Violent Thunder Shocking the Sky. Apart from the last Heaven Tearing Thunder that was worth 2,400, he had also spent 4,400 Karma points to exchange for the rest five styles. These were respectively the Deadly Spring Thunder, the Revolving Thunder, the Infernal Thunder, the Clapping Winter Thunder, and the Roaring Thunder.

    Having the bladesmanship, Meng Qi carefully inspected his options before he picked the relatively strong saber and sword joint attack movements. With the premise that these movements fit with the nature of his skill or his Precious Weapons.

    As it currently stood, with a lot of money, he didn't need to think too much if the movement was a good deal. He quickly found an Exterior movement that cost 3,000 Karma points.

    Just that one movement charged 3,000 Karma points and the Twenty-three Swords Skill was only 4,000 Karma points!

    Of course, this Falling Sun movement did not countercharge awfully like the Twenty-three Swords Skill.

    "Falling Sun. It's an Exterior movement of the Mid Grade. It is as long as a sword and as heavy as a saber. Its power is as formidable and as mighty as if the sword and saber joined, and was as if the Grand Sun had fallen. It was created by old experts who had witnessed the Falling Sun scene. However, the Gist of Trueness was lost; and descendants recovered it from the previous recordings, making it worth 3,000 Karma points."

    Meng Qi saw that it was lost long ago and he flipped back to the pages to check if the Six Realms had the original edition. Finally, he found it in the Peerless Godly Kung Fu column. It said that after the advanced success, its power would equal the real Grand Sun's collapsing power.

    "Horrible." Meng Qi wiped his forehead as if there were any sweat on it. Then he redeemed all the saber and sword joint attack movements that fitted with his skill and Precious Weapons. He looked at his Karma points with the feeling of a broken heart.

    He'd spent almost 10,000 Karma points before he knew it!

    There were more than 2,000 Karma points left. Meng Qi thought for a moment before he turned to Qu Jiuniang, asking, "Progenitor, is elixir available in the Immortals?"

    Previously, he had checked the near jade pillars and did not find anything he needed. To enhance quickly, he did not sell unnecessary exotic minerals and produce either. He decided that when he had accomplished this, and when he was not in desperate need of Karma points, he would pick other official members of the Immortals.

    "Yes, it is. It sells in the Azure Palace; all the elixir the Pao-P'u-Tzu refines sells to the Immortals. Every member can go to exchange, at a price about 30% lower than the Six Realms'." The Bluecloud Progenitor had pulled herself together and acted normal. "Now the Serenity Darkness Pill is best for you, it is one of the best curing elixirs at this level, and it only costs 1,300 Karma points."

    Meng Qi checked the Six Realms' description of the Serenity Darkness Pill and was satisfied. Then he asked, "What about the holy Taoist robes? I need one that is not necessarily defensive, but it has to be elastic and won't break easily."

    Meng Qi had found it hard to ask that question.

    Qu Jiuniang burst out laughing. "Yes, there are. The Lord of Purity and Magic especially has Yun Zhongzi refined several pieces. It can also be redeemed in the Azure Palace and it only costs 700 Karma points."

    A memory seemed to have occurred to her and she laughed hysterically.

    "My image is ruined, at least in Qu Jiuniang's mind." Meng Qi thought to himself.

    At this moment, he found an additional letter under the central jade pillar. He picked it up and to read it, quickly realizing it was a letter from his subordinate team.

    "Err, not only can things of The Immortals be passed into the Samsara Square, but also things of the Samsara Square can be picked up from the Immortals?" Meng Qi opened up the letter as he contemplated on that thought.

    Apart from when they first joined in, the subordinate team had gone through three Samsara tasks. But none of these were like an adventure that Meng Qi had met. Their strength was growing at a normal speed with the difficulty level lifted up gently. They had not experienced the Group-rivaling yet, and only two freshmen died. The team currently consisted of five people-Min Renlong from Taiyue Sect who had just opened Six Apertures, Wu Xiuxian who opened Four Apertures, Yuanyang and Weng Lingyu who were about to open Four Apertures, and a swordsman called Wu Xing who opened Four Apertures.

    They often wrote letters to consult with Meng Qi, Ruan Yushu, and others that would always reply in detail. Especially about the matter of different kinds of Samsara tasks and about the problems of cultivation.

    This letter was written by Yuanyang, where he requested advice on some questions about the knowledge. He revealed that he would go up north to the Great Jin Dynasty to secretly meet with his comrades for future task discussions. He also hinted that if the seniors were interested and available, they could meet them in River East half a year later.

    "They went from online communications to offline meetings." Meng Qi commented to himself.

    Collecting the letter, Meng Qi followed Qu Jiuniang to return to the Azure Palace. Once there he redeemed the Serenity Darkness Pill and the Qingyuan Taoist Robe.

    Then, since the Doumu had left, he asked Qu Jiuniang about matters regarding apotheosis.
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