600 Death To Injustice

    The sunlight of dawn dyed the sky and clouds red. A city emerged in the light mist as if it was a facade. It was Feng City of Cai Ba, the hometown of the Gongyang Family.

    Meng Qi stood on a hill to get a better look at the city. He turned his Qingyuan Taoist Robes a pale white color to disguise it as a mourning dress.

    He took a deep breath and took out a white cloth, making it float in front of him. He then cut his index finger and wrote on the cloth with his blood.

    He tied the white cloth around his forehead as a mourning belt. The blood spattered on the cloth appeared to be moving by itself. It was full of spirituality and solemnity - quite shocking. Only three huge characters could be seen upon it.

    "Death To Injustice!"

    Meng Qi slowly and solemnly flew toward Feng City. He did not bother to hide, and his mourning attire attracted a lot of attention. The words "Death To Injustice" were particularly captivating.

    Gongyang Deng, the Mayor of Feng City, was an Exterior master, albeit not a top tier one. However, he had many strong masters in his family, therefore he got appointed to the position. Upon realizing the approach of another Exterior master, he instantly sounded the alarm to gather his army and start the formations. He then flew into the air toward the master and shouted at him.

    "Who are you?"

    Meng Qi saw all of his actions but did not slow down at all. He moved straight toward the man as if meting out Divine Punishment. He shouted back as he approached the formation.

    "The ambitious and disloyal Gongyang family rebelled and killed the King of Chen in his palace, imprisoning his descendants in Shangying. Such great injustice!"

    "I am Su Mo, the one who adheres to the will of the Heavens to kill the unjust!"

    His booming voice traveled far and wide, waking everyone. It made the peasants shudder.

    "Su Mo?"

    "The Gongyang Family murdered the King?"

    As the peasants reeled from shock, Meng Qi shouted once again with his thundering voice.

    "I, Su Mo, am holding the Heaven Blade to kill the unjust!"

    Initially stunned, Gongyang Deng burst into laughter. He goaded Meng Qi while evading the accusation of injustice.

    "My master just so happens to be looking for you. Thanks for handing yourself over."

    Not even a grandmaster could easily break through the defenses, which was made up of a large army and formation, as well as his own power as a master of the Exterior. How dare Su Mo speak so arrogantly!

    Even though the formation blocked his senses, he had a clear understanding of Meng Qi's breath, having been chasing him for a while.

    He was nervous because Su Mo seemed particularly solemn in his mourning dress. The mourning belt and the words "Death To Injustice" seemed to have a mind of their own, exerting pressure on everyone and instilling fear in them. He felt small and insignificant as he looked up at the sky.

    For a moment, he felt as if the heavens had dimmed and dark clouds seemed to have filled the sky. He trembled as if he was facing divine punishment.

    It was said that Su Mo had talent akin to that of a saint and that his strength was unparalleled. "Is this how facing a saint feels like?" Gongyang Deng thought as he trembled in fear once more. He knew he would not be able to use his full strength in a battle with an unsettled heart. Fortunately, he was hiding in a city that was under the protection of formations. He only had to stall Su Mo, report the situation to Shangying, and await rescue.

    Naturally, the soldiers in the formations were panicking as they saw that even Exterior experts were unsettled by the pressure. Fortunately, they quickly adjusted their mindset thanks to the formations, despite losing all fighting spirit.

    Meng Qi raised his saber, Heaven Inflicted Pain, up and said solemnly,

    "I stand in the name of Heaven to eliminate all injustice. If you bear no crimes, you need not fight for the wicked!"

    Dark clouds gathered near the city as he spoke, soon covering the entire sky. In the darkness, streaks of green lightning with great power of divine punishment emerged. The air of pure justice made everyone shudder in fear.

    Suddenly, Meng Qi raised his voice.

    "Back off!"

    His voice was like thunder, making everyone gasp in shock, even disrupting the golden formation.


    As the long saber struck down, five thick streaks of lightning struck down as well. Saber Qi integrated with Thunder Light and it slashed at the formation with a terrifying force.

    Gongyang Deng dared not underestimate this attack and used all his strength to control the large formation in order to resist the attack.


    The saber radiance with green lightning slashed at the giant formation but nothing happened. It was as if someone who had just enlightened their Apertures had forced himself to use a technique of the Dharmakaya!

    "What..." Gongyang Deng's eyes widened in shock.

    Right this moment, another figure in a white coat appeared some distance away. The mourning belt tied around his forehead had three words written on it.

    "Death To Injustice!"

    Using the Living Propagation, Meng Qi had created a doppelganger with his hair in order to attract Gongyang Deng's attention. He then snuck into the city while the formation was not completely set up, waiting for a chance to strike.

    A light golden glow surrounded his body as he charged into the practice field and right at Gongyang Deng's Manor. Purple and green lightning surrounded his long saber as he struck Gongyang Deng with a slash of his saber.

    The soldiers were slow to react. By the time they noticed Meng Qi, he had already passed half the court. However, they did not panic, showing their tremendous battle experience. They occupied their corresponding places in the formation and used their skills respectively.

    Layers of red flames lit up in the practice field and many fiery crows flew out from it. Their flames scorched the ground and melted stones as they pounced at Meng Qi.

    Poof! Poof! Poof! As the fiery crows hit Meng Qi, they extinguished and disappeared without a trace.

    Meanwhile, Meng Qi was completely unchanged except for the flickering golden glow surrounding him. He did not slow down and already had Gongyang Deng's location.

    Clang, clang, clang!

    Violet lightning erupted and saber Qi filled the air. Meng Qi was like the rebirth of Thunder God. He completely had the upper hand over Gongyang Deng as his saber momentum was unmatched. Interestingly, his saber radiance didn't seem to hurt any of the innocent - it was as if it had its own senses.

    Clang, clang, clang!

    Saber radiance and sword light clashed. Gongyang Deng felt as if he was immersed in a sea of thunder with enemies in all directions. He struggled to keep himself alive - even breathing became difficult. It was a challenge to use his secret treasures.

    "His state of bladesmanship and thorough control of thunder and lightning can match even that of Peerless Master Pros who have integrated Dharma and Logos!" Gongyang Deng suddenly thought.

    He wanted to use his secret treasure to escape but he could not afford any distraction. It would result in the saber Qi and lightning engulfing him.

    Clang, clang, clang!

    Thousands of crows flew up like a sea of fire surging toward Meng Qi. He paid the attack no mind and merely moving his left hand to destroy a few fiery crows at his midbrows and his back. Meanwhile, the attack from the long saber in his right hand increased in frequency.

    Clang, clang, clang!

    Before the soldiers realized that something was amiss, the surrounding lightning contracted into an electric ball that suddenly struck out in midair as Sky Thunder.


    Saber Qi and electricity shone together. A man flew out from the light onto a small hill in the nearby garden, almost destroying it.

    "Who was that?" The soldiers looked at the sky subconsciously and saw a white figure surrounded by a warm golden glow that blocked out all flames. His long saber pointed downwards, and the blood-red words on his forehead were particularly alarming.

    "Death To Injustice!"

    Clang, clang, clang! Pieces of weaponry fell to the ground as the soldiers lost their fighting spirit.

    In the courtyard, Gongyang Deng sank to the ground, his body full of black and bloodless knife wounds. His eyes were wide open, unresigned to his fate.

    Meng Qi collected Gongyang Deng's storage bag and turned toward Feng City.

    "The Gongyang Family rebelled against the King. I came here today to kill the unjust. Today, I killed Gongyang Deng. My next targets are Gongyang Zeng and Gongyang Bao. The rest of you will not be harmed by the wrongdoings of your family. In adherence to the Will of Heaven to Love with Impartiality, I will not kill the innocent!"

    When he was done, he immediately escaped, fearing that Peerless Master Pros or grandmasters nearby had noticed the commotion. His courageous figure, his lightning strikes, and the solemn image in his mourning dress left an impression in the hearts of many.

    "Su Mo appeared in Feng City and killed Seventh Brother in the name of killing the unjust!" Even the sly old Gongyang Zeng seemed troubled by such news.

    Next to him, Gongyang Bao looked even more shocked and furious. He had not expected Su Mo to be so bold and fight back. "Does he really think that Golden Light Cave is useless?"

    The red-faced grandmaster sitting on the chair smiled upon hearing the news. "That's great! I was worried he'd keep hiding and make it impossible for me to find him."

    He stood up, about to pursue Meng Qi.

    Gongyang Zeng, who had already calmed down, immediately stopped him. "Don't rush, Taoist Red Cloud. Since Su Mo dared to make an appearance, he must have a plan!"

    Red Cloud, who was Gongyang Bao's teacher, grunted. "He wants to lure me away?"

    "Yes, to lure the tiger out of the mountains," Gongyang Zeng said. "Facing attacks from both Golden Light Cave and Chen state, he must have escaped someplace far away since he has already left the city. Based on his past actions, he doesn't seem to be someone who would be so reckless. Did he really think that ambushes would make us panic? He should know there are many mysterious treasures and magical powers in the world!"

    "He definitely has a plan if he dares to appear. I think he's planning to direct all assassinations to him so he can save the rest of his followers. He will be waiting for all the masters to leave Shangying before he attacks the prison. Or, otherwise, his companions are still trapped in the city and he's luring us to stop the city blockade."

    Red Cloud mused. "We should lure him back regardless of his intentions. I don't care if his companions escape."

    "You're right. To be honest, the city blockade can only last another day at most. Many merchants in the city belong to prominent backgrounds and have the support of the King of Chu. We won't dare to make the blockade permanent and prevent them from leaving." Gongyang Zeng complained on purpose to the grandmaster of Golden Light Cave. "Even if Su Mo wants only for his companions to escape, won't he save the rest of his followers if we really pretend to be tricked and allow his plan to proceed smoothly?"

    Meanwhile, he thought to himself, "The target of Golden Light Cave turns out to be Su Mo! Furthermore, this grandmaster seems reluctant to admit his flaws and report back to ask Golden Light Cave for support from stronger grandmasters with special skills."

    On this point, he could definitely not remind the grandmaster or he would be loathed!

    Red Cloud nodded in approval. "Sure. We'll create the impression that I'm leaving the city. You'll pretend to be tricked and lift the ban off Shangying while setting traps in the prisons."

    "Yes!" Gongyang Zeng and Gongyang Bao saluted.

    They would definitely avenge Gongyang Deng's death!


    Meng Qi, now in a black cloak, stared at Shangying with its open gates. He knew his goal had been achieved.

    He took a deep breath and strode toward the gates!

    He must save his imprisoned followers, albeit not directly as he could be easily ambushed in such places. He should first create chaos and leave his enemies guessing his intentions.

    Thus, he needed to kill!

    Gongyang Bao's assassination was to trick them into thinking that his purpose was solely revenge.

    "Humph! I wanted to fight with debates and politics, things that I am not familiar with, but you refused. Now, I'm forced to use what I'm best at!"

    "I'm an expert on the Eight Nine Mysteries. Who can guard against me?"

    Meng Qi "gave up" on himself at this moment...
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