654 Yang Jians Whereabouts

    "Does this medicine have the magical function that can help seal?" Meng Qi jokingly looked at Big Green Root.

    "I have no idea..." It mumbled, looked up at Meng Qi and then quickly averted its eyes.

    Meng Qi operated the Dharma Form and there came out the vast breadth of the Primeval Immortal, containing every possibility without a targeted direction, which represented that all changes had their own karma.

    Primogenitor Lingbao sat upright, his grand and immense breath gradually coming out from his Dharmakaya, observing the Two Complementary Forces, the Four Aggregates and the Five Elements. Through moral cultivation, the subtle details that generated different Dharma and Logos intertwined with all kinds of possibilities, becoming more and more complicated and chaotic until they finally went inexplicably silent!

    It made Big Green Root uncomfortable like how it felt around Three-clearness Primogenitor. It faintly shivered, reminding it of the same situation in Yuxu Palace.

    It struggled for a long time before saying, "It is true that the Monarch never mentioned it, but I guess maybe it was because plants like us were good at concealing our wisdom. If he hadn't looked carefully, he would have thought that we were similar to regular grasses and flowers. If someone had really broken into the seal, he wouldn't have had any hesitation and therefore wouldn't have been remembered by us."

    "That is to say, except leaving Yuxu belt to the right person, Lord of Purity and Magic is 'waiting' for some powerhouses' espial?" Meng Qi asked thoughtfully.

    Big Green Root nodded and said, "That's right! At that time, the Lord looked really strange and deliberately murmured in front of us that 'who else could survive through the ages'. Besides, the thing he sealed was quite special, and they weren't skills, divine weapons or treasures."

    "What was it?" Primogenitor Lingbao asked.

    Big Green Root raised its leaves, scratched its "head" and said, "How should I know when the Lord furtively concealed it? What I know is that the seal has changed every 900 years, and that it leaked out once in a blue moon so we were able to judge that it wasn't a skill, divine weapon or any treasure, and it also wasn't a powerhouse, so it is extremely strange."

    Meng Ji and Primogenitor Lingbao looked at each other and both of them didn't have any idea. Though they made a detailed inquiry, Big Green Root itself couldn't figure it out, so it described vaguely, and it was hard to generalize the character of the seal.

    Lowering his head slightly, Meng Qi looked directly at Big Green Root's eyes and said,

    "Was the Jade Virtual Palace still in the Mount Kunlun when you left?"

    Big Green Root shivered as if he had thought of something unbearable. After a long period of time, it said, "Jade Virtual Palace disappeared overnight, as was true of the Palm Sect Masters. Many immortals left Kunlun and didn't come back for decades, and then the Lord returned to Kunlun and brought us to the seal."

    Meng Qi had already heard about the great changes that happened after apotheosis from Duke Huan, while Primogenitor Lingbao had devoted himself to the apotheosis and had already heard about it and formed his own suspicion. Yet, they were both flabbergasted by the news. How could one of the best big powers living for several times suddenly disappear?

    Yang Jian got around for decades. Did he try to figure this out? Was there any possibility that he was related to the thing in the seal?

    "Do you know where Lord of Purity and Magic went later?" Meng Qi still cared about Yang Jian most who was involved in follow-ups of the Metaphysical movement.

    Big Green Root hesitated and struggled for a while and then said, "I don't know why I always have nightmares because of this, therefore I hide so many things from you Masters."

    It seemed to have decided:

    "The Lord asked me to tell the future belt-winner that he was going to the Ninth Heaven ruins."

    "The Ninth Heaven ruins? Yang Jian went to the Ninth Heaven ruins and had not come out since then? Why?" Meng Qi wondered. He felt a sudden rush of emotion. "The secret of the fall of Ninth Heaven is absolutely not simple. No wonder Gu Xiaosang hasn't finished till now; her serial tasks at the Celestial Court must be extremely difficult."

    "Why is she so immersed in the Ninth Heaven? Is it because of the skill impartation or divine weapons and treasures? Or is it the same reason that drove even Yang Jian to head there? Or perhaps it is the purpose of the most outstanding big powers such as Amitabha San Qing to fall onto the Celestial Court and destroy the Ninth Heaven?"

    "She is so mysterious; her purpose is definitely not simple!"

    "It is hard for me not to care about these things because I signed the contract for jointly exploring the Ninth Heaven ruins. I want to make a painstaking investigation and try to understand the purpose of the demoness in case I am betrayed and still have to count money for her!"

    "Was there anything the Lord wanted you to tell us?" Meng Qi earnestly asked.

    Big Green Root shook its head and said, "The Lord didn't say anything else except for this. Oh, earlier he mentioned that he had found the Jade Virtual Palace and went inside to explore once, yet he didn't mention any specific findings during that trip."

    "Perhaps the key element to break the seal is in the Jade Virtual Palace... " Primogenitor Lingbao seemed to have a hunch. "Otherwise we need to wait for our realm to improve and then break in."

    Meng Qi nodded his head and asked Big Green Root a few more questions, but it had no other information to offer.

    Primogenitor Lingbao asked Big Green Root to leave. Once the door of the Chamber of Secrets was closed, he glanced at the door and said, "Most of what it said may be true, but there must be one or two significantly important things which are hidden."

    "You are right," Meng Qi said with a smile. "Obviously Lord of Purity and Magic's word should have been given to the belt-winner, yet it deliberately concealed it, telling us only when it had to. How come?"

    Primogenitor Lingbao peacefully said, "According to today's situation, further inquiry won't get any results. We need to wait and see what it is going to do next."

    Using Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth to "torture" Big Green Root without full consideration would lead to unnecessary problems. For example, it might destroy itself and entirely cut off all clues. After all, it had survived from the ancient times till today; obviously, it had some tricks."

    After this conversation about Big Green Root, Meng Qi took a deep breath and told the Primogenitor Lingbao about what had happened to Zither of Limbo. Finally, he said, "Nowadays Zither of Limbo has already appeared as 'missing' in the Exchange List, which is really confusing. I wonder whether you directly received the divine weapons when you finished this task?"

    Primogenitor Lingbao was occupied with things related to Big Green Root and was not clear about the event that happened in River East. He was dumbfounded with the news, and said, "What I finished wasn't related to the divine weapons, and I received the reward from the Six Taoist."

    "It appeared to be missing in the aristocratic family sect, while not so in Blue-blooded People. Is there any possibility that there exists any connection between the patron saint of the Blue-blooded People and the Six Taoist?"Meng Qi had already thought about it before and blurted it out.

    Primogenitor Lingbao raised his hands, the door of the chamber of the secrets opened and Big Green Root was directly transported back from somewhere in the Azure Palace!

    "Two masters... " It was dizzy, not knowing what had happened.

    Meng Qi understood what Primogenitor Lingbao meant, plus he received the breath of the patron saint of the Blue-blooded People. He instantly imitated those changes of breath as if the concretization of water force between the heaven and earth was present. He looked at Big Green Root and asked, "Is this breath similar to the one you touched in the seal?"

    Big Green Root blankly shook its head and said, " Isn't this the ancient Water God? How wouldn't I know?"

    His expression seemed to say "Please don't make fun of me, Masters." The characteristics were so obvious, he was easy to recognize!

    "Surely it was the Aqua Ancestor who left the descendants of the blue-blood. I don't know whether he's dead or not... " Meng Qi nodded as if he had confirmed it.

    Once again, Primogenitor Lingbao asked the Big Green Root to leave. Deep in thought, he muttered. "Perhaps the Aqua Ancestor had some cooperation with the Six Taoist to some extent."

    It was apparent from their conversation that both of them regarded the Six Taoist as a big power that was still alive!

    It could live till now and be so dynamic, that meant its realm and strength would definitely be far beyond imagination!

    "It's a pity that we don't know where the statue of the Patron Saint of Blue-blooded People is, otherwise we could follow this clue to find out." Primogenitor Lingbao sighed as he spoke.

    There was a silence within the chamber of secrets. Meng Qi was hesitating about asking Chong He for help on the fifth movement of Heaven Interception and the follow-up mission of Zhen Wu.

    A lot of thoughts flooded his mind. Meng Qi slowly breathed out a turbid gas and said, "Primogenitor, I have the clue of the fifth sword of Heaven Interception."

    After several struggles, he finally made such a decision, not only to guard against accidents, to change the fifth sword of Heaven Interception from The Immortals to the left Dharmakaya movement but also to consider the situation of big powers being tangled with karma. Primogenitor Lingbao and some other masters of the Immortals must have the same experience as his, albeit not as serious. Therefore, helping and guarding with each other was the right path. There would be no hope in the future if someone counted on oneself to get rid of the formation of some big power with strength beyond imagination without help from strong masters who shared the same goal!

    Perhaps this violated the instinct to hide private affairs and maintain exclusivity, but it was the most proper choice after thinking about it rationally!

    " Well?" Taoist Chonghe swiftly looked at Meng Qi's face a bit unbelievingly.

    For him, Seven Strokes of Heaven Interception was more helpful than The Buddha's Palm!

    Meng Qi told him some important details about the Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu, so Primogenitor Lingbao calmed down and listened attentively.

    When Meng Qi finished speaking, Primogenitor Lingbao whispered to himself. "Swallows Mountain and Frost Lake. Is the Frost Lake the Earth Fairy Lake of the Caos in Peijing?"

    The Caos in Peijing was one of the top elite families in the North Zhou Dynasty, renowned for Seventy-two Phases of the Earth Immortal.

    "It would be fine if it was the Earth Fairy Lake..." Meng Qi said. The Earth Fairy Lake in Peijing belonged to a semi-open area, and the Caos were never famous for their sword art, which meant the impartation still existed.

    Primogenitor Lingbao smiled and said, "As it's happening in the Earth Fairy Lake in Peijing, I can temporarily sweep the array for you in case the Caos get suspicious. If there are any changes, I will have the nerve to defend."

    As the leader of the Aboveboard in the North Zhou Dynasty, he was still acting with scruples even though he held the identity of Primogenitor Lingbao.

    "Fine. I will find some friends to help us." Meng Qi said. He took advantage of this opportunity to propose that Jiang Zhiwei and other people join The Immortals. He said, " If any of them are unwilling to join in The Immortals, I hope they could still have the opportunity to experience the Heaven Interception."

    "You have the right to dispose of the things belonging to you." Primogenitor Lingbao didn't show any greedy lust. He sighed and said, " I drew an analogy and came closer to the breakthrough after experiencing the Primary Instruction of the Palm. Nowadays if I watch the Heaven Interception again, there is a large hope to cross through the pass."

    "Are you coming closer to the breakthrough?" Meng Qi asked. He was pleasantly surprised.

    Primogenitor Lingbao nodded and said, "I have been staying at the Human Immortal realm for so many years, finally I get the chance to glimpse earth immortals."

    Human immortal, Earth immortal... Meng Qi waited and was going to ask what Buddhist Realm the two immortals corresponded to when he heard Primogenitor Lingbao speak seriously, "I've always observed that your fortune momentum isn't normal and surely you are tangled with the karma of big powers. I have the same experience as you. After overcoming all kinds of difficulties and partly due to chance and coincidence, I finally got rid of some part of it."

    "Can it be cut off?" Meng Qi suddenly went wild with joy.

    Taoist Chonghe sighed and said, "Unlike yours, my karma came from the real Primogenitor Lingbao who was Sky-reaching Eminentor. When I found Azure Palace, I started the serial tasks. I had a narrow escape but finished the task. I am pretty sure that Primogenitor Lingbao disappeared entirely. That doesn't mean he died, but took another existence form that I temporarily can't understand. Exactly because he truly disappeared, part of my karma could easily be cut off. At present, what you started was just the Zhen Wu serial task, other details haven't emerged, and it seems that your karma is way more serious than mine. There is no method to solve it and we need to look carefully before taking any step."

    Meng Qi calmed himself and didn't get depressed. He had prepared for this after Wang Siyuan reminded him of it.

    "The first batch of masters like me who set up The Immortals and offered different skill and designation choices hoped that we could have a companion in the Samsara, so we worked together trying to get rid of Samsara, getting the real freedom. We didn't expect that some of our Taoists who chose designation and skill were tangled with the karma, which violated my original intention. I had no other choice but to continue the mistakes and exchange ideas and experiences, hoping that they could cut off the karma."

    "Well." Meng Qi peacefully said, "For 'them', I just want to say one thing. As they'd already died, they should be dead since then."

    "Luckily the big powers with such great strength aren't so many." Primogenitor Lingbao comforted Meng Qi.

    Meng Qi was back to his normal emotion as he asked, "Primogenitor, haven't you finished your serial tasks?"

    "No, I haven't. There is one step left. Though currently all clues are cut off, many of them had already been collected earlier, such as the Formation of 'Immortal-slaying Sword Formation'."Primogenitor Lingbao smiled, not showing any hint of frustration.

    Formation of Immortal-slaying Sword Formation! Meng Qi was secretly surprised, but he didn't say too much. And then he talked about the serial task with Primogenitor Lingbao and tried to learn some lessons.

    At the end of the day, Meng Qi asked Primogenitor to wait a moment and he went to the Central Jade Pillar to exchange things.
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