817 The Three Divine Skills

    The crane went up into the clouds and its light chirping voice was echoing around. The Aquamarine Heaven was quiet and desolate. Only a few monks were there cleaning the pavilions and stairs.

    Given the fact that hunting down the people at the Grassland would bring a lot of gains, many members of the Fairy World had also joined in the force. For them, when there was a stagnant growth in their powers, they could exchange the items collected in the Main World for good deeds and useful items. The good deeds could also be used to pay for the penalty of failing a mission. These were all good ways of helping them to undergo Samsara. Therefore, at the moment, there was only a watchman around. The Fairy Lane and the Aquamarine Palace were all empty, leaving Meng Qi with a sense of desolation.

    "Does the fall of the God Master make them feel a sense of urgency?" As the gentle breeze blew on his face, Meng Qi thought of the Immortal Chonghe and heaved a deep sigh.

    After that, he cleaned his mind and went to the Central Jade Pillar to tidy up his storage bag.

    With the help of his accumulated battle experiences, Meng Qi was able to distinguish which items were important to him and which were not. At the moment, aside from the Arts of the Eight-Nine that were already at guru-level, he had acquired five seals from the Premier Nine Seals and the General Principles of Dharmakaya. Thus, many useful items in the past would not be a big help for him anymore. He had therefore decided to clean up the items to free up some space in the storage bag. For example, the Formless Sword Spirit that he obtained from a blue-blooded person of the Tip-Top realm was good for a sneak attack, but looking at his current realm, he deserved a better weapon than that.

    "The Ghost Gate of Nether..." In the process of cleaning up the bag, Meng Qi had came across with this primary material of a Heavenly Weapon. He did not have to verify it because he knew clearly what it was.

    As he played with this dark gemstone that had countless prisms, some virtual shadows occured in the surrounding which seemed to have opened a door to the Ghost Land of Nine Nether.

    The Ghost Gate of Nether could be activated about three times. Being cold in nature, it could be coupled with the Eye of the Ice Crystal to forge a Heavenly Weapon... Meng Qi pondered.

    Having witnessed the present situation of the Nether Emperor, he realized that the Nether Palm Bone was still of great use. It would be such a waste if it was used to forge an ordinary Heavenly Weapon.

    After some moments, Meng Qi had tidied up the storage bag. Aside from two blades and two swords, he had kept the Tree of Da Dao, the fragments of the Afterlife Mirror, the Nether Palm Bones, the Eye of the Ice Crystal, the Ghost Gate of Nether, the auxiliary weapon - Bow of Mountain and Sea, the mysterious Meteorite from outer space, the diluted blood of the Devil Sage, the container of the Yuan Xin Seal, the symbol of the Fairy World - Premier Eye, two jade bottles that could fit an Immortal Elixir, the Seven Taoist Scriptures, the recipe of Eastern Longevity Elixir, the title deeds for a land and a house, some secret scriptures, and books.

    The bag of Meng Qi had become lighter. Looking at all the plentiful items and treasures, he was in a good mood. He then threw the unwanted items into the Central Jade Pillar one by one.

    "The Formless Sword Spirit, Secret Treasure from the Intermediate level... worth three thousand and three hundred good deeds, can be converted into two thousand good deeds."

    "The Psychical Pennant of Extreme Malice, Magic Weapon from the Master level... worth nine thousand and four hundred good deeds, can be converted into five thousand good deeds."

    Other than that, a total of twenty-three thousand and five hundred good deeds were exchanged with the Top-Graded Precious Weapon of the Vile Heavenly Demon, the Palm of Heavenly Demon; a black robe; the White Mustard Ring; and a lot of instruments and elixirs of diabolism. Sixteen thousand good deeds were exchanged with the items of Gao Qianyuan, nineteen thousand good deeds were exchanged with the items of Lan Jingtian, and fifteen thousand good deeds were exchanged with the Precious Weapon of the Golden Tent Warrior who practiced Great Jin Gang Power. Hasula, the head of the Golden Tent Warriors, was the richest man as he gave Meng Qi an earning of twenty-nine thousand good deeds.

    The reason of Hasula being less worthy than the Vile Heavenly Demon was that Meng Qi had took out some of his inherited arts and collected arts. Meng Qi was applying the fundamental ideas of the Arts of the Eight-Nine in becoming more accommodative and flexible. Therefore, fewer good deeds were earned from Hasula's items. It was the same case with Lan Jingtian and the other three.

    "Nineteen thousand and five hundred good deeds..." Even Meng Qi himself gasped at the amount. As he showed a broad smile, a glint of happiness could be seen in his eyes.

    Killing gurus was really the quickest way to make money!

    No, he was actually fighting against violence and upholding justice like a hero!

    There was nothing happier than killing the enemies while making a huge profit out of it!

    "How should I use such a large amount of good deeds like this?" Meng Qi was troubled but feeling happy at the same time.

    "Well, I'll pay back five thousand good deeds to the Fairy World first..." Meng Qi was a trustworthy young man who would pay off a debt as soon as possible, so this was the first thing that came to his mind.

    "Then I'll keep the rest of the good deeds to pay for the penalty of failing a Single Mission and the cost of forging my second Heavenly Weapon." Meng Qi's demand for the other secret treasures, talismans, and elixirs, had been lowered to a minimum.

    But at the moment, he had not thought of forging the second Heavenly Weapon yet. He was still waiting for the first weapon to be completed before it reached the one-year limit. After he obtained his first Heavenly Weapon, it would certainly be a lot easier for him to complete the special mission. Therefore, he would only think about forging the second weapon after he finished the Single Mission. The Single Mission would be released one year after the previous mission, which was just a few days earlier than the one-year limit of forging the first Heavenly Weapon.

    Thinking about that, Meng Qi put the Eye of the Ice Crystal and the Ghost Gate of Nether into the Central Jade Pillar and asked for the price of forging the second Heavenly Weapon.

    "...these two primary materials can forge a Heavenly Weapon of any shape. However, some damage in the essence of the Eye of the Ice Crystal is detected. If you don't want to cause defects in the Heavenly Weapon, you can exchange it for some auxiliary materials valued at thirty thousand good deeds. If you don't want to exchange for the auxiliary materials, it will cost you eighteen thousand good deeds, together with forty thousand good deeds as a forging fee. You're also required to complete the special mission of Heavenly Weapon."

    As expected, repeated usage of the primary material of the Heavenly Weapon has an impact on its quality, therefore affecting the forging process, thought Meng Qi. And forging a Heavenly Weapon of this level seems to have a fixed cost of forty thousand good deeds.

    Since Meng Qi had decided to forge a Heavenly Weapon, he would never want it to be flawed. Given the fact that he was so rich at the moment, he would reserve seventy thousand good deeds for that, including the penalty that he might need to pay for failing a Single Mission. After all, he could have earned some good deeds from the Single Mission, too.

    Eventually, Meng Qi was left with three hundred and forty-five thousand, five hundred and fifteen good deeds.

    After much deliberation, Meng Qi had decided to prepare for the Single Mission that would start in three months. First, he had to make up for his current shortcomings.

    "The Ancient Talisman of Space-Piercing, graded as a Master of a Precious Weapon, originally a Godly Talisman that was created by a mighty person of Ancient Times. It was later acquired by the Great Emperor Zhenwu. Due to its long history and repeated usage, it has slowly lost its power, and its quality has declined. Now it can be used to break through the void and escape. Once activated, it can only be stopped by a Dharmakaya or specific restraint methods. It can be used twice and has a value of nine thousand and eight hundred good deeds."

    "The Black Emperor Moisturizing Elixir, graded as a Master of Miraculous Elixir, originally an Immortal Elixir. Due to the decay of Heaven and Earth, it can only be used to produce an elixir of Miraculous-quality. It can heal injuries, replenish energy quickly and stabilize the Primordial Spirit. It's worth nine thousand and nine hundred good deeds."

    As the Black Emperor Moisturizing Elixir had no effect in prolonging one's lifespan, it was actually not as good as the Eastern Longevity Elixir. Nevertheless, Meng Qi had developed an elixir resistance to the Eastern Longevity Elixir due to too much consumption. Since the Eastern Longevity Elixir was no longer as effective as before for Meng Qi, he had decided to use the Black Emperor Moisturizing Elixir as an alternative of healing-elixir. Aside from these two items, Meng Qi possessed an extraordinary magical power, the World in the Sleeve, and many top-tiered arts. Hence, he did not exchange them for other secret treasures.

    After all, a secret treasure that could have effects on a Dharmakaya of Half-Step was never just Masterwork-graded. It must be at least a magic weapon, which could only be obtained by completing the special mission!

    As for the enemies below the realm of Dharmakaya of Half-Step, Meng Qi was not afraid of any one of them.

    The confidence of Meng Qi was built through a great deal of battle experiences!

    After exchanging for the ancient talisman and elixir, Meng Qi was left with one hundred and forty-eight thousand, one hundred and fifteen good deeds.

    He flipped through the Exchange Sheets while thinking about what else to exchange.

    While glancing through the sheets, he saw an item that gave him an idea. It was the Three Divine Skills of the joint attack of blade and sword. He was interested in the last move, breaking the boundless void!

    He did not decide it on a whim, but a lot of things had actually been considered. At present, although the self-created move of joint attack - the Grand Burial of Galaxies - was rather strong, overall it was still not good enough to be used as a main attack skill. Since he had exchanged for three blades and three swords previously, it was good timing currently to exchange for the Divine Skill.

    On top of that, as this move was related to the void, it could make up for his current shortcomings, thereby building a good foundation for practicing the Seal of Void in the future. In addition, practicing the joint attack of blade and sword was definitely a good learning of the changes of Yin and Yang, the strong and the weak, and the main and the auxiliary. He would therefore be able to improve the mastery of the Seal of Yin and Yang.

    With the last move of the Three Divine Skills as a reference, he might be able to self-create the first two moves of the Divine Skills based on the martial arts concepts of three blades and three swords, and the understanding of the Seal of Yin Yang!

    On the Exchange Sheets, the Three Divine Skills were powerful moves of Dharmakaya-level. The first move, ending a stormy situation, was worth fifteen thousand good deeds. The second move, the merciless destruction of the world of mortals, was worth twenty-five thousand good deeds. Lastly, the third move, breaking the boundless void, was worth forty thousand good deeds. The total of all three moves was eighty thousand good deeds.

    "Forty thousand good deeds..." Meng Qi did not hesitate too long to make a decision. He had decided to use the reserved good deeds. When the members of Fairy World returned from the Grassland with a plenty of items and good deeds, the Tree of Da Dao - a money-spinner - would help him in earning back the good deeds. Hence, it would not be a big problem.

    After taking a deep breath, Meng Qi spent forty thousand good deeds on the Divine Skill. Four hundred and seventy-five thousand, one hundred and fifteen good deeds were reserved for future use.

    The emotionless voice of the Master of the Six Dao of Samsara was suddenly heard,

    "The special mission of the Dharmakaya move, breaking the boundless void: to obtain the Seven-Kill Tablet in the world of Lanruo Temple within two months. A failure to complete the mission will result in a deduction of twenty percents from your good deeds."

    As expected, the Six Dao would give Meng Qi some time to complete the special mission. He was already prepared for that. After accepting the mission, he spent four thousand good deeds to fix the Jade-Slashing Sword and left the Aquamarine Heaven. He would have a three-month Isolated Practice to get used to the new arts and items.


    On the Three-Fairies Island, Wu Jizhen was standing behind a desk, holding a paintbrush and concentrating on drawing a portrait of a woman.

    He was using a meticulous painting technique instead of freestyle painting. Surprisingly, he was quite skilled in painting. Just a few strokes on the paper could already make people feel the woman's natural beauty and liveliness.

    "Master, I've got the latest issue of the Heavenly List, Ground List, and Man List." An old servant, holding a pile of paper, stepped into the study room.

    Wu Jizhen did not look up as he said in a flat voice, "To arrive at the Three-Fairies Island, the so-called latest issue would need to take one or two months. News of one or two months ago is already an old news."

    An one-way trip to the Three-Fairies Island by ship would take at least two months unless it was a person from the Exterior Realm who delivered the news.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Knowing the temper of his master, the old servant reported directly, "There are no changes on the Heavenly List, but the rankings on the Ground List have changed a lot."

    "It seems that many gurus of the Grassland have been killed." Wu Jizhen still looked indifferent. "What are the changes in the top-twenty Ground List rankings?"

    "Ye Yuqi already owns a Heavenly Weapon, hence she is tied with the head of Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect and ranked fifth on the Ground List. Master... master, your ranking has dropped to the tenth." The old servant stole a glance at Wu Jizhen.

    Wu Jizhen smiled and said, "I've seen Ye Yuqi several times. Similar to me, she is too troubled by love to the point of almost trapping herself in evil thoughts. Thus, it's hard to tell her ranking in the future."

    He habitually made a comment.

    The old servant did not say anything about it. He continued reporting, "Also... also, the ranking of Su Meng - the young man you saw last time - has moved up to top twenty!"

    The old servant was quite surprised about it.

    Wu Jizhen frowned and put down his paintbrush. "He is among the top twenty? Does he really have a combat capability of a Great Guru?"

    It had only been a few months. What a shocking improvement!

    Not to mention that the practice of martial arts would be more difficult as one progressed.

    Holding the Ground List on his hand, the old servant read the information exactly as it was,

    "Name: Su Meng."

    "Age: Under twenty-five years old."

    "Nickname: The Frenzied Blade, the King of Blade."

    "Arts: Unknown, but similar to King-Kong Body Defending Divine Skill. Having excellent bladesmanship, often examines himself to be in accord with Dao and fights for justice. Owning the blade of mystery, Karma Transfer."

    Battle records: Repelling and inflicting serious injuries to the Blue Stage Assassins of the Tower of Malevolence; killing the Elderly Ku with one strike using the Karma Transfer; killing Hasula who was armed with a Heavenly Weapon and two gurus."

    "Rank: Number eighteen."

    "Evaluation: A Great Guru."

    Wu Jizhen mumbled the three-words-evaluation, "A Great Guru?"

    Su Meng was evaluated as a Great Guru although he was not a Great Guru yet!

    Had he reached this level?


    A man wrapped in a black robe stepped into a pavilion that was surrounded by fog. The lingering willpower and hatred of the Deads at this place had transformed into ghosts that were creeping around. A powerful aura could still be sensed even after they were dead.

    The man shuddered and dared not move forward. He knew that the ghosts were all killed by the master of the tower.

    "Master, you are entrusted with a task," said the man respectfully.

    A voice that neither belonged to a male nor female asked, "What kind of entrustment would need me to be in action?"

    The man said concisely,

    "To assassinate the Frenzied Blade, Su Meng!"


    About three months later, Meng Qi had ended the Isolated Practice. Feeling at peace, he was drinking in a courtyard and admiring the moon.

    Suddenly, he felt slightly dizzy and lost his sense of the outside world. Then, he heard the voice of the Master of the Six Dao of Samsara saying,

    "Main mission: Go to the world of the Lanruo Temple, find out the real body of the Witch of the Black Mountain, investigate his background and kill him within three months. A successful mission will result in a reward of four thousand good deeds. A failure to complete the mission will result in a deduction of the same amount of good deeds. In the case of insufficient good deeds, your existence will be erased."


    As the cold wind blew, a lot of plain white paper money was flying freely. Several men and women suddenly appeared at this place.

    The leader was a woman who dressed in a tight-fitting clothes. She looked around and said,

    "I'm sure you all already know the mission, but I would like to emphasize one point: do not simply accept any side mission."

    "After the Deadly Mission, we are no longer isolated from the other Samsara teams. Hence, when we're doing our mission, it is very likely for us to bump into other experienced Samsara Travellers who have survived two or three Deadly Missions. Last time, someone died because of this, and he almost dragged everyone into trouble."

    "So, never act rashly!"
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