942 Rumination

    Eight ice mirrors were carved in the walls reflecting some of the most important areas in the palace, surrounded by the crystal clear ice and snow.

    Chen Zhao, Liu Zejun, and the senior saw an ancient lamp appear inside Meng Qi's eyes in white and black light. They soon felt the room becoming so quiet and the man they were facing appeared to be so respectable and authoritative, as if he was the origin of everything.

    What is this practice... they had never heard nor seen such magic and felt that it was related with karma, and was a top of the top practice.

    Chen Zhao felt no more disappointment towards himself as he realized that there would always be a huge gap between him and Meng Qi. His negative feelings decreased as he stopped to compare.

    He could only look up to Meng Qi.

    The black and white light disappeared slowly and the Dao Yi Glaze Lamp hid again in Meng Qi's eyes, which was deep and inclusive.

    Meng Qi looked around and asked casually, "The Arctic Sect and family had found this palace for about a year?"

    The senior shivered and answered honestly, "Yes. Several generations have been exploring the Arctic core and found this palace by accident. Many had come here and could not enter inside. We made some progress at this place but none of us could achieve Dharmakaya."

    He was afraid that the stranger might be jealous of their experience at the Palace of Frost. But he dared not to lie. He tried his best to explain in great details so that the man would understand what they gained was minor since they could not even achieve Dharmakaya.

    Meng Qi turned around and looked at them. He asked, "Have you ever gained any ancient books here? And do you know the master of this palace?"

    He did not want to waste his time waiting for Mister Luda and the others to come. Therefore he wanted to grasp this chance to know about the palace before they enter inside the core.

    Mister Luda told him the secret place here linked to Jasper Lake but only mentioned it as a Fairy Palace as if it was nothing to a mighty people like Meng Qi.

    Chen Zhao answered without hesitation, "We found many ancient books but few mentioned this place, master. A name of the Immortal of Frost was mentioned but nothing more. He might be at least a Divine Fairy, or legend."

    "The Immortal of Frost?" Meng Qi murmured to himself, one of the nine fairies that sealed the monster deep inside snow mountain?

    This is his palace?

    The entrance to Jasper Lake was inside the palace. Then he should know about Jasper Lake. What is his relationship to the Golden Emperor Queen Mother of the West?

    And the Wizard King of this World that just entered inside used to attend holy maiden of Death Mother. The Death Mother was the Mother of the West that cut the connection to the past and had always been the master of Jasper Lake. If they were all in Jasper Lake, the Wizard King of this World might be able to win even very easily.

    Then he will be the most dangerous enemy.

    Maybe it is the Wizard King of this World who set this trap for Su...

    "Su, do you know about Immortal of Frost?" Liu Zejun asked curiously with respect.

    Meng Qi answered briefly, "I've heard of this name, but not sure if they are the same person. He built his tomb in the snowy mountain of western region together with eight other Fairies. And they used their Slough and tomb Formation sealing a scary monster."

    Chen Zhao looked at each other as they did not know anything about it.

    But the world outside of the Arctic is so amazing. So many Dharmakayas live in the south and Fairy tomb and monsters in the western region.

    What a waste of time to not go traveling around the world!

    They suddenly saw the lights change and layers of the Restricted Spell were broken. A few figures appeared in front of them. One wore an Emperor gown in an imposing manner, carrying the golden Holy Virtue sword. One had white hair and a ruddy complexion, wearing Taoist clothes like a Fairy elder in a legend. One had a conserved manner and the other had a few wrinkles on an average face.

    "Another four Dharmakayas..." Chen Zhao and the others looked at this new group with blank eyes. They saw too many Dharmakayas in one day.

    On what level do the martial arts has developed outside of the Arctic?

    If they continued to shut down themselves from outside world, would they then fail to catch up?

    The senior squinted his eyes and looked at the golden Holy Virtue sword. He blurted out,

    "The Emperor's Sword!"

    The legend of the Emperor was also heard in the Arctic and it was mentioned in the ancient books as well.

    Gao Lan cast a cold glance at the senior and said, "You know it."

    Is it really the Emperor's Sword? The Emperor's Sword finally come out again after so many years! Chen Zhao and others felt even more stunned. They never expected to have so many surprises in one day.

    Suddenly electric lightning came out and the wild aura filled the air. The Tyrant's Invincible Blade could not bear to be ignored.

    I am a Peerless Heavenly Weapon in the same rank of the Emperor's Sword. How could someone only recognize the sword but not me?

    The wild aura made Chen Zhao tremble and could not speak a word.

    This heavy long blade didn't seem any worse than the Emperor's blade?

    Their minds almost died under such pressure and could not think about anything else. Yun He smiled and said, "Here we not only have the Emperor's Sword, but also the Tyrant's Invincible Blade."

    The Tyrant's Invincible Blade? The blade that the Tyrant used before to win the whole world? Chen Zhao felt being in a dream and came back to himself after a few minutes. They all looked at the blade shining purple lights with respect and curiosity.

    The blade came out, too?

    Is it Heaven and Earth of the Arctic returned to the Mythological Era? So many Dharmakayas come together with a Peerless Heavenly Weapon!

    Being noticed, the Invincible Blade calmed down and the lights disappeared.

    The corner of Meng Qi's mouth twitched. After experiencing so many things, Meng Qi had become much more mature than before. But it seemed as if his blade was still as childish as always.

    He was no proud man but others wouldn't think this way as the weapon's style follows its master.

    What is done is done. His reputation is ruined...

    He coughed and then said to Chen Zhao, "Do you know any other ways to the center? Better ahead of the main road."

    As Han Guang let Chen Zhao go on purpose and the Wizard King of this World was related with Jasper Lake, Meng Qi thought it's better to change the way and avoid the risks.

    Chen Zhao pondered and answered, "Why not try the road of tthe Ice Spirit Heart Reflection? Go through several Restrictive Spell and then you will see a wall of black ice full of cracks. Though we did not manage to break it, but looking through the cracks, I'm quite sure it reached the core of the palace."

    "Please guide the way," Meng Qi made a gesture.

    Meanwhile he has been talking to Mister Luda, Gao Lan, and the others using Principles of Karma: two go inside first and three left outside for backup.

    Chen Zhao dared not to say no. He asked his wife Liu Zejun to leave the palace right now just in case and then led the group walking out of the room of mirrors.

    Meng Qi looked at Yun He and others. He said, "Yun He, He Qi, and the Mad Emperor, we will go inside now."

    He hesitated whether to call him brother or Mad Emperor but finally chose the latter one. Since it seemed as if Gao Lan did not want to tell others about them becoming brothers when he was in normal status.

    Yun He and He Qi nodded heavy-hearted. They wanted to ask questions but there was no time. They had to be ready for the fight.

    Gao Lan looked at Meng Qi coldly and said:

    "You are a grown up now. You don't even care to call me brother..."

    ... Meng Qi was stunned and the corner of his mouth twitched again.

    When Gao Lan was mad, Meng Qi could predict his behavior. But after he recovered, Meng Qi could no longer make any predictions and he had no idea when he was mad when he was normal.

    Gao Lan has no weak points now...

    Mister Luda and others felt confused hearing their conversation. Meng Qi turned around and walked toward the road of the Ice Spirit Heart Reflection following Chen Zhao.

    Ice cubes paved on the road one by one sending out chilly air. The road was crystal clear and could reflect everyone.

    "The road would reflect the shadows in their hearts and can help to drive them away," Chen Zhao explained and then stepped on the road.

    Meng Qi and Mister Luda entered side by side.

    Chen Zhao did not try to look at the shadow in two Dharmakaya's heart.

    Suddenly he heard a voice of a strong heartbeat. And the road started to shine intermittently and shake intensively.

    What is happening now? Chen Zhao thought with a scared look.

    The heartbeat sound became even more obvious and the lights of the road disappeared and could no longer reflect the figure of its passengers, as if it was built by black ice.

    He looked back in surprise and happened to see Meng Qi's eyes full of reluctance.

    "I want to see the reflection of my heart but it seemed that this road could not afford it..." Meng Qi drew a breath and explained.

    Hehe... Chen Zhao nodded slowly and continued to lead the way.

    The Restrictive Spell along the road was nothing to Meng Qi and Mister Luda. Three arrived at the end of the road shortly. A wall built by black ice appeared full of cracks. It seemed to be extremely hard with different token and seals flowing inside as if nobody could break through it.

    Looking at the cracks, Chen Zhao felt a sudden jolt and said, "I found a bronze coffin exactly the same as the one I saw in Devil Ruin."

    Meng Qi frowned.

    He perceived that Chen Zhao did not lie. But the one in bronze coffin at Devil Ruin was the Demonic Monarch. How come there was another one in the Palace of Frost? What was his relationship to the Immortal of Frost? Was it related to Jasper Lake?

    But in that timeline, the Demonic Monarch was activated between a Devil battle and the death of the Emperor, and the same era with nine Fairies sealing the monster. He lived in the same period with the Immortal of Frost.

    If this place was related with the Demonic Monarch, the Immortal Luya might have other intentions.

    Thinking back about the battle between Luya and the Demonic Monarch for The Seal of Samsara, the whole thing seemed to become more mysterious...

    Meng Qi told his thoughts to Mister Luda and pushed the crown on his head.

    Suddenly an auspicious cloud dashed out of his Niwan Gong. A classic scary long flag was wrapped in the clouds and pointed toward the wall of black ice like an ax.

    Chen Zhao felt sudden pressure as soon as the flag appeared. He was pushed backward for ten steps and could not perceive anything around him.

    The shadow of the flag fell over and matched with Meng Qi's blade. Then he waved his blade.

    A narrow streak of blade light flashed across, heaven and earth splitting apart.
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