1137 A World Of Despair And Oppression

    The followers moved in synchrony as they danced along the mysterious rays. Slowly, the followers fell back into a trance. Coupled with the fact that they were affected by the Little Universe of Virgo, they had completely forgotten their initial intention to self-harm. Looking at the scene, the corner of Gu Liang's mouth twitched. He could finally let out a breath of relief, not needing to worry about having blood shed right in front of his eyes.

    The offering ceremony came to an end and the followers bid their farewells. Gu Liang withdrew his attention and proceeded to read through the information in his hands. He was uncertain about the time he required to find out the hidden location of the Secret Buddha Sect's core legacy and get a hold of their Hierarchy. Hence, Lin Tong purposely prepared a set of documents for him which contained the latest information about the Secret Buddha Sect activities and the confidential books about the Seven Great Demon Gods as well as many other Demon Kings. That was considered compulsory reading material for the new members of the special forces.

    Compared to the World Fantasy Records, these books were far more detailed. For the former, only the logo of the congregation who worshipped the seven Demon Gods was mentioned to warn the public. The latter, on the other hand, stated the unique signs when the power of the Seven Great Demon Gods manifested. One was advised to keep a distance and make immediate reports once he or she encountered the mentioned signs. They were encouraged to disregard the safety of the nearby human beings as there was certainly or chance for them to survive.

    "The Core of Chaos: those who had personally witnessed the unique signs during the manifestation of his power had either lost their lives or gone insane. No one had ever been spared, including a number of Zhen Gods as well as worshippers. Therefore, his real identity had never been revealed..." the first description sent a chill down Gu Liang's spine, creating an indescribable feeling of a world of despair and oppression.

    "Door of All Doors, the Evil Wise Man, the Warden of Maze of Time and Space: according to the limited information, it was formed by an innumerable amount of light balls that represented the doors and had an uncertain shape. Those who had come in contact with it would eventually fall... Mother God of Darkness: the lucky ancient gods who survived after their encounter with the Mother God of Darkness described her as a gigantic and black lump of flesh that was squashed together by genetalias. It was constantly wiggling and transforming and did not have a definite shape... Great Demon of Fear: those who witnessed him had all gone into madness. As decreed by the Zhen God, he commonly disguises himself as an alluring young lady or a handsome young man. However, once he removes his human skin, he would turn into a swollen monster with many tentacles. He feasts on extreme emotions, hearts, and brains..."

    "Universal Being: all of them who came into contact with him had lost their lives! His worshippers were happy to described him as an amorphous mist... Faceless Pharoah: he wore an elegant robe and was filled with arrogance. His face was completely rotten and his features were indistinguishable. Covering his white bones were strips of putrefying flesh. He preferred to roam the earth as an incarnation. Usually, his incarnation was a thin and tall man with a tanned complexion. The man was commonly seen wearing a gleeful smile. His interest was to lure the human to darkness and execute frauds as pastime. Yet, he hardly killed... Fallen God: he used to be the greatest God. He had fallen due to the loss of 300 years of history at the Far East Region. Consequently, he was turned mad by his thirst for blood and appeared as a naked man who was crucified upside down on a bloody cross."

    This was when Gu Liang finally experienced the world of supernatural out of the normal human world. He absorbed the facts as though he was craving for knowledge. Yet, the more he read, the more perturbed he felt.

    If the once greatest god had fallen and become the Demon God, how could the Zhen Gods fight against the Demons?

    More importantly, the Fallen God was the least powerful among the Seven Great Demon Gods. Above him were six other Demon Gods who were inconceivably horrifying!

    The existence of humans could be described as a stranded boat amid the thunderstorm. It was only a matter of time for the boat to overturn. Luck was the only thing that kept them alive until today... this piece of information upset Gu Liang immensely. However, he quickly recollected himself. At least there is the great God of Storms and Natural Disasters who lives above everything else!

    He was all-powerful and could definitely take on the Seven Great Demon Gods!

    After he regained his composure, Gu Liang resumed to bury his head in the books. As the days went by, he finally received a telegram that was written in secret codes.

    With the help of the password book, Gu Liang decoded the telegram. The beginning of the telegram was an enquiry, asking if the dead senior of the Anti-Buddhist Sect was targeted by the New Scotland Yard Shepherd Dog. If the answer was no, he was required to bring two holy items, namely the buddhist relics of the Anti-Buddha and the Buddha, to Villa No. 9 that was located on Hebei Road in Jingning District three days later at dawn.

    "Hebei Road in Jingning District... isn't this the residence of the noblemen?" Gu Liang's face turned stricken, feeling uneasy.

    Hebei Road in Jingning District was the assembly point for all city's upperclassmen, including the governor of the Far East Region, the executive officers, the chairman of the Chivalric Order, and the Fleet Commander of the Navy. For instance, the chief inspector, vice inspector, and assistant inspector of the Far East Police Department were all awarded with different titles. As a result, the place was also called as the Knighthood Road.

    The Anti-Buddhist Sect had wormed their way into the affluent society!

    This is troublesome... as Gu Liang was waiting to deliver the telegram to the New Scotland Yard, he was overwhelmed with a sense of foreboding. He had no idea if he was watched by other followers or seniors of the Anti-Buddhist Sect. He would appear suspicious if he left hurriedly the moment he received the telegram.

    Controlling the corpse, he used the secret radio in the house to compose a reply with the telegram, stating that all was well. He agreed to attend the meeting punctually. Then, he waited for the sun to set for Lin Tong to pass by the area in the guise of a daily patrol. He spun the little universe with his eyes closed and his inner eyes wide open. He interacted with Lin Tong via his perception and communicated with her in secret as they were separated by apartments and streets.

    This was the extraordinary power after the Seed of Wisdom sprouted!

    This was the might of the Little Universe of Virgo!

    Lin Tong was startled because she was able to communicate with Gu Liang despite not being able to see him. He was almost like a god for her!

    However, the latter part of the information erased her astonishment. She switched to a stern tone, "I will immediately notify my Sir Zhang to recruit trustworthy members from the Special Operations Division."

    She paused, then continued, "Villa No. 9 belongs to the vice chairman of the Eastern Chivalric Orders. You ought to be extra watchful."

    Fortunately, it's not the inspectors or the four great villains. Otherwise, things will really go out of hand... Gu Liang heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, he was still able to manage the scoundrel.

    He tried his best to remain calm as he cultivated the little universe and awaited Lin Tong's new instructions.


    At eleven o'clock at night three days later.

    The door to the apartment creaked open. A senior of the Anti-Buddhist Sect who was in a strange black and red robe exited the room. Alongside him was a person in similar outside. That was none other than Gu Liang.

    Zhang Shouque's order was for him to sneak into Villa No. 9. He was requested to immediately ring the signaling alarm the moment he noticed the traces of the Anti-Buddhist Sect. Once the Special Operations Division, that were waiting to ambush, received the indicator, they were supposed to act promptly and attack unsparingly. Nonetheless, Villa No. 9 belonged to a nobleman. Without any concrete evidence, the police would not have the audacity to search the house.

    A carriage was parked in front of the apartment. The carriage of four wheels was pulled by two horses. With its westernized design, it looked exquisite and delicate. Gu Liang and the corpse of the senior of Anti-Buddhist Sect opened the door and entered the carriage without speaking a word.

    The coachman was wholly wordless, resembling a corpse. Without saying anything, he steered the carriage.

    As they passed by the quiet alleys with no souls in sight at night, the carriage arrived at a villa with extensive lands. The villa was fortified with high grill gates and walls. Within the compound, there was a fountain in the middle and gardens flanking both sides.

    Looking at the knights who were all on their guard, he could sense the active gore and bloodthirstiness, the exact opposite of the Buddha's peacefulness. Gu Liang took a deep breath. He was certain that this location was strongly related to the Anti-Buddhist Sect.

    However, he did not ring the signaling alarm immediately. He had no idea what was going on exactly within the villa. What if it's an ongoing dance ball?

    The carriage entered the villa from the main gate. It went around the fountain and stopped before the entrance of the main house. Under Gu Liang's manipulation, the senior of the Anti-Buddhist Sect alighted the carriage. On the other hand, Gu Liang pretended to look scared and followed closely behind.

    His face and his aura were the pass to enter. The senior went through layers of verification and finally entered the main room. Above the khaki-colored rug in the living room placed an altar that was made from human bones and skins. There was a black reverse swastika with a red background, that seemed to carry the illusion into reality, floating in the middle of the altar, surrounded by blood and gore.

    The altar was surrounded by many dead bodies, causing the putrefying smell of rotting flesh and blood to waft in the air of the living room. The place looked like a mass grave that buried tens of thousands of bodies.

    Other than the corpses, there were oracles in red and black robes. Their leader was wearing armor of creamy color that was stained with striking red from the fresh blood.

    "Place the holy item on the altar," the leader said with a deep voice.

    Gu Liang recognized him. He had seen this man in the newspaper before. That man was the vice chairman of the Eastern Chivalric Orders, a nobleman whose family had resided in the Far East for the past three generations.

    He intends to revive the Anti-Buddha?

    As the deceased senior took a step forward, all eyes were on him. Seizing the opportunity, Gu Liang made an abrupt decision to ring the signaling alarm.

    A loud bang resonated!

    A flare was shot out of the windows and erupted into a series of fireworks in the middle of the sky. Instantly, the Grand Sun rose and lit up the entire place. Amidst the rain of lights, the members of the Special Operations Division promptly charged in to attack.

    The vice chairman of the Eastern Chivalric Orders glared at Gu Liang. Thence, he raised both his arms, intending to break him into pieces. However, Gu Liang began to make a wish at this moment, praying for the protection from the Golden Sage Robe.

    Right then, he noticed that tranquil and brilliant rays were gleaming out of the Eye of Desire on his finger and proceeded to form into a ball of condensed light with an indistinguishable shape!

    What is this? Gu Liang's heart skipped a beat as he slowly recognized the ball of light.

    The innumerable balls of light fiercely charged forward. It resembled a wide opened mouth that was trying to swallow the red and black reverse swastika in a gulp. Immediately, All of a sudden, the living room was shone by rippled lights, appearing like a place in the dream. Two members of the Special Operations Division broke into the room. They collided but went right through each other's body.

    Although they were able to see each other, it was as though they were separated in different time and space!

    This was the Door of All Doors, this was the Evil Wise Man, this was the Warden of Maze of Time and Space, this was one of the Seven Great Demon Gods! He was in disguise of the God of Storms and Natural Disasters! Gu Liang was dumbfounded as he stared at the scene before him in despair.

    No supreme being or the greatest force could save humanity. There was only the Demon God and the Door of All Doors!

    The scene before him resembled a dream.

    A dream filled with utmost despair and oppression.


    In the evidence room at the New Scotland Yard, the burned and charred body sat up unexpectedly and sloughed off his dead skin.

    He did not die and had successfully lied to everyone!

    The watch salesman found a silver piece of thin metal. As he studied his surroundings, he felt as if an amorphous was monitoring him. As all eyes were focused on him, they failed to stop what was happening at Villa No. 9.

    He flashed a faint grin at the thin piece of metal,

    "This is the fifteenth time you've tried to kill me."

    "Fine, let's work together."

    He was a thin and tall man with a tanned complexion who wore a gleeful smile.
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