1144 Emptiness

    With a shake of the sleeve, the bloody water gushed toward the body of Maha Kasyapa like an inverted galaxy, forcing him to emit infinite bright light as he displayed a mudra sign with his hands in order to counter.

    Making use of this opportunity, Meng Qi took the lead and conveyed across the cliff from midair. Although his speed seemed very fast, he could always avoid the giant void cracks nicely.

    Raka, Glow, and the other demonic deities glanced at one another but didn't say anything much despite seeing one another's shock and solemness. Following Meng Qi closely, they crossed the cliff and disappeared at the dark end of the mountain road where the Samadhi Wind was whizzing, before the body of Maha Kasyapa hit back the river with his palm in the air.

    With the fast conveyance light and the corpses and bodies along the way being absorbed by the river, the group felt relaxed after a short while, without feeling the chill from being entangled with the body of Maha Kasyapa and the bloody river. They had already shook them far off.

    Slowing down a little, the demonic deities started to guard against the darkening surroundings. The nearer they were to the peak of Spirited Mountain, the higher the possibility of them bumping into bodies of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Arhats. It was Maha Kasyapa and the suspected evil god of Nether earlier on. Later on it might be Manjushri, Samantabhadra, Akshobhya, Sikhin, Punya, and so on.

    More importantly, although these bodies were dangerous initially, he and the demonic deities were able to deal with them joining forces and had nothing to fear. Now that Spirited Mountain had undergone unforeseen changes, the bodies had gotten some wisdom on their own, making them more dangerous and equivalent to celestial beings with Legendary or Creation characteristics, or even beyond. He and the demonic deities might not win if they were to take them on one on one, and there were not only just five or ten such bodies at the peak of Spirited Mountain or on the way to it.

    Things wouldn't go too smoothly after all. It was ultimately a move to release the remaining Great Sages that would change the situation of the various worlds, which would definitely be stopped by some beings!

    As thoughts ran through their minds, Raka looked at Meng Qi who was in front of him with his green robe flowing and looking much like an ancient celestial being before slightly nodding his head, "Thank you for saving me just now."

    "Since we are in this together, how could I just sit back and watch?" Meng Qi responded with a smile.

    "How should I address you, Lord?" it was only until he saw the World in the Sleeve that the Great Roc Demonic Deity remembered he didn't know the other party's name.

    Taoist practitioners of celestial level were usually addressed as Lord, those of Legendary realm as Celestial Lord and outstanding ones of Creation and Nirvana were generally addressed as Heavenly Lord. But these were just conventional titles which may not totally correspond. Some powerhouses might use their initial names all the way without making any changes, so those who were addressed as Heavenly Lord or Celestial Lord were definitely powerful but those known as Lord might not just be a celestial being.

    The Demonic Sage successor Qingqiu chipped in, "Lord Su Meng, Sect Master of Kunlun Mountain Jade Mirage Palace.

    "Kunlun Mountain Jade Mirage Palace?" the Phoenix Demonic Deity Glow and the others looked at Meng Qi with flickering eyes, looking very shocked.

    One's name and reputation are really important. During ancient times, Kunlun Mountain Jade Mirage Palace was a Taoist sacred place that was well-known in the world. Although ages had gone by, the three powerful demonic deities had still heard about it due to the continuous inheritance brought about by the heavens created by the Sea Calming Pearl. They knew that it was the place of one of the Three Pristines, the Heavenly Lord Yuanshi. And who was the Heavenly Lord Yuanshi? He was the oldest and strongest character of Nirvana Realm!

    This Lord Su Meng was not so simple after all, able to undertake Kunlun Mountain Jade Mirage Palace and become its sect master!

    If unrelated people hastily used Kunlun Mountain Jade Mirage Palace's name, they would definitely suffer great karma and die an unnatural death especially if their powers were of a certain level.

    Just the World in the Sleeve that he displayed was worth paying attention to, no wonder Qingqiu asked him to help... Glow quietly nodded and started to view Meng Qi as an opponent at the same level as herself, just like No Thoughts and Raka. It was difficult for them to win or pin down one another.

    Raka who was always arrogant and spoke little moved his brows, as though he came to a sudden realization.

    So it's the inheritance of Kunlun Mountain Jade Mirage Palace!

    No matter where he learned the World in the Sleeve from, it couldn't equate to his abilities as he definitely still had many powerful skills that had yet to be displayed!

    Taili who knew the Five-Colored Holy Light and Su Meng who knew the World in the Sleeve were both teammates who couldn't be taken lightly. He might just get tricked by them if he wasn't careful.

    The Great Roc Demonic Deity laughed, "I had thought that with the west world and the three Heavens, the demonic race would definitely be much stronger than the human race. I didn't think that there would be people like Master Su who is not the least bit inferior to us."

    Su Meng was indeed powerful and worth paying attention to, but he himself wasn't inferior either, being just below the Legendary realm. Who would win?

    Both of them were at the same level.

    "With the Final Trial coming, ancient inheritances appeared in the world one by one, so the human race can't be too inferior," Meng Qi smiled, looking modest.

    Conveying forward and looking at their surroundings, the Phoenix Demonic Deity Glow suddenly said in a low voice, "Spirited Mountain has undergone unforeseen changes, what should we do now?"

    She cast her gaze at Meng Qi, starting to value his view.

    "If the bodies inside the Thousand Buddha Formation at the peak all underwent changes like Maha Kasyapa, there's no way we can get in. We should split into two teams, one luring the bodies out of the peak and the other using the chance to get there and take the Golden Cudgel," Meng Qi said confidently.

    Taili nodded, "Good idea, who will do the luring and who will do the taking?"

    Qingqiu glanced at Meng Qi and said, "Master Su, Taili Demonic Deity, and Glow Demonic Deity, the three of you have the World in the Sleeve, Five-Colored Holy Light and Five Virtue Treasure respectively, and are most suitable to do the luring without being surrounded. Raka Demonic Deity, No Thoughts Demonic Deity, and myself shall take the Golden Cudgel and break the seal."

    Glow pondered for a while before nodding, "Alright!"

    Su Meng's power couldn't be underestimated and as a human, he had to be guarded against ruining them saving the Great Sages, so it was most appropriate to let him lure away the bodies. As she and Taili had their own strengths and weren't too fearful of the World in the Sleeve, being in the same team as him could reduce his betrayal to null.

    Qingqiu was still considered sharp-witted, knowing how to guard against a human and teaming them up this way.

    Seeing Glow agree, Taili consented indifferently. Raka and No Thoughts understood the hidden thoughts behind this and did not raise any disagreement.

    After saving the remaining Great Sages, they wouldn't have to fear any mishap!

    Seeing this, Meng Qi smiled and said, "This works, too."

    After settling this, Qingqiu, No Thoughts, etc., felt relieved and quickened their steps forward.

    After they were far away from this area, the darkness was suddenly filled with a bloody air. A huge terrifying corpse slowly walked out from the darkness as a vibrant color of white flowed in the dark. Exploring the void and connecting to everywhere, silhouettes of the different gods of death of various realms floated around him ⁠- it was the Nether Skeleton that still had the remainings of Meng Qi's stamp!

    He looked at the direction of Qingqiu, Glow, etc., leaving and let out a low roar. The sound went close to Meng Qi sounding like a sneer while his eyes flickered with a bloody faint light.


    Stepping into the final peak of Spirited Mountain, Meng Qi seemed to suddenly lose all his senses. His mind was chaos, adapting to it only after a while and figured out the surrounding scene.

    The darkness here was comparable to the peak of Spirited Mountain. The water of the Cloud Canyon slowly flowed upward, the void gap was extremely huge, and people going in and out of it could have their bodies torn.

    After moving along the flow of the river for a while, the soil at the shore in front of Meng Qi suddenly moved and strange-looking corpses crawled out from it one by one. They looked like they had been affected by the falling of the thousand Buddhas and had turned into evil ghosts.

    They had three heads and six arms, some of them had a blurry face and a cold disposition, and were stronger than a body of a Bodhisattva. They surged over together and wanted to pull Meng Qi into the water, covering the scene a distance away.

    The white-robed monk Meng Qi let out a sigh and turned into a compassionate golden-bodied Buddha. After he stretched out his right hand horizontally like giving blessings, glazed golden lights erupted, looking like willow branches scattering dew as they fell.

    Once the sordid devil touched this golden light, it disappeared immediately as though it had been freed. In an instantaneous moment, the sky in front was clear.

    Buddha delivers all living creatures from torment!

    Once his vision cleared up, Meng Qi continued to advance, with lotuses appearing with every step he took. After a while, the scene at the darkness was in his eyes.

    The Cloud Canyon ended here, turning into the mouth of a spring with a huge pale golden cicada floating in it!

    Golden cicada? The mortal body of Tripitaka gradually changed in a reversed direction and eventually returned to its very beginning and became a golden cicada? In deep thought, Meng Qi looked over, only to see the back of the huge cicada crack open and inside was totally empty!

    The Golden Cicada left its shell?

    Meng Qi was shocked.


    Once the corpses along the way were gone, Meng Qi and company quickly approached the peak of Spirited Mountain.

    Looking down one as far as they could, they saw the place empty and the Golden Cudgel that penetrated heaven and earth seemed to have appeared in front of them. Flowers bloomed and withered, thunder came and went. The Five-Finger Mountain stood at the side with colorful Bodhi trees on it. The feeling of peace, freedom, happiness, and wisdom slowly filled the air.

    Everything was like what Meng Qi had seen previously. Nothing had changed.

    However, the surrounding golden-bodied Buddhas were missing. The bodies that formed the Thousand Buddha Formation were missing!

    They had gone missing!
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