Chapter 186 - Transforming into a dragon!

    Chapter 186: Transforming into a dragon!

    The heart of the Phoenix was divided into seven main levels: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple, with purple being the peak state, and also the ultimate state.

    In order to rise in level, it needed to absorb abundant light and sufficient energy. With every change in colour, the user can exhibit greater strength and ability.

    Lu Qiji's heart of the Phoenix was currently white, almost transparent, meaning that the energy it had absorbed was far from enough, or perhaps it had not yet encountered a huge opportunity, a tribulation. Only through this way would she rapidly improve her strength. Otherwise, keeping to conventional ways, at her age, to achieve such a result was already enough to be called a 'genius'.

    Besides, during her time in Tiandu, she had to hide her identity and not let her family or the entire Tiandu regard her as a 'freak'.

    At that time, she had to carefully absorb light energy. By setting up a heavy barrier around her own little courtyard, the scope of absorption was only limited to that little courtyard.

    Later, when she came to Starry Sky Academy, she still dared not to devour light openly. Because she knew that, in Starry Sky Academy, strong people were as abundant as the clouds. Some old freaks' perception and awareness on elements, light or the surrounding environment were far beyond those of ordinary people. With even the slightest sign of any disturbance, they would instantly realise.

    Therefore, most of the time she would get up early to find a hidden spot at the edge of the cliff, facing the direction of the rising sun, and conduct her swallowing and absorption of light.

    This was also the reason why when Li Muyang once got up early to view the first glimmer of dawn at the cliff, it was discovered by her. She thought that Li Muyang was deliberately peeping on her and started to attack him--

    The sky no longer had any light; the whole world was shrouded in darkness.

    So dark that not even your own hand could be seen, and not even the bright purple eyes of Lu Qiji.

    Only Lu Qiji's calm but slightly sad voice echoed over: "Li Muyang, let's end this--for real this time."

    For some reason, her words showed the slightest of weariness and fatigue.

    As though they've been through the same thing for thousands of years: struggle, fight and effort, and matters could finally come to an end.

    Lu Qiji's eyes shot open, a purple flame blazing inside.

    The flames lit up the world, lit up the entire night sky.

    Having absorbed all the lights of Dragon Slaying Canyon, the pure white crystal gained a thin stream of red. Like a bloodshot vein, like a white translucent jade had became flawed.

    Lu Qiji extended both her hands, her ten fingers, gathered into a semicircle.

    The heart of the Phoenix slowly flew onto her palm, as if she was holding a round sun.

    The heart of Phoenix slowly spun around, swallowing all the light in this underground world as far as possible. Including the black aura glowing from the black scales above Li Muyang's head.


    The wind shrieked, the sound of light being absorbed into the heart of the Phoenix. Besides light, there was also accumulated energy contained in the underground world being absorbed.


    It was the extreme distortion of space; the underground palace was unable to support that immense energy and the impending collapse of the embodiment.

    Lu Qiji's two hands flung wide apart.

    She drew out two phoenixes from the heart of the Phoenix. The two fire-red birds, small like chicks, chirped merrily in her palm. Nodding their head and wagging their tail, they looked extremely adorable

    Lu Qiji reached out to clasp the two firebirds, before she flung them in Li Muyang's direction.

    "Double Phoenix exposed to the sun." Lu Qiji roared: "Li Muyang, this move was specifically designed to kill you."


    The two firebirds scuttled at full speed, chirping loudly.

    In the process of flying across the air, it expanded with the wind, extending with qi, growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

    After they circled round Li Muyang's body a few times, they already grew to a pair of magnificent, blazing purple-red heavenly Phoenixes.

    Proud, gorgeous and brutal.

    Instantly incinerating everything in sight.

    The Phoenixes let out a sharp trill, racing towards Li Muyang from both sides.

    Their bodies clung onto Li Muyang's body, their voices fused with that of Li Muyang. The slapping of their tails was accompanied by a crackling shower of sparks. They clung to Li Muyang's body, as if a dazzling dress was cloaked over Li Muyang.


    Li Muyang yelled.

    He struggled, and battled against the two fiery red Phoenixes.

    He threw out his fist again and again, raised his foot and kicked out with all his might repeatedly.

    Each explosive fist shattered the fire phoenix's head.

    But then, the fire Phoenixes, formed from light and genuine qi, instantly restored to its original state and once again rushed forward to tear Li Muyang apart.

    Every kick smashed off the fire phoenixes' leg or parts of their body.

    However, the fire Phoenixes restored to their former state at the speed of light, and then more ferociously charged towards Li Muyang.

    They were cultivated from the light elements contained in the heart of Phoenix. If the heart of the Phoenix was not extinguished, or if Lu Qiji did not die, those two fire Phoenixes would be very difficult to annihilate.

    Lu Qiji kept an ample distance away from the battle, controlling her Phoenix heart to constantly absorb the surrounding light and energy to maintain an adequate supply of energy for the two fire Phoenixes to consume for this battle.

    Using their formless state, to battle against Li Muyang's physical body.

    From the method of combat currently, they already possessed a huge advantage.

    With their claws grasping Li Muyang's body, their teeth pecking his eyes and nose, the two phoenixes used their remaining parts of their body to tackle Li Muyang. The power they accumulated was extremely dangerous. If there were the slightest carelessness, they would detonate--

    Then, they would glue tightly onto Li Muyang, unwilling to let go until he was cremated into ashes.

    Li Muyang was thoroughly enraged.

    The black scales floating in the air descended onto the back of his hands, merging with his body once again.

    His body darkened, turned black, and became as dark as the night sky.

    His arm began to grow scales, pieces of dragon scales, identical to those that were just suspended in the air.

    His palms began to wither, until they changed into a dragon's paw, sharp and tough claws sprouting on each paw--

    His body infinitely enlarged, endlessly extended, the clothes on him torn into pieces, but before those pieces of fabric dropped to the ground, they were set ablaze by the phoenixes and instantly cremated into ashes.

    His body also began to generate large scales and a large, strong torso, like the body of a dragon--

    His head started to change shape, larger and more pointed. A black dragon horn grew above his head, a pair of giant ears formed next to it and his eyes turned blood-red--

    Li Muyang transformed into a dragon, a huge dragon identical to the one in his dream.

    "Hou-- "

    The black dragon looked up at the sky, letting out a loud bellow, releasing a frightening majesty.
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