Chapter 187 - The Curse of Subduing Dragon!

    Chapter 187: The Curse of Subduing Dragon!

    Phoenixes danced, the Dragon roared, fighting fiercely at close quarters.

    The heart of the Phoenix was still devouring the light and energy within Dragon Slaying Canyon like a black hole. Apart from the only glow of light emanating from the two Phoenixes' blazing feathers, the canyon was completely dark. It was impossible to see anything.

    Even the scorching flames released by the two fire phoenixes, were instantly drawn into the heart of the Phoenix.

    The heart of Phoenix was the purest energy substance in the entire world. Nothing could defy it's demand to fuse with it.

    The two firebirds' binding became uncomfortably tighter, more and more stiff.

    This technique called 'Double Phoenix exposed to the morning sun', uses the formation of double phoenix battling dragon to besiege and eliminate the black dragon that Li Muyang had transformed into.

    Lu Qiji, having fought with Li Muyang for tens of thousands of years, was the opponent that most understood Li Muyang's ability in this world. She knew what methods to use to truly settle this conflict and put an end to it.

    Every life, generation after generation, their physical body were formed into energy body, and eventually reincarnated--

    When would such days come to an end?

    Lu Qiji was extremely bored, and really exhausted.

    However, even so, she was still not quite confident of her success--

    Lu Qiji's face grew more serious, lifting the heart of the Phoenix high into the air with both her hands, attempting to use the 'great nirvana' technique to hasten the absorption of surrounding light.

    Just now, the heart of Phoenix was a translucent white jade, with a thin stream of red blood inside the pure white jade.

    However, after its energy was consumed by the two phoenixes for the battle, the wisp of blood diminished, looked more faint, as if it would soon vanish.

    When the wisp of blood is gone, it means that the light energy stored in the heart of Phoenix have been completely drained, and the two fire phoenixes, used to help Lu Qiji fight, would also vanish.

    This was a scene that Lu Qiji did not want to see, and she hoped to end this battle before the light energy were completely used up.


    Li Muyang bellowed aloud.

    Like blood-sucking leeches, the firebirds were tightly glued to his body even when he constantly thrashed around.

    He opened his mouth to tear at the tail of the birds and he brandished his sharp dragon claws to catch the birds. He fiercely shook his tail, striking the two fire phoenixes away repeatedly, and then they shot toward the huge body of Li Muyang again--

    Darkness fell, the tremendous dragon soared high into the air.

    The two firebirds looked like two groups of flames, attempting to kill the gigantic dragon with a kingly air.

    The tremendous dragon grew more and more ferocious as he battled against an invisible form with his physical body, gnawing and sending them flying again and again--

    However, even a dragon would eventually have a moment of weakness, a time of impatience.


    It uttered a loud roar after loud roar, until the tremendous dragon body began to shrink, shrinking to the size of the two Phoenixes.

    Cling onto, fight, fly away, and then come rushing back.

    "Go die."

    Li Muyang suddenly roared; his draconic body instantly resuming its human form.

    His body sailed across the air, his hands clutching the neck of the fire phoenixes.

    This was the core of the body of energy. It is the place that could not immediately recover and grow after sustaining an injury. It was only by grasping that spot that Li Muyang could really control the two firebirds.

    The two birds fell into Li Muyang's grip, raised a miserable scream, desperately struggled, but still could not budge the slightest inch--

    Sparks spluttered in all directions, like blood.

    Li Muyang's red pupils unblinkingly stared at Lu Qiji, as he roared in a cold voice: "Tens of thousands of years ago, you could not kill me with this move. Now, it is even more true that you can't kill me with this trick--you're too weak."

    Before his voice died away, Li Muyang suddenly shot open his mouth, swallowing the two birds, one after another, into his stomach.


    His belly expanded and fell back down, and then fell and bulged up again.

    After several times, it became somewhat calm again. The bird's huge body of energy did not seem to bring about much of an effect or repercussion even after entering his stomach.

    Li Muyang gave a loud belch. The two firebirds tasted pretty good. Adding to this, he felt energetic, a bloated stomach feeling. The stomach also felt warm, very intimate.

    His gaze shifted back Lu Qiji: "You can't kill me. You couldn't kill me before, now you also can't kill me, and you definitely can't kill me in the future--No one can stop me. I will do what I have to do."

    "Really? Is that so?" Lu Qiji lowered her hands, slightly widened her little mouth, until she swallowed the heart of the Phoenix, which was in a white transparent state. "I wasn't able to kill you for tens of thousands of years, but you still haven't done what you wanted to do, isn't that right?"

    "So, you deserve to die--" Li Muyang's eyes grew more red, as he lightly raised his palm into the air.


    On a rock on the Dragon Beheading Platform, the huge, old axe began to tremble.

    Li Muyang swiftly manoeuvred his hand around, until the old axe swirled into a ball of light and darted into Li Muyang's palm.

    Gripping the huge axe, Li Muyang fixed a cold piercing stared at Lu Qiji. "Since you wanted a real end, I'll give you one--"

    Lu Qiji's clear and bright eyes, looked straight into Li Muyang's eyes.

    "In that case, I'll die with you again."

    As Lu Qiji spoke, purple flames reappeared in her eyes, and even her body was ignited with flames. Her entire body was fully surrounded by violet fire, and each strand of hair amplified the purple flames she was surrounded with.

    Rise of the Phoenix!

    The Phoenix threw herself into the heavenly fire, rose from the ashes, and regained life.

    However, given Lu Qiji's current cultivation level, there was no way she could achieve nirvana, no way she could obtain a new life.

    She stirred the essential qi in her body, refining them into heavenly fire.

    Then, she would forcibly attain nirvana, using the method of self-detonation to injure Li Muyang.

    This was a typical suicidal attack - she would wound eight hundred but lose a thousand.

    "You lunatic." Li Muyang hissed, rage bubbling inside him. This woman was really persistent. In order to kill him, she would do anything. Even at the expense of her own life.

    Pouring all his power onto the old axe, he attempted to swing the axe straight in the direction of Lu Qiji.

    One axe splits the sky!

    One axe splits the earth!

    One axe splits the sea!

    As a result, mankind has sky, land, and an inexhaustible source of water for their usage.


    A strong wind whipped between them, the world regaining its former brightness.

    The darkness in the Dragon Slaying Canyon was banished, warm light returned to earth, the luminous pearl overhead began to shine upon the land once again.

    A flurry of dust came off the axe, mottled bloodstain turned into beads of blood, trickling down from the blade of the axe. The blood ran down and rinsed the pattern engraved on the top of the axe, when suddenly those strange patterns turned into a spell, emitting a dazzling golden glow.

    "Mang mou a weng ma ne mou--"

    Each golden character broke out of the axe, like a tangible form. They hung above the canyon.

    At the same time, an old majestic, deafening Buddhism chant resounded across the canyon, as if hundreds of senior monks were chanting simultaneously--

    "Mang mou a weng ma ne mou--"

    Li Muyang could not fully lash down, as though there was an invisible wall blocking his way, or a giant hand was gripping tightly onto his arm and stopping him from administering his blow.

    Li Muyang felt his head splitting, his body almost exploding.

    "The Curse of Subduing Dragon--" Li Muyang yelled. "Those damn guys, they placed the curse of subduing dragon on this old axe--"

    Lu Qiji's eyes become empty and bright, staring at the ferocious expression of Li Muyang while he constantly rolled and twisted in the air, as she explained: "This axe weighs millions of kilograms, as heavy as a mountain, and as deep as the sea. It is hard for an ordinary martial artist to lift it, let alone use it. Those who used this axe to slay dragons must have been at the Starry Sky cultivation level--They deliberately left this axe here, just to lure you back here. If you touched the curse, you will naturally be trapped by it."

    "Shut up." Li Muyang flung away the axe in his hand. Because he couldn't lift it and he couldn't swing the axe down. The closer he was, the more he was affected by the curse of subduing dragon.

    The curse of subduing dragon was one of the three most powerful forbidden spells in the world, and it took three strong people higher than the Dragon Slayer Realm to create this curse.

    If an ordinary person touched this curse, it won't have much effect on their body.

    However, if a member of the dragon clan accidentally triggered the curse, waiting for them would only be the tragic fate of their soul flying away and scattering and the annihilation of their body.

    Li Muyang desperately clapped his hand over his ears, blocking the burning sounds that assaulted his ears.

    But the sounds were pervasive, not only did they try to drill into his ears, but it entered from his nostrils, mouth and eyes, causing his heart to thud madly--

    Li Muyang's eyes bled, his nose bled, his ears bleeding, his seven apertures of the head bled, and even the pores around his body began to bleed. He looked battered and exhausted, entering a tragic and miserable state.

    He tried desperately to break through the bondage and glow of the golden characters, trying to escape through the path he came from.

    But burning sounds also resounded across the narrow stone path.

    Countless golden characters fluttered across from either side of the stone path, advancing and crowding around Li Muyang, like landslide and tsunami, administering a brutal attack on his body and mind.

    In a place where Li Muyang could not see, in the centre of the palace of Stupa City, the strange patterns that Li Muyang saw along his way, the ineffable symbols and the decorative design found everywhere, all became alive.

    Then, the golden characters peeled off from the four-sided walls, came off of the slate underfoot, detached from the bronze wares, the roof tiles, and the mythological animal statues guarding on the East and West eaves, parting from all their existing positions--

    The golden rays cast a glow, blotting out the sky and covering up the earth, and rushed forth in the direction of the Dragon Slaying Canyon concealed by the palace.

    The whole Stupa City was alive.

    Golden light covered the sky. The Curse of Subduing Dragon.
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