Chapter 188 - The sacrifice of thousands of dragons!

    Chapter 188: The sacrifice of thousands of dragons!

    "Mang mou ah weng ma ne mou--"

    The sacred words were majestic, the formation austere.

    Countless gold characters and symbols piled together, forming huge golden walls.

    The walls closed in from all directions, with Li Muyang at the centre. They assembled together with a loud rumble, joining seamlessly to form an airtight square container.

    Li Muyang was trapped in the center of the square container, with no escape route and no chance of surviving..

    After Li Muyang entered the metal container, the speed of the sacred words suddenly quickened, the gold characters rotating faster than before. As if they were living creatures seeing a great victory in sight, an opportunity to kill the enemy, they chanted more enthusiastically, and spun more passionately and powerfully than ever.

    More gold characters and symbols rushed forth from the stone path and drilled into the metal square container before they disappeared. The disappearance of each character or symbol, intensified the golden colour above the container.

    The metal square container glittered with gold, like the blazing sun that hung over the canyon, dazzling the eyes of people.

    "How did that happen?" With her eyes filled with shock, Lu Qiji stood watching the gold characters rushing forth like a flood suddenly released after breaking through the dam, sweeping everything before it as well as wrapping around the gold container that Li Muyang was in. "Dragon Slaying Canyon is a huge trap, and this Stupa City is a seal. When Dragon clan members unknowingly enter Dragon Slaying Canyon, seeing the pool of their companions' blood and the beheaded skulls, they would be furious and evoke their murderous rage, and consequently awaken the Curse of Subduing Dragon set down by those high and mighty sages. Then, the entire Stupa City would turn alive, bring together the power of the city to suppress and destroy the invading member of the dragon clan--"

    Having figured this out, Lu Qiji could not help but feel ill will towards the cunningness and cruelness of those humans.

    "Those bastards, how many dirty things are they going to do before they stop? How dark and evil must their hearts be, to commit all manner of crimes and dark deeds in order to--slay dragons?"

    Lu Qiji's hands clenched into shaking fists, her face exhibiting a baffled and distressed expression.

    "My persistence, in the end, is it right? Or-- is perishing their ultimate fate?"

    Li Muyang was in agony.

    His head was in splitting pain, blood oozing from the seven apertures of his head, and the blood in his body was boiling wildly, like it would gush out of his body and madly spray in all direction any time.

    Dragons are hot-blooded. Now, he felt his blood was already bubbling inside. The circulation of blood once through his body, was equaled to lashing his body's meridians with a whip dipped in salt water.


    Pain penetrating to the inner heart, pain entering into the bone marrow.

    More painful than any other pain in the world.

    Not just physical pain, even his soul constantly writhed around wildly.

    The sacred words were specifically aimed at Dragons; every time it was recited, Li Muyang was in agony, he did not want to live. He felt like he was hovering between life and death.

    They're piercing swords, daggers, the scythe of the god of death, the sharpest weapon in the world--

    The more solemn they sounded, the more severe the damage was to Li Muyang.

    The more rapid and powerful they sounded, the more difficult it was for Li Muyang to escape and evade, and could only again and again--suffer the pain identical to being struck by lightning in the head.

    They pulled Li Muyang's soul out of his body, and then conducted the most tragic punishment and curse to his soul.

    Li Muyang was in utter misery; he could neither live nor die.

    Li Muyang felt no better than death.

    Li Muyang was tortured to madness.

    With his hands clutching his head, he desperately knocked against the glistening wall. His head was full of worms, and the worms were desperately sucking on his brain, biting his brain's veins.

    He needs to smash open his head, he must kill them.

    The walls were formed from golden characters and spell formations, but when Li Muyang struck his head against them, they sounded like the bell in Jiangnan's Lingyin temple.


    Lingyin Temple.

    Li Shinian.

    It was such a leisurely and happy place, where his dearest ones were--

    Thinking of these moments, Li Muyang's mind had a split second of tranquility.

    Very soon, the spells crushed down in an even more ferocious manner.

    Li Muyang's eyes were on the verge of cracking as he kicked and punched out at the same time.

    He no longer looked a presentable human, more like a wild beast--

    Li Muyang turned crazy--

    Becoming a devil--

    Turning into a malicious spirit--

    From time to time, Li Muyang transformed into a dragon and then back to human.

    Whether he was a human or a dragon, he was still in extreme agony and between life and death.

    In the midst of chanting, the square container was still narrowing in and shrinking constantly.

    They gradually closed the space between Li Muyang and them. They wanted to compress Li Muyang into a meat loaf, press him into dregs, squeeze out his blood, and then destroy his body and soul.





    Li Muyang would rather settle himself on a chopping board to be chopped, would rather be fried in a frying pan.

    He could bear physical pain, but the pain of the soul was more unbearable than his flesh being cut and his heart being dug out.

    The resounding sorrowful howl spread across the canyon, the roar of the dragon sounding out.

    Lu Qiji clenched her fist more tightly, beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

    Her eyes flashed a purple flame, which she then forcibly suppressed.

    Soon, it was burning again, more fierce, majestic and intense than before--

    "Li Muyang--" Lu Qiji's voice was low, her eyes red-rimmed. "Li Muyang--Is this your destiny? Then what is my destiny?"

    "My destiny is you." Lu Qiji said loud and clear: "Even if you die, you can only die in my hands."

    A young firebird emerged on Lu Qiji's palm as she thrust her arm forward, releasing the bird.

    The firebird blasted out, its body growing to the size of the huge golden container.

    It headed straight for the container, attempting to break it and save Li Muyang trapped inside.


    The firebird charged directly into the huge container, which did not budge an inch. But the flame on the tail of the bird weakened a lot.

    Blazing with fury, it again charged into the golden container.



    Three times--

    Until its flame faded and it lost all its strength. Gradually it stopped burning and disappeared above the canyon.

    The Curse of Subduing Dragon, designed specifically for Dragons, is unaffected by other attacks.

    The golden square container grew smaller, the space around Li Muyang also shrank at the same time.

    The four corners of the container was oozing red blood.

    First it dripped, then came pouring down like crazy--

    The blood drizzled into the red blood pool at the bottom of the canyon, creating ripples until more blood pelted down, when the pool began to react.

    They were enraged. 。

    They roared.

    They whipped up a huge wave that crashed down onto the gold container.


    In the pool of blood, a red shadow broke the surface and collided into the huge gold container.


    A loud sound boomed from the container, but it remained impregnable. The red shadow collapsed with a resounding rumble, transforming into spheres of blood that rained down into the pool of blood.


    Within the pile of skulls and bones, a huge blue figure broke through and struck the golden container.

    The blue figure split into several pieces, the bones that it depended on also cracked and crushed into a powder.

    Bang bang bang--

    Countless giant images soared to the sky and crashed down onto the gold container without regret.

    Their king was in distress, tens of thousands of dragons did not hesitate to die for him.
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