Chapter 189 - Bathing in dragon blood!

    Chapter 189: Bathing in dragon blood!

    The images pouncing were not real dragons, or it should be said, they were not living dragons.

    Although they have been slaughtered a long time ago, the remnants of their aura still lingered on in their giant bones.

    Sensing the Dragon King's presence, as well as being beckoned by the blood of the Dragon King, they regained a glimmer of spiritual thought and rushed over to the Dragon King, who was in danger.

    With this impact, their bones would be destroyed, and their soul completely scattered.

    With this, in the future, not even the most powerful golden dragon would be able to revive them.

    However, they gave no second thought. They were more than willing to die.

    Images after images of dragons were knocked asunder, and at the same time, the bones they depended on for existence were shattered into smoke and dust.

    Trapping Li Muyang was The Curse of Subduing dragon set down by a Dragon Slayer sage. Although it shows no aggressiveness to other races, but had tremendous destructive power towards the dragon clan.

    These dragon souls already possess little energy, yet they overestimated their own ability and fought against the incantation that was most antagonistic to them and consequently went down a suicidal road.

    "Dragon souls protecting their king, how solemn and touching." Lu Qiji's eyes welled with tears, as she said in a hoarse voice.


    Within the pool of blood, the waves grew larger and higher.

    As though the blood inside the pool was alive, they again and again collided into the giant golden container, attempting to break it and rescue Li Muyang trapped inside.

    Lu Qiji once again spurted out the pure white jade-like heart of Phoenix, which instantly darted across to the square container.

    It hovered above the golden container, frantically devouring and absorbing golden light.

    Any light that was within the range of absorption of the Heart of Phoenix. As long as it swallowed the golden rays of light above the gold container, not only would Li Muyang feel a little better but also has a higher chance of breaking out.

    Otherwise, the stronger the golden light, the more solid the golden container. Soon, it would be impossible for Li Muyang to escape out of the container.

    The heart of Phoenix slowly swirled around, sucking in the golden light.

    Even more gold characters and symbols were constantly popping up and disappearing into the walls of the container. The container walls were full of writing that was closed together and unclear.

    One side was desperately absorbing and consuming the energy and light of the golden container, while the other side constantly strengthening it.

    The two sides contended but also counterbalanced each other. The speed of the spinning reduced, and the shrinking of the gold container also slowed.

    But it didn't make Li Muyang feel better.

    Although his 'living' environment did improve slightly, but if Lu Qiji could persist no longer, he might be pressed by the container into a meat patty.

    Moreover, the sacred words were still ringing in his ears, still torturing his mental state and lashing at his soul.

    He screamed, crazily.

    Then, slammed into the walls over and over again.

    He felt that what his citizens did for him, the destruction of each dragon's soul was tantamount to killing him once.

    Li Muyang was boiling with rage.

    Thoroughly enraged.

    His facial features were drenched with blood, his skin was torn and his flesh gaped open.


    He let out a mournful bellow.

    For those loyal souls, for his unyielding subjects.

    Li Muyang transformed into a dragon, his body grew bigger and bigger--

    The gold container began to shake, tremble. It began to attempt to shrink even more.

    They felt the danger, they felt Li Muyang's unequalled dragon's will.

    They knew that Li Muyang wanted to break the curse, use his own flesh and blood to break open the gold container.

    The chanting grew more and more urgent, the gold characters and symbols also came at a much rapid pace, until they abruptly reshaped into a golden curve--

    The whole palace of Stupa City rocked, an omen that the forbidden curse could no longer suppress the dragon king.

    Dragon blood flowed out more rapidly, pouring into the pool of blood.

    His wound grew larger and larger, he wanted to expand more but there was not enough space for him--

    Before he ruptured the golden container, he would explode his own body first.

    Li Muyang did not care, his blood-red eyes looked like two red holes.

    The scales on his body glistened, the solid scales once again surfaced from his body and hovered above his head, emitting a dark and cold light--

    If he does not break the spell or shatter the container, he would be crushed till every drop of blood is squeezed out and reduced to a puddle of broken bones--

    Life and death!

    Grow bigger!

    Keep growing bigger!


    Suddenly, a great reverberated sound came, golden lights scattered in all directions, casting a glow onto the entire Dragon Slaying Canyon like daylight.

    The square container burst open, splitting into several golden walls, and while the gold walls recoiled, they dispersed into a blocks of characters before disappearing without a trace.

    Lu Qiji stumbled back several steps, until she heavily knocked into a stone wall behind.


    The black dragon circled round in mid-air, widening his tremendous mouth with an enraged roar.

    "Li Muyang--" Lu Qiji's lips curved into a smile, shouting at the gigantic dragon overhead.

    The dragon's eyes gazed down at her, his eyes glowing with a menacing light.


    The dragon's eyelids droop and his body plunged vertically groundwards.


    The huge dragon fell into the pool of blood, and then the boiling dragon blood gathered together, concealing and tightly wrapping around him.

    This was the only thing they could do for their king.


    In the pool of blood, blood kept bubbling--

    Li Muyang's body sank, sank all the way.

    Like sinking into a bottomless abyss, or soaring in the endless night sky.

    He had dreams after dreams, nightmares after nightmares. The news that he received puzzled him but infuriated him even more.

    "The abyss is vast, the Barbarian race is strong, human and dragon should join forces and cooperate, to kill those demons--" A man clad in a gold robe said earnestly. "I would like to gather the forces of the nine nations, with the Dragon Clan as the leader. With the Dragon King's order, the entire divine continent dared not to disobey--"

    "The Dragon Clan is the divine continent's guardian, they conform to the way of heaven, protect living creatures from any harm--" A priest in a fluttering green shirt said with a vehement expression and in his resonant voice. "Us people will worship Dragons as the true God, make offerings to them for generations."

    "Amitabha Buddha, saving a life, is better than constructing a seven-level pagoda. Saving the life of the human race, would definitely break heavenly law, and be admired through all generations--"


    Wildfires burned cities; divine dragons and evil creatures fought.

    "Kill the dragon clan, they're comrades with the demons--"

    "If we do not destroy this clan, humans would be on brink of extinction--The Dragon Clan is too powerful, if they have any malicious intent towards the human race, how will the human race revolt?"

    "Kill--Kill those monsters--"


    Flashes of sabre and shadows of sword, landslide and tsunami.

    Dragons soared to the ninth heaven, the human elites resorted to violence--

    The divine continent was in purgatorial state; one side of the vast expanse of land was in flames while the other side plunged into a vast body of water.
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