Chapter 191 - The new king of the dragon clan!

    Chapter 191: The new king of the dragon clan!

    His voice was sorrowful and overflowing with resentment.

    The despair and deep regret that penetrated deep into the marrow had not diminished or faded away, despite the passing of tens of thousands of years.

    On the contrary, following the gradual change and transformation of the world, it only became increasingly clear and deep.

    For every one more day that he lived, he felt even more guilt towards his own clan.

    For every one more day that his enemy lived, he blamed himself even more.

    In his endless life, he only has one wish, one purpose: to kill the traitors, to destroy the human

    "Because of my reckless words, my clan fought with the Abyss demons. Because of my stupidity, my clan was massacred by those deceitful and vile human beings. Because of me--Because of me, my clan suffered from such a disastrous calamity, that almost wiped out the entire clan--"

    "Those cunning human beings, those filthy killers, those traitorous bastards, those high and mighty kings of the nine nations--They went back on their words, they are disgusting, hateful and even more savage and frightening than the demons from the abyss. At least, they know how to keep their promises and abide by the spirit of honouring contractual obligations. To human beings, there is nothing that should be respected, as long as it is advantageous to them, they have no scruples about stepping across the line--"

    "Why?" Li Muyang was in extremely upset. Thinking of the betrayal, the massacre of friendly forces, his heart thudded with pain almost to the point of bleeding. "Why would they do that? The dragon clan was their friend, the heroes who helped them defeat the Abyss demons--Why would they do that? Isn't it better to live in peace? What if the Barbarians invade again?"

    "Because they were afraid." The eyes were very firm. "Because they were afraid of the power of the Dragon Clan, worried that the existence of dragons would affect their dominance and the Dragon Clan would become the true heroes of mankind, while they are nothing--They did not even dare to let the billions of people know that it was only because they implored the Dragon Clan for assistance, that they were able to defeat the Barbarians and drive them away, and protect the people who trust and worship them."

    "So, they decided to massacre the Dragon Clan and eliminate all dragons. Then, they could claim the victory against the Barbarians. Those who feared of being killed by the Barbarians will see them as gods, call them Dragon Slayer heroes--without the threat of the mighty Dragon Clan, they'll be safe and sleep without worries. They can occupy the divine continent for generations, and there will never be another more powerful race threatening and jeopardizing them. There will never be another race that would become the heroes of mankind. They will be the real heroes, they will be the nation's only saviours."

    "They deserve to die." Li Muyang said through gritted teeth.

    "When they launched their attack, the Dragon Clan was at its weakest. So they succeeded. They conserved energy and built up strength, and arranged an ambush. They attacked the Dragon Clan who was unguarded at that time--In order to cover up their crime, they discarded dragon bones into Qianjiang, dying Qianjiang red. Dragon blood is hot, and dragon souls are difficult to extinguish. So Qianjiang became Nujiang. From time to time, huge waves will rear up in Nujiang, and it will sometimes howl in anger. That is the wailing and lament of the soul of my elite dragon clan--"

    "Vile. Despicable." Li Muyang was completely on the side of the Dragon clan, clenched his fist in anger. "Then? How did you--how did you enter my body?"

    "After I killed the King of the Barbarians and his tens of strong subordinates, I sustained serious injury and my strength weakened. When I retreated to a safe area, I was stabbed by my trusted human friends--injured severely--huge changes happened, it was problematic. At the same time, dozens of members of the elite human race surrounded me and tried to quickly kill me. I exhausted my power to break out and waited till the rest of my body healed before seeking vengeance on the human race."

    "What I did not expect, was that after I had killed a number of those Dragon Slayer heroes who were involved in the Battle of Nujiang, I was being watched by that damn fire bird--"

    "Damn fire bird?" Li Muyang asked puzzledly. "Who is it?"

    "The Phoenix." The expression in the eyes became complicated.

    "Phoenix?" Li Muyang exclaimed, his mouth wide open. "I thought mythological animals only exist in ancient myths--Of course, I also thought dragons were too. I didn't believe that dragons really exist in the world."

    "She is my friend."

    "I understand, my teachers have said before, birds of a feather flock together, people are divided into groups, the same kinds of people hang out together, the landlord's friends are also landlords. The friends of mythological animals are also mythological animals--"

    Li Muyang could say no more. Isn't he talking about himself?

    "The Phoenix is the mother of the human race; they have inherited the responsibility to protect human and ensure the continuation of their bloodline for generations--She knew I was going to eliminate the human race, so when I wanted to burn cities and destroy the nations, she came to stop me over and over again. Finally, after endless battles, it was impossible to separate ourselves anylong. Our battle finally attracted heavenly calamity. I gathered my lifetime of cultivation, knowledge and memory to focus it into a teardrop--"

    "The Tear of the Dragon King."

    "That's right, that's what worldly people calls it--It actually is a dragon soul--For tens of thousand of years, the soul of the Dragon King remains imperishable. As long as there is still a glimmer of spirit, there is a chance of revival. But for those clan members who tried to save you just now and had their souls scattered into pieces, they will never have the chance to be resurrected--"

    "Dragon can be resurrected?" Li Muyang felt he was listening to The Arabian Nights. Everything is a mystery within a mystery, convoluted, every word is earth-shattering. His little heart couldn't handle it at all.

    "Dragons are born half divine beings. Although they are not immortal like those celestial beings, they can recast flesh under the Dragon Clan Mantra. Of course, only the golden dragon king can. It is impossible for an ordinary dragon to revive other clan members--That's why the dragon clan is deferential to the dragon king--because only the dragon king has the chance of becoming a golden dragon after three changes, and then can choose the loyal and courageous to revive, granting them the chane of a second life--"

    "Not even you?" Li Muyang's eyes wide in shock as he asked: "You also can't revive the dragon clan? What level are you?"

    "My rank is classified as the black dragon." There was pride in his eyes as he said this. Of course, such proud emotions were fleeting, and soon disappeared without a trace. "The most useless black dragon king in history."

    "What are the three changes? How many times have you changed? How many times is there left for you to become a golden dragon?" Li Muyang asked with a look of excitement spreading across his face. "When you become a golden dragon, can you can help your clan revive?"

    "Yes." The eyes said in a resolute and determined manner. "As long as I can become a golden dragon, I can revive my clan--"

    "Great." Li Muyang sighed a breath of relief. "You have to work hard. Even if you can't avenge your clan, as long as they are all restored to life, is that not also a happy event?"

    "It's you who has to work hard."

    "What does that mean?"

    "Strictly speaking, I'm already dead. Once the body self-explodes, the energy also disappears, and only a wisp of spirit remains in the Tear of the Dragon King--Which is why I can talk to you. You're not in the six states, rather I pulled you into the space of the Tear of the Dragon King--I have died, but you still have a chance. You have inherited my mantle and when you merge with the Tear of the Dragon King, you are the new King of the Dragon Clan--You must live, you must work hard, and then revive the dead, restore the dragon clan--"


    Li Muyang really wanted to slap himself in the face till his face was swollen.

    Why did he have to bring up such a topic?

    The things that the uncle in front of him--no old uncle--no, old, old, old grandpa that had lived for tens of thousands of years could not manage to accomplish such a task. How could a youngster like him be able to?

    Furthermore, he was now clear about the situation of the dragon clan. In the divine continent, everyone wants to be a Dragon Slayer hero. If they knew he's a dragon, not to mention he plans to revive the dead and restore the dragon clan, whether or not he could protect his own little life was an unknown question--

    "If I am able, I will do my best. However, I'm afraid I won't be able to even if I work hard, I'm afraid I will disappoint elder's trust--"

    Li Muyang looked sincerely at the pair of eyes and answered slowly and cautiously, as if weighing his words before he said them: "Why don't elder give the Tear of the Dragon King to someone else?"

    "What?" The pair of eyes grew angry. "You don't want to?"

    "It's not that I don't want to, I'm just--afraid I won't do well."

    "Cowardly and weak like a mouse? You want to be a trash that is insulted and abused by everyone?" His words were like thorns.

    Li Muyang said with a little temper: "I admit it, I'm a little afraid. I'm cowardly and weak like a mouse, but at least I can still live. If I slammed my chest and promised your request, then I am deceiving you and deceiving myself--I have no confidence, no confidence at all. What you couldn't achieve, how can you expect me to do so by myself?"

    The anger in the eyes faded, the way he looked at Li Muyang gentled: "I know, I was a little too forceful. However, when my body of energy exploded, the Tear of the Dragon King automatically entered your body--The scales on the back of your hand, is the essence of the Tear of the Dragon King. Most of the time you didn't even notice its existence--"

    Li Muyang lifted his hand and examined it, when the eyes looked at Li Muyang and said: "No need to look for it, it's in the flesh, it's impossible see with earthly eyes."


    "The Tear of the Dragon King has chosen its master. I cannot change it, and it cannot be transferred to others--If I could, I also want to do so--"

    "--" Li Muyang was furious. How could this old dragon suddenly insult people?
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