Chapter 194 - Destroy the human race!

    Chapter 194: Destroy the human race!

    Qiandu looked at Lu Qiji suspiciously, asking aloud: "You've not seen Li Muyang?"

    "What? You don't believe me?" Lu Qiji said coldly as she wiped the water from her face.

    "I just find it strange." Qiandu's long eyelashes softly fluttered, her beautiful eyes staring unblinkingly at Lu Qiji. "You were in the lake for such a long time, how did you managed to do so?"

    "Handed down technique of avoiding water, do I need to report this to you?" Lu Qiji said without showing the slightest hint of vulnerability. She was in an extremely bad mood.

    When Li Muyang was seriously injured, fell unconscious and plunged into the pool of dragon blood, she also dived into the pool to search for him. But to no avail. As if Li Muyang had vanished.

    What kind of situation was he in now?

    Is he alive? Or is he dead?

    If he's alive, where did he go?

    If he's dead, where was his body?

    For some reason, although she had her heart set on to kill Li Muyang, but when Li Muyang really died in front of her, she felt a sudden emptiness.

    What's worse was that she couldn't let anyone know of her emotions. And even has to hide the truth of what happened at the bottom of the lake. Otherwise, it will trigger a war in the divine continent.

    Two women stood opposite each other, one looked like an orchid of an empty valley, and the other a beautiful rose. Both dazzlingly beautiful and difficult to looked straight at.

    "Lu Qiji says she hasn't seen him, then she hasn't seen him. She doesn't tell lies." Chu Xun stood next to Lu Qiji, giving Qiandu a hostile stare.

    "Hey, I don't like to hear words like that. Lu Qiji never lie, then what others say is a lie?" Lin Canghai obviously stood on Qiandu's side, chimed in: "Chu Xun, don't forget, just who dived into water again and again to help you search. We did not care about our lives to save people and now we're just asking a question, yet you're not happy?"

    "Were you just asking a question? You guys clearly suspect Qiji to be a murderer, and Li Muyang was killed by Qiji."

    "Who said Lu Qiji is a murderer? Which ear did you hear that from? Look, if you want to punish someone, you can always find excuses? Is this your attitude to someone who just helped you?"

    "Canghai." Qiandu interrupted Lin Canghai and Chu Xun's silly dispute, then said to Lu Qiji: "I don't suspect you killed Li Muyang, I just want to understand the situation. You also know that ordinary people can't hold their breath under the cold lake for too long. Even we need to gasp for air when we stay underwater for too long. But from the beginning up until now, you've been gone for a long time--Each of us had gone down to look for you but still found no signs of you. So, I just thought if you found any caves or exits under the lake, and maybe Li Muyang have entered a cave or left through other exit--"

    "I did discover a cave and wanted to investigate more, but I didn't expect to get lost in the cave. It wasn't until now that I got back--" Lu Qiji decided to tell them a white lie.

    The news lit Qiandu's face with excitement. "Do you remember where the cave is? Would you like to accompany me into the water again, we should search the underwater once more, see if Li Muyang is also lost in the cave--Don't worry, I have a sacred treasure that can protect you from harm."

    Qiandu thought that, as long as she used the glass mirror to encapsulate her and Lu Qiji, she would not need to worry about the mysterious monsters inside the cave.

    Moreover, since the glass mirror can illuminate objects, after some search, they might find Li Muyang.

    If Li Muyang is still alive, when he sees the yellow light coming off the glass mirror he will move toward them--

    Lu Qiji stared fiercely at Qiandu, all kinds of questions arising in her mind.

    "What is the relationship between Li Muyang and Qiandu? Why is she so persistent to look for Li Muyang? Could they have gotten into a relationship during this period? Otherwise, why is she so concerned and enthusiastic about Li Muyang?"

    "Qiji classmate does not want to?" Qiandu waited a long moment for Lu Qiji's response before she couldn't help but asked again.

    Lu Qiji composed her thoughts and expression, before she replied: "The bottom of the lake is dark and difficult to see. I only accidently found the cave. Even if I re-enter the lake, I'm afraid I won't be able to find the cave--"

    No matter what, Lu Qiji cannot bring Qiandu to Dragon Slaying Canyon.

    Just as Qiandu was about to continue to persuade her, suddenly, the ground began to shake.

    After a short pause, an urgent voice yelled out: "Hurry and retreat, this place is about to sink."

    Students that able to enter Starry Sky Academy, their cultivation level must not be bad.

    Without Qiandu's warning, they already exerted their knowledge and skills, and left this dangerous place.

    They stood afar watching the center of the cold lake, where a huge vortex swirled up. The vortex grew bigger and bigger, as if a sea monster was inside stirring up trouble.

    The ground beneath started to collapse and surrounding rocks came crumbling down.

    Giant trees crackling and snapping, mountains rumbled and collapsed.


    The vortex in the middle of the lake suddenly subsided and then with a 'roar' disappeared all at once.

    It looked as though a mischievous child just dug a huge hole under the cold lake, draining away the entire lake of water.


    The huge waterfall overhead gushed down, charging straight into the huge black hole in the lake.

    Very soon, the cold lake was filled again and the water gradually restored to tranquility.

    However, it was impossible to dive into the water to search for Li Muyang anymore.

    "Li Muyang--" Qiandu watched the incessant splash of rushing water, as she softly called out.

    Lu Qiji was even more upset, her eyes glistened with unshed tears.

    Chu Xun stood watching the two women's facial expression, his eyes flashing, but he remained silent.

    "Let's go back." Lin Canghai said gently and comfortingly. "We still have to inform Teacher Yang, let's hope Teacher Yang--to encounter something like this, even Teacher Yang wouldn't know what to do."


    Lu Qiji, Qiandu, Chu Xun and Lin Canghai, the four returned to Starry Sky Academy, which was the same as before, from time to time, students and teachers came over to greet them.

    Pavilions, strange mountains and strange trees.

    Thickening clouds and mist shrouded the ground, each step looked like they were treading on clouds.

    Unfortunately, they were depressed and in no mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    Their footsteps slowed as they walked pass the small courtyard where Li Muyang lived.

    Qiandu attempted to push open the door, hoping to go in for one final glance.

    Otherwise, when the school knows of this incident, Li Muyang's small courtyard would most likely be sealed up.

    Even with strength, she struggled to push open the door. It did not move.

    Qiandu was initially stunned, then suddenly yelled loudly: "Li Muyang, Li Muyang--Li Muyang, are you in there?"

    "Qiandu classmate, Li Muyang is dead--" Lin Canghai's eyes filled with a deep sadness, as he walked over to her side lending an arm to help support her.

    He did not escape from the lake, how would he be inside his courtyard?


    The wooden door opened from the inside. Li Muyang stood at the door with a discontent-looking face, his hair long and loose and his white robe fluttering as though he just bathed. "Brother Canghai, where did I offend you? The moment you open your mouth you cursed me to die?"

    "You--" Lin Canghai pointed at Li Muyang, exclaiming: "You're not dead? Why aren't you dead?"


    Li Muyang slapped him on the back of his hand, saying irritedly: "Why would I die? You guys aren't dead, why would I die?"

    "But didn't you jump into the cold pool and not come back out? How did you get back to your house? Lin Canghai said as he lowered his head slightly. "I see you have no shadow, Grandma said that dead people have no shadow--"


    Qiandu circled her arms around Li Muyang, crying: "Li Muyang, you're not dead--I'm glad. You're not dead."

    Li Muyang was at a loss to know what to do. This was his first time hugged by a girl.

    Of course, Li Shinian does not count.

    He wanted to reach out and wrap his hands around Qiandu's waist, but it seemed not appropriate since so many people were looking at them.

    But if he did not hug her back, it would give people a kind of cold and aloof feeling and make people think he's giving her the cold shoulder.

    So, he finally hugged Qiandu back just as tight.

    "Why would I die?" Li Muyang could feel how much Qiandu cared about him, although he did not know why. He said with a smile: "I'm living so well. I won't be dead anytime soon."

    "Li Muyang--" Lu Qiji's feelings toward Li Muyang was the most complex.

    When she dived into the pool of dragon blood to find Li Muyang but unable to find him, she could not control her grief and burst into a convulsive torrent of tears in the middle of the pool of dragon blood.

    After coming out, she was still utterly depressed, as if she had lost something precious.

    But when Li Muyang was standing right in front of her, she--

    Became furious.

    Li Muyang was still alive.

    Moreover, with her understanding of Li Muyang, she immediately noticed that he has transformed greatly.

    His skin was a little whiter than before, and his figure a bit taller than before.

    The outline of his facial features was a little more defined, and his every movement she felt seemingly familiar with.

    His eyes were no longer clear, but deep and restrained.

    His smile was no longer bright and harmless, but somewhat reserved and cool.

    He stood there with a smile on his face, but looked like he was standing on a lone mountain peak under a starry sky. His physique was still thin, but enveloped by a great shadow. No one dared to provoke him, because he seemed to possess boundless power.

    This feeling she was very familiar with.

    Li Muyang, he became him, became--a dragon.

    "Li Muyang--" Lu Qiji's eyes blazed with fear. She could tell that Li Muyang had fully merged with a dragon. Before the Tear of the Dragon King was just on the surface of his skin, so she could not sense its presence, or notice his changes.

    Now, Li Muyang and the Tear of the Dragon King had completely fused, that any changes of Li Muyang's body would be difficult to hide.

    "Is he going to start his great dream once again--to destroy the human race?"
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