Chapter 208 - Fight for him!

    Chapter 208: Fight for him!

    Everyone could feel the strong and murderous look in Chu Xun's eyes at this moment, although they could not understand why does the usual refined, elegant and handsome-looking man has so much hatred toward Li Muyang.

    Studded with stars, the first time the stars exploded, Li Muyang already had to endure the blow.

    When he threw out his punch, the punch sparked the next huge wave of explosion of qi, and he was the first to bear the brunt.

    Twice in a row, he was wrapped up in the blast.

    Evidently, Li Muyang was severely injured; he flew up helplessly as blood spurted out his mouth.

    His clothes were ragged, like a beggar.

    And many wounds were all over his face and arms, cuts caused by the explosion of the stars and the sword qi.

    Tie Muxin's mouth was wide open, his forehead dripping with sweat, and he constantly murmured to himself: "Quick counterattack--throw out a punch at his head--"

    "'One sword destroys the city', the second sword attack of 'Starlight Sword', is more fierce, more overbearing than the first. The first sword mainly wounds; the second sword mainly kills. One sword destroys the city, until the sword wipes out the city. Of course, if Chu Xun practiced this sword to perfection, this is the sword of killing." Lin Canghai quietly explained to Qiandu standing beside him. He is a master of sword and knows more or less about all the sword techniques in the world. He knew that Qiandu was concerned about this, so he analysed the situation for her even at such a tense moment. "Chu Xun wants to kill Li Muyang."

    A black iron sword was suspended above Lin Canghai, the blade stirring and vibrating, restless, as though it would rush out to launch a fatal blow at the enemy at any time.

    Qiandu's fists clenched, loosened and then clenched, her beautiful unblinking eyes fixed on the battlefield, and her face was as calm as ever, saying: "Chu Xun does not dare."

    "But--" Chu Xun refused to obey. She could see the murderous look in Chu Xun's eyes, and the motive of the sword in his hand.

    The murder intent can be disguised, but the sword's motive was difficult to fake.

    At least for a moment, Chu Xun's sword was a murderer's sword, a blood-thirsty sword.

    A red ball of light appeared emerged in Lu Qiji's hand, and a tiny fire-bird's head surfaced in the ball of light.

    The firebird again and again wanted to spread its wings out, but was repeatedly pressed down by her.

    She waited.

    She hesitated.

    Yang Xiaohu also calmed down, his right hand was tucked in his sleeve, so his sleeve ballooned around his right arm, like a miniature fan was hidden inside.

    He heard Qiandu's words; he had heard Qiandu said, 'Chu Xun does not dare'.

    If he dares to kill in public, his life would be ruined. Even the West Wind Royal Family would not be able to protect him.

    A child like him, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, would not do anything to ruin his own life. They possessed too much, and so the desires and ambitions they had were even stronger.

    Li Muyang's body hurtled across the air, Chu Xun accelerated trying to catch him.

    The sword in his hand rapidly approached Li Muyang's chest, three inches, two inches, one inch--

    It pierced through Li Muyang's clothes and punctured his flesh.

    Blood soaked his sharp blade.


    Li Muyang's back first dropped to the ground, his body heavily slammed against the stone flooring.


    At the same time, Chu Xun also lowered himself to the ground, the sword in his hand still in Li Muyang's chest.


    Because his back suffered such a heavy impact, stagnant blood in his chest was suddenly cleared.

    A gurgling sound came from his mouth before he spat out a huge mouthful of bright blood.

    "Li Muyang--" exclaimed the crowd.

    Lying on the ground, Li Muyang looked up at Chu Xun, while Chu Xun condescending looked down at Li Muyang.

    "Li Muyang, you're dead." Chu Xun said bitingly.

    "How could it be?" Li Muyang's mouth curved slightly into a faint smile, saying: "How could the dead hear 'you're dead'?"

    "If this tournament was a contention of mouth and tongue, you wouldn't have lost so badly." Chu Xun used Li Muyang's satiric words before the duel to attack him. "If this was a battle of life and death, if the sword in my hand lunged further forward a little--you will die. Your heart will be punctured and no one can save you."

    "But, why didn't you do so?"

    "You--" The smile shone more radiantly on Chu Xun's face when he said: "Li Muyang, you can't afford to lose? All along, we did not know your level of cultivation. I thought you would at least be a little more powerful than I imagined--If I knew you were so vulnerable and couldn't even stand my first sword, I wouldn't have gone to the trouble of fighting with you. Bullying the weak is something I don't want to do, this does not match the noble education I have received."

    Chu Xun squatted down, whispering into Li Muyang's ears: "Li Muyang, you're trash."

    "I'm not at all afraid of people bullying me, and even more unafraid of others scolding me a trash." Li Muyang said, smiling. "Do you know why?"

    "I'm a little curious."

    "Because for a long period of time, everybody treated me this way. They bullied me for being weak and scolded me for being useless. Of course, this is already considered kind. I've heard a lot worse." As Li Muyang spoke of the past, he was calm and collected, as if he was talking about a tragic character that had nothing to do with him. "I was born like that, I also can't help it."

    "It seems the audience have sharp, discerning eyes." Chu Xun said sarcastically.

    "To tell you the truth, I thought about giving up. After I measured my knowledge of martial arts, I tried to find an excuse to push back the date of the duel, say that I have a stomach ache, or that my head was uncomfortable or that I have hemorrhoids--I thought of countless excuses."

    "If you do that, you really would look a lot more respectable than you are now." Chu Xun looked at Li Muyang's face as he said. He liked the feeling of victory; he enjoyed the feeling of being watched attentively. He liked to look down at others and see the weak beg for mercy. "Li Muyang, do you know what you look like lying there? Like a wounded dog, an animal with a sword stabbed in his chest--"

    "But I can't do that." Li Muyang gently shook his head, as he said in a firm voice. "I can lose, I can beg for mercy, I don't have a sense of shame but--he is a proud and arrogant guy. During his endless life, he never had the words 'admit defeat or beg for forgiveness' appearing before him. He has never done anything humiliating. If I surrender at this time, he must be furious? I can feel his emotions. I know it's not the result he wants to see."

    "I'm a nobody, my body is fragile, I'm unable to withstand a single blow, my fate is precarious, tossed about by the wind and rain. I just want to live a good life, for myself and for my family--" Li Muyang's eyes were bright and focussd, similar to determination. "But I have to fight for him. Even if I know I can't beat you, I still want to stand here and seriously battle against you--damn this dignity, damn this face."

    Li Muyang looked at the sword inserted in his chest and said in a low voice: "You want to stab further in?"

    Chu Xun's face darkened, he did not like this Li Muyang.

    He was clearly the victor, why did Li Muyang look at him so relaxed and confidently?

    What's so good about him? He is nothing but a useless trash.

    "If you can't do it, pull out your sword." Li Muyang said with a smile. "When I was lying on the ground, I suddenly thought of a move, I think--I can rescue this. Maybe, I will accidentally send you flying?"
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