Chapter 213 - Dragon Clan Self-Cultivation!

    213 - Dragon Clan Self-Cultivation!

    The thing that Li Muyang most worried had happened.

    Because of the strange changes between the genius in the illusion and the weak person in reality, as well as his keen knowledge of the dragon language, and the 'Frighten Dragon Fist' he punched out by following the man in white, Teacher Yang began to doubt his true identity.

    It was a huge crisis for Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang timidly met Yang Xiaohu's gaze, an apologetic look on his face, when he cried: "Teacher Yang, there is something I need to confess to you and apologise to you."


    "I became a disciple of Teacher Xiahou, received his generosity and kindness, and was accepted as his last disciple." Li Muyang explained in a timid voice.

    "Xiahou Qianbai?" Yang Xiaohu's thin eyebrows perked up. He knew that the two teachers were up to no good; they finally revealed their fox's tail. They're starting to snatch away his students. Do they not have the manners and grace of a Starry Sky teacher?

    "Yes." Li Muyang said, nodding.

    "So, just now that punch was a technique Xiahou Qianbai imparted to you?" Yang Xiaohu asked.

    "Teacher Xiahou took care of me greatly, not only taught me the truth of life, but gifted me the manuscript 'Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery'--" Li Muyang did not directly answer his question, rather chose to avoid direct combat. Even if Yang Xiaohu went to ask teacher Xiahou, he could also safely escape by saying that 'Teacher Xiahou imparted to me knowledge and the truth of life, but also the 'Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery', I did not say he taught me that move.'

    "Xiahou Qianbai--" Yang Xiaohu said his name through clenched teeth, then cast a wary glance at Li Muyang. "So, you want to change your course?"

    "Teacher Yang, I absolutely do not have such an idea." Li Muyang said, flustered and repeatedly waved his hand. "I never thought about it. Although teacher Xiahou treats me very kindly and generously, and repeatedly invited me to learn from him, impart to me great powers, but to be a dragon slayer is my childhood dream and Teacher Yang is also very nice to me. Although we have rigorous homework, it's only to help us improve quickly. Even if you have doubts about me, that's only because you care about students--"

    "I have no doubts about you." Yang Xiaohu cried out, interrupting Li Muyang. "How could I doubt you? The fact that you were admitted to Starry Sky Academy, already shows you're an outstanding student. There are so many students in Starry Sky Academy; everyone more or less has some secrets. For example, Lin Canghai, does he not have any secrets? There's also Chu Xun, Qiandu and Lu Qiji--They also have secrets."

    'Teacher Yang--"

    "You also have reasons that you don't want to reveal, I can understand that. As a teacher, I must have tolerance and show concern to a student as much as possible, right?"

    "Thank you Teacher Yang--"

    "Whether you want to hide your power, or your skills are not stable enough to use, or you're hiding some secrets--I am not interested. The reason I asked is because I want to help you as much as possible. Help you overcome your physical or psychological difficulties, and in the shortest possible time improve your martial skills greatly--"

    "Teacher Yang is really a generous and kind-hearted elder--"

    "Xiahou Qianbai's eyes are higher than his head, since he's also willing to accept you as a disciple, is enough to prove your talent. As your major teacher, I feel proud of you. He treats you well, teaches you techniques and pass on sacred manuscript to you, then I'm also happy for you. Because what he does--is what I will do. So, don't feel any psychological pressure. Don't worry and continue to learn from him, I am not a narrow-minded person."

    He looked up to see how far the other students have gone, before he fumbled around for a small book to gift to Li Muyang and said in a lowered voice. "Take this book back and carefully analyse, it should be very helpful to you. Of course, don't let other students know. I only have one, and for the time being, it's not part of our curriculum--"

    "Teacher Yang--" Li Muyang said in a thankful voice, his tear-filled eyes glistening.

    Yang Xiaohu patted Li Muyang amiably on the shoulder, smiled and said: "Well, compose your emotions. Climb to the higher peaks. I believe that, one day, you will stand on the top of the Starry Sky, and become one of the strongest people."

    "Thank you, Teacher Yang." Li Muyang said, bowing his thanks.

    "Thanks for what?" Yang Xiaohu said with a chuckle. "Which teachers do not want their students to be outstanding? Li Muyang, congratulations on winning the battle. Chu Xun is a powerful opponent, so your victory is more commendable."

    "I will continue to work hard and live up to the expectations of Teacher Yang."

    "Then I don't have to worry." Yang Xiaohu smiled. "Not transferring course anymore?"

    "No, never--"

    "Oh, that's good. I also value you very much. Don't worry, after the completion of the first stage of the foundation knowledge, together with the rest of the students of the school you will enter the water, moon, cave, heaven, four areas. This is the time where you will improve rapidly. In there, you will compete and battle against the best students in the entire academy-- "

    "Water Moon Paradise?"

    "You will understand soon." Yang Xiaohu smiled and said: "The battle must be exhausting, and you have injuries, hurry go back and rest."

    "Yes, Teacher Yang."

    After Li Muyang said goodbye to Yang Xiaohu, he headed back to his small courtyard.

    Yang Xiaohu stood still in his original place, watching Li Muyang's figure gradually leaving far.

    "That boy--" The corner of Yang Xiaohu's mouth twitched, curling up into a shallow smile. "Dares to threaten your teacher me, watch how I deal with you later. A guy all covered with secrets, do you really think that you can keep such secrets and endure the cruel dangerous place of Water Moon Paradise?"


    After Li Muyang smiled and said goodbye to other students, he returned to his little courtyard, not forgetting to close the door behind him.

    He leaned his back against the door and slowly slid his body down low toward the ground.

    He crouched on the ground for a good while, until he felt the feeling of exhaustion diminished a little.

    The most tiring was not the battle with Chu Xun, but the enormous pressure that he might possibly become an enemy of the entire human race; such a heavy burden was not what a young boy can afford to bear.

    Li Muyang drew a deep breath and exhaled, then took out the light yellow book that Teacher Yang just gave him as a gift, and when he saw the strong forceful row of writing on the front of the book, a wave of dizziness came over him.

    His pupil widened, beads of cold sweat dripping from his forehead.

    The title of the book was: 'Self-cultivation of the Dragon Clan.'
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