Chapter 214 - The royal family of West Wind!

    Chapter 214: The royal family of West Wind!

    What does he mean? Why did he give him this book?

    'Self Cultivation of the Dragon Clan'--Is he implying that he knows his secret?

    "Teacher Yang devoted himself to the study of the secrets of the dragon clan, if he knew I was a dragon, he definitely would have personally slaughtered me--The fact that he hasn't, proves that he is not aware of my true identity yet. The real threat to me is Lu Qiji, as long as this woman does not open her mouth, my secrets will never be exposed--How can I make Lu Qiji not open her mouth forever?"

    Li Muyang suddenly thought of a classic line: Only dead birds can't open their mouth.

    Li Muyang adjusted his mood, flipped to the title page, where the top wrote three lines:

    First Chapter, Dragon Searching.

    Chapter two, Abilities.

    Chapter three, Transformation.

    This was evidently a rare book that teaches one how to find dragons, introduce the skills and abilities of the dragons and the transformation of the divine dragons.

    Li Muyang scanned everywhere for the writer's name, since he felt it was necessary to pull the writer out to have a talk with him.

    It was originally written to give an introduction to help the strong people to understand the Dragon Clan, why does the title make it seem like a lost treasured book of the dragon clan? Can't it be given a better name? 'Gifted Dragon Clan', 'Close Dragon King', 'Inverted Scales', 'I want to become a dragon', or 'I love dragon, I will harass dragon'--These titles are more fresh, refined and easy to understand. What do you mean by 'Self-Cultivation of the Dragon Clan?'

    Li Muyang tucked the rare book into his bosom, pulled a handkerchief out to dab the beads of sweat accumulated on his forehead and walked toward the inner room.

    He felt like he needed a hot bath.

    He drew up a hot bath and after the tub was full, took off his robe and soaked in it.

    Moist and relaxing.


    Li Muyang couldn't help but groan aloud.

    Li Muyang opened his eyes, stared at his chest where Chu Xun stabbed him, which only a faint mark remained, and that deep penetrating painful sensation, and the danger of his heart being pierced all disappeared--just like that sword was stabbed in the body of Chu Xun himself.

    Li Muyang stared at his body in amazement, thinking to himself: "I really have become a monster, I possess such a miraculous recovery ability--"

    He picked up a dagger in the corner and lightly slashed across his arm.

    He grimaced in pain as blood began to ooze from the wound.

    "Stupid." Li Muyang said to himself. Why did you hurt yourself?

    However, before the first drop of blood dripped down his arm, the wound already begun to heal. Recovering at a speed visible to Li Muyang.

    Astonished, Li Muyang stretched out his finger to touch the wound and washed the blood on the wound with water before he carefully examined again. Really not a trace left behind.

    "I'm really a genius--" Li Muyang exclaimed excitedly as he jumped up from the tub with a loud splash.

    "With this healing power, who could kill me?" Li Muyang arrogantly roared. He felt even the heroes of Starry Sky was going to shiver under his divine power--

    However, when he carefully thought about the problem, the answer made him fall into utter despair: Lu Qiji, Lin Canghai, Chu Xun, Qiandu, Yang Xiaohu, Xiahou Qianbai, Kong Li and so on, almost half of the people of Starry Sky could kill him.

    "A sense of shame will lead you to work hard." Li Muyang said to himself. Having just the mysterious ability to repair himself was not enough, it will only benefit him when he was injured during a fight; if Chu Xun thrust his sword at his heart today or cut off his head, any amazing healing power would have been useless.

    Therefore, Li Muyang must improve his 'personal cultivation'.

    There were only two paths he could go from here: one, follow Yang Xiaohu and Xiahou Qianbai teachings and go down the human race cultivation path; second, follow the bizarre and strange methods in his sea of memories and walked down the Dragon clan cultivation path--Whether to be a man or a dragon, Li Muyang was very hesitant.

    However, the dragon nature within Li Muyang was becoming more and more obvious.

    For example, he was particularly thirsty for water; he wished to live in a place where there is water. He felt a full sense of happiness soaking in the wooden tub.

    Last time when he studied [The Art of Travelling through Clouds and Summoning Rain],, Li Muyang grew scales and magical claws, and some extremely dangerous form of a dragon emerged.

    So Li Muyang had to make a very difficult decision whether or not to continue to study it.

    [The Art of Travelling through Clouds and Summoning Rain] is the basic skills of dragons, just like entry martial skills. If he wanted to get on the main road, learn [The Art of Travelling through Clouds and Summoning Rain], Li Muyang must overcome this first stage.

    Li Muyang hesitated several times before he plunged his face and head into the tub, and began to practice according to the golden writing appearing on his mind.


    Small bubbles floated up in the water. Steam began billowing into the air as the warm water became hot and bubbling like it was boiling--


    As Chu Xun lied on his bed in silence, Xiaoxing tended to the wounds on his arm.

    Xiaoxing's real name is Zhan Qingxing, a talented maiden of the Zhan family in Tiandu. She is pure and simple, but very gifted in cultivation. The skills that she could use easily, others had to practice hard and painstakingly, when she had already learned the core essence and fully grasped it.

    Zhang Fangweng of the Zhang family of Tiandu has the reputation 'God of Spear of West Wind', his 'rag spear' has the remarkable power of summoning lightning that neither spirit nor devil may know of. It is said that Zhang Qingxing is the girl most able to comprehend the essence of the 'rag spear', perhaps this was the main reason she was admitted into Starry Sky over her older brothers and younger brothers.

    Of course, the main reason was that she likes Chu Xun. So, when she heard that Chu Xun was going to Starry Sky, she unhesitatingly followed him.

    Because the nature of her mind is emptiness, and she's gifted, so she chose to major in Buddhism, since Buddhism was something she felt close and dear.

    "That Li Muyang is too ruthless, to break someone's bones."  Xiaoxing used a cotton ball soaked in medicine to wipe Chu Xun's arm, as she grumbled. "Wait till I teach him a lesson the next time I see him."

    "Yes. Didn't they not say friendship comes first, competition comes second. How could he break your bones? He tried to kill you--" Standing beside him, chubby little boy Mu En complained. Mu En is the son of the head of the Still Water Sword School of West Wind Kingdom, Mu Yubai.

    In the West Wind Kingdom, there were some powers the royal family could not touch or were deeply wary of. The Still Water Sword School was one of them.

    The founder of Still Water Sword School was the Mu family's Mu Gubei, who pursued a 'mind as peaceful as still water' and 'sword like flowing water' sword techniques. Later, the Still Water Sword School became more and more known, and Mu Gubei became the most prestigious sword master of West Wind Kingdom.

    Since he established a Sword School, it obviously attracted challenges all over the world. But in his life, Mu Gubei only accepted the challenge of two people, Sima Qi of Dawu Heavenly Law Sword School and Zhou Xingwen of the great Zhou Imperial Sword Hall. He was greatly victorious in both challenges.

    Sima Qi and Zhou Xingwen were both experts in sword, and are known as 'God of Swords' in the country.

    Since then, Still Water Sword School had become one of the schools that most people look up to in the divine continent. Countless sword masters or talented young people arrived there with their sword to request to formally become an apprentice of Still Water Sword School.

    And Still Water Sword School is open to all people, even if one cannot become one of their disciples, but can still discuss and judge swords and sword techniques in the Sword School's 'pavilion of the collection of sword'. Learn sword techniques and compare sword meaning.

    The three thousands students of Still Water Sword School can besiege a country.

    The person who said this sentence has ulterior motives, but it is also enough to explain the strength of Still Water Sword School.

    Even many members of the royal family were the students of Still Water Sword School. Chu Xun, Lu Qiji, and Zhan Qingxing were also students of Still Water Sword School.

    Although Mu En looked charmingly naive, but a guy who could block his father Mu Yubai 'Sword drawing power' and could understand the sentence 'mind as peaceful as water' of Still Water Sword School, is a real gifted teenager.

    Mu En walked to the front of Chu Xun, patted him on the shoulder. "You don't have to be so upset, when's there's an opportunity, I will personally challenge him. Even if I can't beat him, I will smear him with snot."

    Mu En had always liked to have a runny nose when he was a child, and he often wiped his nose when he was competing with others. At that time, everyone laughed at him. Later, when he got used to it, he even regarded it as his own 'defeating move'.

    There was no expression on Chu Xun's face, as if he did not hear what his friends were saying.

    Mu En turned to Lu Qiji, whispering: "Was he beaten stupid?"

    Lu Qiji swept a glance over Chu Xun, before replying: "Let him rest quietly."

    "Hey, I just wanted to comfort him." Mu En smiled and said aloud. "But what you said is right. Why don't we let Xiaoxing stay and take care of him, let's eat something first? You haven't had anything to eat yet, you must be hungry--"

    Mu En liked Lu Qiji and had always tried to chase after her. Of course, as his group of friends had said: 'Toad wants to eat swan meat'. Chu Xun knew how he felt, but was still friends with him.

    This shows that Chu Xun had never regarded him as a true opponent--

    Lu Qiji looked at Xiaoxing, who flushed shyly and said: "Big sister Qiji, you go eat something, don't starve yourself--"

    She also wished to spend some alone time with Chu Xun, hoping to further deepen their feelings.

    Lu Qiji nodded. "Thank you Xiaoxing."

    As she finished talking, she walked toward the outside, when Mu En made a wink at Xiaoxing and hurriedly followed.

    As they stepped into the courtyard, the wooden door was forcefully pushed opened and a group of people charged in.

    "Where's Chu Xun?" A loud voice said. "I heard someone broke his bones, he dared to embarrass the royal family of West Wind?"
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