Chapter 216 - This boy is arrogant!

    Chapter 216: This boy is arrogant!

    Others could easily tell Xiaoxing's feeling; could Chu Xun himself not tell?

    He obvious also knew in his mind. However, everyone chose not to say so in public. As long as the girl didn't say it, he would be happy to play dumb and not admit it--isn't that what men are best at?

    Although Chu Xun does not like Xiaoxing, he did not feel the need to say it in such a clear way that would hurt the girl. Moreover, the Zhan family is also one of the largest and most powerful families in the West Wind Kingdom, her father is known as the god of spear in West Wind Kingdom. Is it necessary to provoke such an enemy?

    However, cousin Chu Kai pushed him to the awkward position of having to make a choice.

    His father was an idle prince [Brother to the Emperor], holding no real power, and he also had not show a shred of intent to compete with them. He wondered why these cousins were always watching him, as long as they found a chance they always put him in a difficult situation.

    And, under the questioning of Chu Kai, he had to answer the question.

    Not only Chu Kai, other people's attention also shifted to Chu Xun's face, interestedly awaiting for his answer.

    Zhan Qingxing was shy, worried, but more anxiously anticipating his answer.

    Her face was crimson red and her eyes afraid of meeting everyone's eyes.

    Chu Xun's sight shifted to Lu Qiji, only to find that Lu Qiji was staring blankly at the lush green bamboo in the courtyard in a daze; he also did know what she was thinking about.

    This discovery put Chu Xun in an even worse mood, knowing that the other side simply did not care about what he thinks, what he really wants.

    Heartbroken, Chu Xun said in a low, muffled voice: "Brother, don't ask that question in public, you're making Xiaoxing embarrass."

    "Hey, Chu Xun, that's not the right thing to say. What Big Brother asked, is what everybody is concern about, even Xiaoxing is also very concerned, right?" Third prince Chu Tuo stabbed another knife. He knew what eldest brother wanted to do, which was something he liked to see too.

    In a kingdom, there is only one king, which is not enough to divide among the several brothers, so others also didn't need to have excessive expectations.

    Don't even think about it, cut off all your thoughts.

    "Yes. Xiaoxing is looking forward to your answer. I can see that." The second child of Prince Kang's family, Chu Xuan, said with a smile. "Like or don't like. What is good to hide something like that? Chu Xun, our Chu family does not have a hesitant man."

    "What? Don't tell me you don't like Xiaoxing? Otherwise, why don't you answer this question?" Princess Chu Ning asked with gentle and sweet smile, but her words were more than vicious.

    "How could I not?" Chu Xun hastened to explain. "I like Xiaoxing, I've always regarded her as my little sister-- "

    When she heard this, Zhan Qingxing face grew as pale as paper.

    Lu Qiji also finally wakened from her trance, her gaze fixed on the cluster of green bamboo wandered back to Chu Xun, looking at him with a surprised glance.

    "Little sister?" So is it not that kind of relationship?" Chu Ning smiled at Zhan Qingxing, saying: "Qingxing, since Chu Xun see you as a little sister, then you're also our little sister."

    Zhan Qingxing's eye reddened, as she replied: "Thank you big sister Chu Ning."

    "Thanks for what?" Chu Ning came over and took Zhang Qingxing's fair little hand in hers. "We are sisters. My second sister and my youngest sister are both too young, we don't have much to talk about. You can come talk to me anytime."

    "Yes. I will." Zhan Qingxing replied as she kept trying to hold back her tears and forced a smile.

    Chu Kai gave Chu Xun a sidelong glance, as though laying the blame on him. "Chu Xun, your wrong this time. How can you--how can you reject her? Think about it, how many girls are better than Qingxing in the entire Tiandu? Based on looks, is Qingxing not good enough for you? Based on family background, her father is the god of spear of West Wind. You two are from family of equal social position and economic status. You two are supposed to be perfect for each other, a match made in heaven, but you--"

    "Older brother--" Chu Xun felt the impulse to crawl up and seal his mouth. Or better, block it with a stool.

    "What? Am I wrong? You, you don't know how to cherish a good girl, later when you can't find a girl like Xiaoxing, you will regret it--" Then, he turned to comfort Xiaoxing. "Xiaoxing, don't take this matter to heart. Although Chu Xun said it himself, that he regarded you as his little sister. I will enlighten him again, help clear his mind, so he knows who is really good to him, who is really suitable for him--Leave this to big brother."

    "Thank you, First Prince." On hearing his words, Xiaoxing could no longer suppress her tears, letting tears run down her cheeks.

    "Don't call me a First prince. Call me Big Brother like Chu Ning and the others--" Chu Kai said in a gentle and soft voice, like a generous older brother who has pity on his sister-in-law.

    "Yes. Big Brother." Zhan Qingxing replied.

    With his eyes, dull and lifeless, fixed on the ceiling, Chu Xun thought it was the darkest day of his life.

    First he was defeated in the hands of a good-for-nothing jerk, and then forced by his own cousin--to say to a girl who really cared and took care of him that he just treated her like a sister.

    Is he going to live?

    Chu Kai stared at Chu Xun's lifeless face, asking in a low voice: "Chu Xun, you tell everyone what actually happened? I heard from third younger brother that someone broke your bones, how can this happen? Who was so ruthless?"

    When the First Prince questioned him, Chu Xun had to open his eyes, otherwise it would be interpreted as disrespect to the future king.

    "Big brother already know?" Chu Xun asked in a hoarse voice.

    "What do I know? I just know that someone broke your bones. I was fuming with rage when I heard this, so I came with a few brothers and sister to come see you--Who did it?"

    "Li Muyang." Chu Xun was now a dead pig not fear of scalding water. Since he couldn't hide the truth anyway, he directly answered what they ask.

    "Li Muyang?" Chu Kai looked deep in thought for a few moments before he replied: "Why does this name sounds familiar?"

    Chu Xun did not respond; he did not want to even say one extra word.

    Besides, he did not believe that his cousins were unaware of the story of Li Muyang.

    "Big brother, last time I received a letter from home, mother mentioned about Li Muyang. "She said that he is now the most famous person in Tiandu, not only did he killed Cui Zhaoren on his way to here, but also destroyed father's Monitoring division, father was furious because of this--Mother heard that he is also in Starry Sky Academy, so was very worried. She told me to careful, don't be bullied by him." Third Prince Chu Tuo said aloud.

    "Outrageous." Chu Kai growled through gritted teeth. "This boy is so arrogant, dare bully the people of the royal family. When have our Chu Clan feared these nameless juniors? Go, let's go and find him, and today we make sure justice is served."
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