Chapter 219 - Forcibly take as disciple!

    Chapter 219: Forcibly take as disciple!

    Li Muyang had merged with the Tear of the Dragon King, but before he gained remarkable powers, he would never offend his 'thick thighs'.

    His parents and sister far away in Jiangnan still needed to rely on these people to protect them. If they were offended, would they still be willing to help him?

    As long as it was something unfavourable for his parents and sister, Li Muyang would never do it.

    "Mistaken someone else? How would I mistake you for someone? I'm looking for you, Li Muyang." Kong Li spewed, spraying saliva all over Li Muyang's face.

    "Teacher Kong--" Li Muyang took two steps back as though nothing happened, wiped his face clean of spit, smiled and asked: "That is strange, when did student offend Teacher Kong?"

    Qiandu also stood with a curious stare watching the scene, puzzled that Li Muyang and Mr. Kong had such a close 'relationship'.

    Lin Canghai stared in great shock, thinking that Li Muyang was really a troublemaker, why is it that everyone wants to come and beat him up whenever they see him? If teacher Kong Li really were to fight with Li Muyang, not even ten Li Muyang could be Teacher Kong Li's opponent--

    "Li Muyang, do you remember what you said?" Kong Li stood right in front of Li Muyang, his eyes filled with indignation as he asked. Like a woman who was abandoned was questioning an ungrateful man: do you remember the promise you made to me?

    "Teacher Kong, I said a lot of things before, which words are you referring--"

    "At the Star Gazing Observatory. Yang Xiaohu, the Bookworm and Xiahou Qianbai, the idiot were also present--both of who could be witness. What did you say, do you remember?"

    Li Muyang seriously thought for a moment, and then shook his head. "I don't remember."

    "You said you wanted to study both Taoism and Buddhism." Kong Li was more and more irritated. Li Muyang, this bastard, had forgotten the words he said. That damn guy.

    "Oh."  As though suddenly enlightened, Li Muyang nodded: "I have said that before."



    "There were three Starry Sky teachers present at that time, you majored in Yang Xiaohu's Dragon Slayer, became a student of Xiahou Qianbai to practice Taoism, what about Buddhism? What about me?"


    "Are you looking down on me?"

    "Teacher Kong, why would you say that--"

    "Otherwise, why did you choose both of them, but left me standing at the side? Do you think my work and realm is not as good as theirs? Or is there a problem with my moral character? Or do you have prejudice against us Buddhist disciples?"


    Li Muyang almost sank to the ground, trembling on his knees.

    These accusations were each time more serious than the one before, and the consequences also more serious than the one before. If he put those labels on him, what should Li Muyang do?

    "Teacher Kong, I absolutely had no such thought." Li Muyang hurriedly explained: "I did say I would like to study both Buddhism and Taoism. I've always kept that in mind, just that recently--too many things happened. First, I was injured in Teacher Xiahou's class, then stayed at his medicine hut for treatment for a good period of time--"

    "Yes, that's the point. Why did you choose Xiahou Qianbai's Taoism subject instead of I, Kong Li's Buddhism subject? We have myriads  of Buddhist teachings, is Taoism more beneficial to you?"

    "Teacher Kong, that's not what I meant--"

    "Then what do you mean?"

    Li Muyang deeply inhaled a mouthful of air; he knew he had to seriously and carefully explain the problem.

    To take care of rude and unreasonable people, you must be ruder and more unreasonable than them.

    "Teacher Kong, in my mind, Teacher Yang, Teacher Xiahou and you are the teachers I respect the most--"

    "Bastard, you put their names in front of me again--"

    Li Muyang was not affected in the slightest by his mood and 'confessed': "In my heart, you three are the kindest and most merciful, but also the most skilled genius teachers. The idol of my heart and the goal I'm trying to pursue. I inexplicably came to Starry Sky Academy, I don't know why this school is named Starry Sky, but I know that you three are my starry sky--You guys are mysterious and powerful, warm and scatter light. You guys are the beacon that light up my way when I'm lost, the finishing line that I try to climb to."

    Kong Li looked at Li Muyang wide-eyed, the anger quickly disappearing from his face, suppressing a smile and waving dismissively, as he said: "I'm not as strong as you say, but there are many students in the school that see me and Xiahou Qianbai as idols--Yang Xiaohu is a nerd, we're not the same kind of people as him."

    "Buddhist and Taoist methods have been passed down for over tens of thousands of years. Their power is understood by everyone. I also admire and fear both. In my mind, Buddhism and Taoism have no ranking, no difference in power. I think they are both very strong, that people admire greatly--They are two exceptional peaks, that I would like to climb up and stand on the top to see the scenery above, but also look at the scenery below."

    "Maybe I could climb both, or maybe I could only climb one of them. Though it's more likely that I won't climb neither--I don't know where I'm going, but I'm willing to work hard for it. I would like to approach, touch, and integrate with them. Buddhist doctrine is profound, Taoist technique is mysterious. These are the areas where I am deeply fascinated. And Teacher Kong and Teacher Xiahou, you are both the best guides--"

    Kong Li could no longer suppress his smile, finally let it bloom into a full smile, affectionately looked at Li Muyang and said beaming ear to ear: "Your thinking is correct. Since ancient times, Buddhism and Taoism have been two impressive peaks that people gasp in amazement. And they stand parallel, far apart, one east and one west. If you choose to climb the Buddhism Mountain, it will be difficult to climb the Taoism Mountain. If you choose to climb the Mountain of Taoism, it will also not be easy to climb the Buddhism Mountain. Back and forth, half-hearted, in the end you may not climb either of the two mountains--but your way of thinking of wanting to climb the mountain is good. For so many years, you're the first student to shout out you want to study both Buddhism and Taoism. Maybe you would successfully be able to? Accomplish what's difficult for others, such a person can be a legend, a miracle."

    Li Muyang nodded. "Thank you for Teacher Kong's enlightenment, student will put in more effort than before."

    Kong Li nodded, lifted his head and said: "Now you know what to do, right?"

    "Tomorrow afternoon Teacher Kong has a meditation lesson. I definitely will be there." Li Muyang said with a smile.

    "Good." Kong Li nodded back reservedly. "I didn't force you, right?"


    "You begged me, right?"

    "Yes. I begged Teacher to take me in to teach me the mysterious power of Buddhism-"

    Kong Li looked much more satisfied with Li Muyang, patting him hard on his shoulder as he said: "Young man is promising and is worthy to be taught."

    It was only then that he threw a glance at Qiandu and Lin Canghai, then back at Li Muyang and said: "Don't forget tomorrow's lesson. I'm leaving now."

    "Teacher Kong--" Li Muyang cried aloud.

    Kong Li stopped, looked over his shoulder and asked: "Is there something else?"

    "There is one thing that I don't know if I should say." Li Muyang said, looking worried.

    "Well? What is it?" Kong Li, curiosity piqued, said frankly: "You and I are already teacher and student, just come straight to the point, I won't blame you."

    "About this, I still have to report to Teacher Xiahou--" Li Muyang leaned close to Kong Li and whispered.

    Qiandu's lips curved into a smile, knowing that this guy was up to mischief.

    Usually he looked like honest and simple, but when he does bad things he is more professional than anyone else.

    Kong Li's face abruptly twisted with anger, yelling: "Li Muyang, what do you mean? You come to my class to listen and learn, but needs that idiot Xiahou Qianbai's consent? When you attend his lecture, did you think of asking my consent? Why does he prevent other students from minoring in other Teacher's subjects? What gives him the right to do that?"

    "Li Muyang, tell me honestly, is he threatening you, is it because you can't learn other subjects after taking his Taoism course--Don't worry, if he dared to do such thing, I will bring him to see the principal. It's against the rules. I'll never let him do as he pleases."

    "Teacher Kong, Teacher Kong, you don't need to be so angry. This is not the case, Teacher Xiahou did not prevent me to learn other subjects--just that Teacher Xiahou cares a lot about me, after I was wounded last time, not only did he personally decoct medicinal herbs for my injury, but personally helped me build my foundation and reach the Empty Valley Realm."

    Kong Li snorted disdainfully: "Just an Empty Valley Realm, what's so exciting? Xiahou Qianbai that idiot really likes to pick up small advantages. Even if he did not lend a hand, you would still easily and successfully build your foundation after you entered Starry Sky Academy, passing through the Empty Valley and stepping into the High Mountain."

    "That may be it, but, Teacher Xiahou had helped me so much after all, I'm really grateful. Moreover, Teacher Xiahou also thinks I'm gifted and one day become a famous figure of Starry Sky--" Li Muyang's handsome face grew slightly red, which he instantly tried to cover up. "He formerly took me in as disciple. Teacher Xiahou generously passed along his knowledge and skills to me, his great kindness is as weighty as a mountain; he is my teacher, my master. If I go practice other cultivation technique, I think I should report to Teacher Xiahou and get permission from Master first--"

    "What?" Kong Li's eyes widen in shock as he yelled: "Xiahou Qianbai secretly accepted you as his formal disciple?"

    "Teacher Kong, quiet, quiet-- "

    "Xiahou Qianbai this idiot, is simply too scheming--Li Muyang, from today, you are Kong Li's disciple. I'll cover you in the future."

    "Xiahou also gifted me his 'Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery'--

    "'Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery', hurry and throw that kind of lousy book away. In scriptures and teachings, our Buddhism is first--" As he spoke, Kong Li was already fumbling in his bosom with one hand.
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