Chapter 222 - Courtyard on fire!

    Chapter 222: Courtyard on fire!

    The greatest fear is the unknown.

    Li Muyang could not understand why his parents and sister suddenly went to Tiandu, before he left he had not the slightest indication. Mother Luo Qi also said to consider using the golden coins from Li Muyang's reward to buy him a larger courtyard, so that Li Muyang could live more comfortably when he returns.

    Li Muyang did not understand why the Lu Family treated them like that, because he knew nothing about the Lu family. Inside the Tear of the Dragon King was a 'two-faced technique'. During Li Muyang's free time he would also take a look at it. After a skim through, he shuddered with fear, thinking that those officials especially high-ranking officials were too treacherous and cunning. If they began to be ruthless, they could completely swallow people including their bones.

    Li Muyang could disregard his own safety, but not ignore the safety of his parents and sister.

    "Senior Wuyou, I have a favour--" Li Muyang looked at Wuyou full of anticipation, as he asked in a low voice.

    "You want me to take you to Tiandu?"

    "Yes." Li Muyang said, nodding. "I'm really worried for the safety of my family. I have to see for myself and know exactly what is happening. Otherwise, Muyang can't sleep."

    "The Lu family has children who study here, why don't you go inquire about the situation?" Xie Wuyou said with a smile.

    "Children of the Lu family?" Li Muyang paused for a brief moment before asking: "Lu Qiji?"

    "I don't know the name. But it's no harm in asking. The West Wind Kingdom is a huge country and Tiandu is the city of residence of the emperor. Presumably there are a few students here. Find someone to ask, it's easy to find out the answer."

    Li Muyang bowed his thanks. "Thank you Senior Wuyou. I'm going to ask now."

    Xie Wuyou smiled and waved. "Soon is the Water Moon Paradise training, you must take care of your safety."

    "Water Moon Paradise? Could it be that someone would dare to commit a crime there? The Academy doesn't care?" Li Muyang asked aloud.

    Xie Wuyou smiled and did not answer his question directly: "I planted a fruit tree in the east, if you have time go try the fruit in my orchard."


    Li Muyang already knew that Starry Sky teaches students to choose the subject they are most interested in as their major according to their aptitude. Then, the school, according to the choice of students, organised targeted guidance and training.

    What Li Muyang did not expect was that the beautiful and extraordinary Xie Wuyou wants to be a farmer.

    Maybe he understood what Li Muyang was thinking about, Xie Wuyou smiled and explained, pointing to Xiaobai behind him. "The fruits are for him to eat."

    "Oh. I see." Li Muyang nodded as he asked: "Senior Wuyou majors in?"

    "Raising crane."


    The inside of the room was pitch-black, a great deal of light came rushing in from the outside, charging towards the crystal stone floating in mid-air.

    A red line appeared in the almost transparent crystal, slowly extending, then grew into a tapered head and a long tail. A red bird circled round and round in the crystal, making loud shrieks again and again.

    Its surrounding areas and shrieking sounds were encased within the crystal, and there was no way to break through.

    In the process of the firebird spinning around, wisps of red cloud were released.

    Then, the transparent crystal was crammed and shrouded with the duplication of red clouds.

    Lu Qiji's eyes fiercely sprang open, two purple flames looked about to burst out and incinerate everything in sight.

    The flowers, grass and bamboo forest began to discharge smoke and appeared to be burning.

    The bed under her was all aflame, unable to resist the heavenly fire that can incinerate everything.

    The clouds drifting across the sky deepened into a red colour for no apparent reason at all, and then burst into flames and started blazing fiercely.

    There were flashes of lightning and rumblings overhead, which waited for action, waiting to create a huge movement.

    With an extraordinary scene emerged across the sky, countless people rushed outside to watch.

    "Look, fire clouds, the clouds are burning--"

    "In broad daylight, there is lightning, there must be something big happening--"

    "Who is doing this? Is a Starry Sky teacher using their power?" --

    The mists and fog rolled in above Lu Qiji, her clothes burning brightly.

    They instantly turned to ashes and hit the ground.

    The perfect body of Lu Qiji was exposed in this space, like a fairy from beyond the nine heavens or a fairy from the forest of Flower Language Plains.

    More darkness creeping behind her, ready to pounce, as though the sun in the sky could not provide her with enough energy.

    It was the chance of breakthrough, as long as she gritted her teeth and persisted, she would enter the first stage of the Heart of the Phoenix.

    When the crystal body of the Heart of the Phoenix was completely coloured and became crimson red, she would successfully finish and regain some of her power of the past.

    However, the Phoenix has nine changes, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, as well as devoid of filth and heavenly. Every transformation is earth-shattering and each breakthrough like rebirth.

    When she broke through, the entire little courtyard would most likely be set ablaze by heavenly fire.

    Situated in Starry Sky Academy, such a display would be really too noticeable.


    Lu Qiji opened her mouth and swallowed the crystal that was devouring the light.

    She took a long deep breath, feeling deep regret and helplessness.

    "Such a good opportunity, wasted." Lu Qiji muttered to herself: "I don't know when or where the next breakthrough will be."

    After a brief pause, she continued: "I don't know what kind of state Li Muyang is now. The possession of the Tear of the Dragon King, is the same as browsing the sea of treasures and rare books in a dragon's head--If he is ahead of me, when I want to block his evil actions, it will become more and more difficult."

    Knock Knock Knock-

    Several loud knocks sounded from the door.

    Lu Qiji's eyes turned slightly stern, but instantly controlled herself.

    She looked down at her naked body and walked toward the bathroom.

    Inside was a huge wooden tub that was filled with hot water.

    Hot water vapour rolled from the tub and the water was still bubbling.

    Lu Qiji, not afraid of the extreme heat, jumped right in.

    Soon her sexy and flawless body was concealed with boiling water.

    "Lu Qiji--" Li Muyang loudly slammed at the door and shouted: "Quickly open the door. I know you're in there. I have something important to ask you--"

    "--" Still no one answered.

    "Lu Qiji, why are you so petty?" It was a fair fight between me and Chu Xun, I did not want to beat him like that--Don't tell me you hold a grudge against me because Chu Xun lost--"

    "Open the door, I'll break in if you don't open the door--"

    "Lu Qiji, your courtyard is on fire--I'm coming in, I'm really coming in--"
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