Chapter 224 - Honest with each other!

    Chapter 224: Honest with each other!

    Lu Qiji was really in flames.

    Her clothes instantly turned to ashes, smoke curling up, and purple flames flickered from time to time.

    A pretty flame!

    Li Muyang liked it a lot!

    When her clothes were all burned, she would be completely naked.

    The ancient sage once said: Look not at what is contrary to propriety; listen not to what is contrary to propriety; speak not what is contrary to propriety; make no movement which is contrary to propriety. When being molested, do not look, do not listen, do not speak, do not move, perhaps that would be better?

    Li Muyang thought that this sentence and a popular proverb of West Wind Kingdom had the same meaning but was expressed differently: life is like rape, if you cannot resist, then close your eyes and enjoy.

    Li Muyang did not like Lu Qiji, so he didn't want to see her naked.

    He was such a proud and willful man!

    He threw a blanket over Lu Qiji, which was instantly set into flames.

    He ripped off a quilt and covered Lu Qiji, but very soon the quilt also reduced to ashes.

    Li Muyang threw Lu Qiji into the wooden tub in her room

    Gurgle gurgle--

    The tub of water began to boil, thick smoke rising into the air. It made loud gurgling and bubbling noises.

    Luckily, the fire had not spread to the tub yet.

    Water splashed outward in all directions, while water in the bucket reduced and evaporated at a speed visible to the naked eye.

    Li Muyang picked up a large wooden basin in the corner of the room, sprinted to the pond in the courtyard, and filled it with cold water to be poured into the wooden tub.

    As soon as he poured the cold water in, it immediately boiled and evaporated into vapour.

    Li Muyang once again carried the wooden basin and ran outside, collecting a basin of cold water after another to help cool her down--

    As a basin filled with cold water was poured in, a tub of water was boiled and evaporated.

    But Lu Qiji's temperature did not drop but instead went up quickly.

    Li Muyang suddenly remembered Taoism 'Cleansing Mind Incantation', which he had listened to from Master Xiahou Qianbai before. Because of Xiahou Qianbai's profound cultivation, it had forced Li Muyang to reveal his true nature on the spot and made him almost do something crazy.

    'Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery' had a chapter on 'Cleansing Mind Incantation' personally written by Teacher Xiahou, which Li Muyang had learned by heart, but dared not to recite in public. He was afraid of suddenly turning vicious again, and expose his identity.

    However, Li Muyang had heard Teacher Xiahou said before that 'Cleansing Mind Incantation' was the best incantation to clear away a heart's fire and to calm the mind. Adding to this, it also had an effect on demons.

    Li Muyang thought that fire was burning in Lu Qiji's heart, so he thought he could attempt to recite the 'Cleansing Mind Incantation' to help calm her.

    But what if he was forced to transform into his true form when he recites the 'Cleansing Mind Incantation'?

    In his past life, the Dragon King also couldn't withstand the 'Cleaning Mind Incantation'.

    After seeing a purple fire burst out from Lu Qiji, Li Muyang unhesitatingly cleared his throat and began to recite the first verse of 'Cleansing Mind Incantation'----

    When Lu Qiji opened her eyes, the room was already dark.

    She glanced sideways out the window, where birds were chirping, insects singing and flowers were radiating their fragrance.

    Outside the distant sky, there was a few stars sparkling and twinkling with a faint light.

    "It's getting dark." Lu Qiji said softly.

    "You're awake? You must be hungry, eat something." Li Muyang pushed open the door, with a bowl filled with rice porridge in his hand. The bowl of rice porridge exuded a strong aroma, like it was just cooked up.

    Lu Qiji sat up in her bed and looked down at her clothes, not seeming too surprised.

    She knew what had happened. She was forced to halt when she was close to breakthrough, which was equal to repressing essential qi back into her body.

    A phoenix belonged to the fire attribute. Although she possessed the heart of the Phoenix , stopping the separation of the most frantic body of qi from her body, still seriously damaged her body.

    It was like having a blood clot in your chest, and you were unwilling to release it. Instead, you forced it back into your body.

    She was unable to use essential qi, until she let it slowly repair itself. But she attempted to exert essential qi to attack Li Muyang, causing the clotted blood to gush out madly, and she immediately became dizzy and faint.

    Lu Qiji was well aware of her constitution and what would happen in that situation. Her clothes were all burnt, and he kindly gave her a complete outfit--if she not only did not say thank you, but slapped him across the face, that would not be her at all. That sort of thing Lu Qiji could not bring herself to do it and she also disdained to do such an action.

    She did not need to express her integrity and moral uprightness in such a way, for she is a symbol of integrity and moral uprightness herself.

    Smelling the aroma of the rice porridge, Lu Qiji indeed felt a little hungry.

    She received the bowl of porridge from Li Muyang, quickly finished it, and gave the empty bowl back to Li Muyang to wash.

    When he came in again, a cup of warm water was in his hand.

    Lu Qiji received the cup, took a sip of warm water, looked at Li Muyang and said: "Why didn't you kill me?"

    "In the Dragon Slaying Canyon, you also didn't kill me?" Li Muyang said, smiling. "When I was bound by 'The Curse of Subduing the Dragon', if it wasn't for your help, I'm afraid I wouldn't live up to now. Also, I would not have the chance of appearing in front of you again."

    Lu Qiji gave a piercing stare at Li Muyang, saying: "You really do know everything."

    "This is all thanks to the elder, who used his last wisp of spirit to force the Tear of the Dragon King that have been left on my arm to fuse with me. So now I know some things that I didn't know before--" Li Muyang said calmly. "I know the reason you want to kill me. No, it should be the reason you want to kill him. To tell the truth, to do the same thing for tens of thousands of years, to save the country and people from danger again and again, I have a little respect for you."

    "He is you. You inherited his dragon soul, which is the same as fusing together with him. As you become stronger, you will become more and more influenced by the Tear of the Dragon King--At that time, what he wants you to do, is what you have to do. If you have such thoughts then, I will still stop you." Lu Qiji stated firmly: "No, the best way is to stop you now. As long as you're killed, there will not be the development of such a dangerous situation."

    "That's not fair to me." Li Muyang cried. "You can't just behead someone because it's possible he may commit a crime. What if I didn't have the intention to do something like that? What if I suddenly fall sick in the middle of my studies or had my qi disrupted just like you just now--anything can happen. Isn't that right?"

    "I believe in the power of the dragon soul. It is not something you can influence or control." Lu Qiji stated. "You are not the master, you are only the captive of it. You are being deceived by him."

    "Do not use the word 'deceive'. Li Muyang corrected Lu Qiji. "I'm thankful to him and I need him. If it hadn't been for him, I would still be as much a trash as I used to be-- you will never understand such a feeling."

    "So? You're going to inherit his wishes?"

    "I think we should talk about it." Li Muyang looked Lu Qiji sincerely in the eye then said aloud: "Let's talk frankly and openly and be honest with each other."
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