Chapter 225 - Family!

    Chapter 225: Family!

    "Talk about what?" Lu Qiji eyed Li Muyang with a wary glare, as she asked aloud.

    She was not afraid of smart people, or treacherous people, only afraid of strong people.

    The Li Muyang who had merged with the Tear of the Dragon King will possess unlimited possibilities in the future; Lu Qiji was not 100% certain that she could destroy him.

    In other words, Li Muyang was a man able to bring her both pressure and danger.

    Because of this, every word he said was full of weight.

    "You know who I am, and I also know your identity. This is a time where everyone wants to slay dragons. Iff my identity is exposed, it will be extremely dangerous for me and it may be difficult for me to survive. But think about it, why do they slaughter dragons? Because the Dragon Clan is too powerful, that it makes them feel insecure."

    "However, if they know that a similarly powerful race also exists in the world that can contend with dragons, and they are not the human race--even if you've been protecting them for tens of thousands of years, I'm afraid they won't have any preferential treatment for you. As long as they have the chance, you will encounter--the same tragic fate that the elder and I suffered." "

    Li Muyang continued with a smile: "So, shouldn't you and I work together, keep secrets for each other. In that case, both you and I will both be safe--what do you think?"

    Lu Qiji's eyelids flickered. "Then watch you become stronger, and finally massacre humans, destroy the country and wipe out the human race?"

    "First, I'm also a human. Why would I massacre humans, destroy the country and wipe out the human race? It doesn't make sense. Secondly, my parents and family are also human, would I have the heart to watch them suffer the pain of watching families ruin and people die? It doesn't make sense. Third, if the human race is extinct, the heavenly moat disappeared, those abyss demons would break the boundary again and try to occupy the divine continent--What good is there for me? I don't want to see ugly monsters either. They hate the Dragon Clan more than they hate the human race, would it be beneficial to me to let them come to me?"

    Lu Qiji stayed silent.

    She thought what Li Muyang said was quite reasonable, but--still something felt wrong.

    "Of course I understand your concern. Li Muyang said with a smile. "You're scared that if you don't kill me now, when I fully integrate with the Tear of the Dragon King, it will be impossible for you to kill me. It's even more likely that I would be ahead of you, you won't be as skilled as me, and would be killed by me--is that right?"

    "Idiotic nonsense." Lu Qiji coldly uttered.

    "Well, I may be an idiot, but these words are definitely not nonsense." Li Muyang said smiling. "You can kill me."


    "I said, you can kill me." Li Muyang repeated. "We will band together, at least for the moment, to fight the enemies instead of fighting between ourselves, keep each other's identity secret. However, in the process you can kill me--that is, you can kill me when you think I must die."


    "Of course, I also might kill you. After all, your existence is also a danger to me. You know too many secrets of mine, and will be my biggest opponent in the future--When I want to kill you, I naturally will."

    "Is this cooperation?"

    "It's a love and hate relationship." Li Muyang said.


    Noticing Lu Qiji's eyes deepening with murderous intent, Li Muyang quickly changed his mind: "Of course, love is impossible. Then just protect and hate each other. Protecting each other and trying to kill each other--is more appropriate, right?"

    "I agree." Lu Qiji said.

    She was a decisive person, the instant she thinks something is feasible she would immediately carry it out and a matter that is impossible she would refuse on the spot.

    Li Muyang's proposal was very reasonable. She could expose his identity as a dragon and make him become the public's enemy, but Li Muyang could also expose her identity.

    The numbers of strong people of the human race are over the millions. Even if they had doubts, authenticating something was simple for them.

    After the powerful people of the human race killed Li Muyang, what would they do to her?

    The answer was evident!

    "Delightful." Li Muyang exclaimed. "Women are not inferior to men, firm and decisive, I really admire such people. In fact, I hope we can join hands, or do something together?"

    "Don't make me change my mind."

    "I'm kidding." Li Muyang said smiling: "Well, the negotiations are over, let's talk about some gossip--Is there a Lu family in Tiandu? The Lu Family of Hundred Generals?"

    "That's right." Lu Qiji cast a strange glance at Li Muyang, as she answered in a low voice.

    "Oh, your surname is also Lu, you should know that clan--is this family doing well?"


    "How can you answer so quickly? It seems like you're familiar with them?"

    "Very familiar."

    "Then do you know--they brought back a family from Jiangnan to protect?" Li Muyang asked calmly, forcibly suppressing his anxious feelings.

    "I know."

    Li Muyang's heartbeat was racing anxiously, his eyelashes trembling, asking: "You even know about this? We went to Starry Sky Academy at the same time, how can you know the matters of Tiandu like the back of your hand."

    "Because I received a letter." Lu Qiji said.

    "Letter?" Li Muyang looked Lu Qiji with a startled look of his face and asked, "what do you mean?"

    "I said, I received a letter from mother, she brought back a family from Jiangnan to protect. The woman was her maid and the man was her cart driver before. Oh, there's also a young girl, who's in Tiandu now, studying at a senior high school called Imperial View High School--" Lu Qiji said calmly and indifferently. As though talking about something very trivial.

    Li Muyang's eyes widen further as he exclaimed: "You mean, my father, mother and my little sister--are all living in your house? Why are they living in your house?"

    "They need protection." Lu Qiji swept another glance at Li Muyang, saying: "Why they need protection, you should know more than I do?"


    "They--" Li Muyang's voice sounded somewhat upset. Beacon-fire has been continuing for months on end, more valuable than gold is a letter from one's family [TN Note: This is a verse from a famous chinese poem, basically describing the separation caused by war and how much value communicating to your family is when you are at the frontlines ]. Although he only knew about his family from someone else's mouth, Li Muyang was still excited with joy. "Are they well?"

    "Very well." Lu Qiji looked at Li Muyang's eyes that brimmed with tears. "Mother and her maid are close like sisters, she will take good care of them. With the Lu family protecting them, presumably the Cui family will not do anything too drastic."

    "That's good." Li Muyang, in an attempt to suppress his tears and quell his emotion, stammered out happily: "I'm glad. They're fine. With the Lu family's protection, the Cui family would not dare touch them--In that case, we are a family. Why don't you think about it again, we'll work together to do some earth-shattering things."

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