Chapter 228 - Princess of West Wind!

    Chapter 228: Princess of West Wind!

    As the princess of the West Wind Kingdom, when had Chu Ning ever suffered such humiliation before?

    Ever since she was born, her parents spoiled her, her older brothers took good care of her, Ministers lavished compliments on her, and she got whatever she wanted. Everything in the world, she made endless demands for, unaware of sorrow, or the hardships of the people.

    A while ago, she heard from her older brothers that Cui Zhaoren of the Cui family was killed by a nobody from Jiangnan city, and the guy called Li Muyang was accepted into Starry Sky Academy because he had achieved the first place in the Imperial exams of West Wind, so even the Cui family could not do anything to him. Cui Xichen of the Cui family complained to her father the Emperor about this everyday, causing her father to be deeply worried about this matter.

    Chu Ning knew Cui Zhaoren, and also had an extremely good impression of him.

    Not only was Cui Zhaoren handsome, his cultivation level was high. He was also attentive and treated her extremely well. As one of the most well known figures of the younger generation of Tiandu, he had won the trust and love of her father.

    Every time Cui Zhaoren returned after the completion of his mission, he would make a brief stop at the palace, and order someone to help him deliver some gifts, or personally deliver the gifts himself. It was always pearls of Beihai or some fascinating and rare objects from the south. Each present left her feeling pleasantly surprised.

    Chu Ning sometimes had such thoughts: when she's older and it's the time for her to choose a husband, Cui Zhaoren was not a bad choice--

    However, Cui Zhaoren was killed by Li Muyang.

    Before Chu Ning had the time to find Li Muyang, she had heard that Chu Xun was beaten up to the point his bones were broken.

    Chu Ning did not like Chu Xun, because as a son of the highly regarded Chu Clan, with the same royal blood flowing through his body as them, he was willing to follow a girl of the Lu family around all day long like a useless person--What's so good about that Lu Qiji?

    However, Chu Xun was still a member of the royal family of West Wind. Beating up Chu Xun, is tantamount to sweeping the face of the Royal Family of West Wind. In any case, there was no way they could pretend that nothing had happened.

    They could have not avenged Chu Xun, but they had to stand up and do something to maintain the face of the royal family. Otherwise, how would the other Prince and Princesses in Starry Sky Academy regard them?

    However, since her older brothers said to give the matter further thought before taking action, she had no choice but to wait for the news of her older brothers. She had said to herself to endure for now, there will be a time when this poor boy must pay a heavy price. After offending the Royal Family of West Wind, you still want to have a good life?

    When you're at Starry Sky Academy, nobody could do anything to you. But could you stay at Starry Sky Academy for your entire life?

    Because of the literary and artistic genes that the people of the Chu Clan had, the work of their ancestor Chu Gaozu has been highly commented on, and was a piece of work handed down through generations. Even her Emperor father paints a small painting every couple of days and a large painting every ten days, and wrote incessantly, putting in great efforts to follow their ancestors.

    Chu Ning also loved to draw, and today Master Gu Huangwu, known to be exceptionally superb in painting and calligraphy, personally came to teach. No matter what she could not miss such a good opportunity to learn.

    What she did not expect was that the moment she walked into the Institute of Art, she heard a vulgar person saying repeatedly that he wanted to eat red braised pork in Master Gu classroom to attract his attention. If it were someone else, Chu Ning would have only thought that this guy was blindly impersonating someone but made himself looked foolish, a clown.

    But Song Tinyun stared at him closely, whispering: "He is that Li Muyang."

    "Li Muyang?" Chu Ning felt her head was about to explode, and then could not help but to resort to ridicule and mockery, wanting to puncture this bastard's arrogance to let him know that there were always people who are better than him--

    Chu Ning was unsure whether or not she made Li Muyang know that there are always people who were better than him, but Li Muyang undoubtedly made her feel that there are always jerks.

    She clearly called him an idiot, but he said it was her self-introduction--who has a name like that?

    With this confrontation, not only did Chu Ning not thought to let him off lightly, but felt an uncontrollable force inside her body, an impulse to slap Li Muyang till he died.

    "Yes, I'm called Li Muyang." Li Muyang smiled and nodded, looking at the woman's face ashen with anger. "Thank you for trying so hard to remember my name."

    "I was trying so hard to make you die." Chu Ning said.

    The smile on Li Muyang's face gradually faded away, he hated when others talk to him about life and death. After all, it was the thing most frightening to him.

    Li Muyang stared coldly at Chu Ning, asking in a low voice, "We've met before?"


    "There is enmity between us before?"

    "As deep as the sea."

    "That's strange." Li Muyang threw a ruminative sideways glance at Song Tinyun. "We've not met before, how is there hatred as deep as the sea? I don't have the ability to take a person's virginity from thousands of miles away--"

    "Li Muyang--" Song Tinyun thundered. "Don't be rude, do you know who you're talking to?"

    "I really don't know. Before when she called me an idiot, I really thought that was her name--the surname Bai is pretty good, but the name behind is not that good." Li Muyang shot a sharp piercing stare at Song Tinyun. He suspected that the idiot girl, who came to pick a fight with him, was swayed by the pretty boy Song Tinyun--It doesn't matter whether or not he has done such a thing, since, Li Muyang was already convinced that he has.

    Li Muyang had listened to a lot of drama text, and all the red lips white teeth characters in the stories were never good people. Instead, the thick eyebrows and big eyes characters with a back of a tiger and waist of a bear, were heroes that treated one another with absolute sincerity and had a sense of justice as high as the clouds.

    Li Muyang thought of his own appearance, rosy red lips and pretty white teeth--

    And then he suddenly felt that all the dramas were lying to the people, they can't be trusted.

    "She is Princess Chu Ning of West Wind, you dare make impertinent remarks, dare to insult the Princess reputation, tarnish the purity of the Princess, are you not afraid of being beheaded?" The corners of Song Tinyun's mouth twisted into a cold smile. This guy really has no idea of death or danger, dared to speak to the Princess in such a tone, was he not afraid of his entire family and all relatives being executed?

    "Princess of West Wind?" Li Muyang's face was filled with shock.

    He turned around to look at Qiandu and Lin Canghai, trying to get some support or negation from them. He wanted them to tell him that this woman is not a princess; she is nothing but an annoying woman.

    Qiandu stayed silent, while Lin Canghai nodded.

    "This idiot woman really is--the Princes of West Wind?" Li Muyang almost let out a groan of anguish.

    His parents and sisters were in Tiandu, receiving the care and protection of the Lu Family. While he was in Starry Sky Academy, offending the Princess of West Wind. If she wrote a letter back, asking her Emperor father to arrest and punish his parents, then at that time, not even the Lu family can protect them, right?

    Can a mighty General be more powerful than the Emperor?

    Li Muyang really wanted to knock his head into Chu Ning, knock down and kill that idiot woman.
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