Chapter 229 - Cowardly and shameless!

    Chapter 229: Cowardly and shameless!

    Li Muyang felt that he had suffered a hard bitter life!

    On his way to his new school, he inexplicably killed Cui Zhaoren of the Cui family and was then chased and hunted. Luckily, fatty Gongshu Yuan was there to protect him the entire journey, therefore he was able to safely arrive at the foot of Nameless Mountain. Before he could enjoy some peaceful days in school, he then offended the Princess of the West Wind Kingdom--

    The Cui Family wanted to retaliate against him, fortunately the Lu Family shouldered him, taking on his burden. After all, they were opponents at the same level.

    If the Emperor of West Wind wants to punish him, would the Lu family still be able to shield him?

    This was a huge question in Li Muyang's heart.

    The ruthless wolf in front has not yet been driven away, but a fierce tiger was already creeping up behind him. Li Muyang felt really unlucky; he thought that nobody was as pitiful as him in the world.

    He did not plan to anger nor offend anyone, why did everybody want to make life difficult for him?

    Li Muyang's face was overcast with weariness, when he suddenly turned around to pull Lin Canghai closer, whispering: "She really is a Princess of West Wind?"

    "Shouldn't be false." Lin Canghai did not give him a comfortable answer, but whispered back: "Because of the help that Starry Sky Academy received from the Royal family of each country, each year there will be twenty places set aside for the outstanding children of the Royal Family. Of course, such privileged events exist anywhere, and Starry Sky Academy was no exception--"

    "As far as I know, the Royal Family tends to send Princesses and Prince over to study. On one hand, Starry Sky Academy can nurture talent and those who go back can strengthen their country. In addition, by sending the Prince and Princesses over, they can win over the talents and elites of various countries, and get recognised by other people. Thirdly, also a very important point, is that they can build a good relationship with Starry Sky Academy, then whenever something happens to their country, they can ask Starry Sky Academy for help--"

    Lin Canghai studied Chu Ning, before he added: "Ordinary students would not say they're the Princess of West Wind, this is a big offence and no one dares to. Since she dares to shout out that she's the Princess of West Wind, then she must be the Princess of West Wind--the little pretty boy next to her also doesn't looks silly, he wouldn't dare to speak so carelessly."

    Li Muyang looked at the lovely small face of Lin Canghai, thinking to himself: your face is whiter than his, how can you say that he's a pretty boy?

    He firmly grasped Lin Canghai. "What do you mean, this shouldn't be false?"

    "Can't be false."

    "Then what should I do?"

    "If I were you, I would apologise immediately--" said Lin Canghai. "If an apology would be of any use, that is."


    "A great man knows when to yield and when not." Li Muyang said to himself.

    "For a gentleman to take revenge, ten years is not too late." Li Muyang comforted himself.

    "A real man doesn't fight with women." Li Muyang tried to convince himself. "This is not admitting defeat, but a tactic for the better protection of my family."

    Li Muyang let his breath out in a long exhalation, then walked to the front of Song Tinyun, smiled and said: "You just said my words were insulting, what impertinent remarks did I make?"

    "You still want to deny it?" Song Tinyun knew that Li Muyang felt a guilty conscience, he already despised him more than before. He could not understand why Cui Xiaoxin and such a boneless guy became so close back then, which is not in line with her cautious personality. "You just said it in public, don't tell me you won't admit it?"

    "If you remember, you might as well say it out loud--A true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his action. As long as I did say it, I would never deny it."

    "You said--" Song Tinyun glanced over at Chu Ning. "You said 'I do not have the ability to take a person's virginity from thousands of miles away'--is this not what you said?"

    "I said that." Li Muyang unhesitatingly admitted it. Without any resistance and refutation.

    "What else do you have to say for yourself?"

    "What I said was right." Li Muyang said, smiling. "I said I don't have the ability to take a person's virginity from thousands of miles away, so I could not have done that to the princess. The princess is still pure, and her reputation also wouldn't be affected. How did I make impertinent remarks? How did I tarnish the purity of the Princess? I'm just saying the truth. Don't tell me you have such an ability?"

    "Li Muyang, you--" Song Tinyun was at a loss for words, trying to come up with a retort. He comes from a family of scholars for generations of the West Wind Kingdom, and his family is named the library of the West Wind Kingdom, the cornerstone of the spirit and civilization of the Kingdom. The Emperor of the West Wind Kingdom was also married a woman of the Song family, it can be said that the Song Family was a hardcore supporter of the Chu Clan of West Wind Kingdom and one who shared in the benefits of the West Wind Kingdom. A child of such a noble family with such a high position of power, facing Li Muyang's thug-like ways, indeed there was a feeling of inadequacy.

    "You think I've made a very good point now, right?" Li Muyang said with a smile.

    "Li Muyang, you're good at talking. Like a clown in a circus. The fact that you were actually able to seriously injure Chu Xun, indicates that your cultivation level is not bad. Do you dare to have a fair and square duel with me?"

    "Again." Li Muyang sighed inwardly. "How come these people draw their sword to kill people over such little things? Do they not know that life is extremely precious?"

    Li Muyang shook his head and said, "I'm not fighting."

    "Why? Scared?" Song Tinyun's eyes narrowed slightly, his mouth contorted into a cold smile.

    "The quota has been used up." Li Muyang answered. "I only accept the challenge of one opponent per year. This year, I already accepted Chu Xun's battle, so it's used up already. If you want to battle, then wait till next year?"

    "Cowardly and shamelessness." Song Tinyun looked at Li Muyang with undisguised contempt, and said with a voice that sounded like he was high and mighty and Li Muyang was not worthy of being associated with him. "I don't know what Xiaoxin likes about you, how could she be friends with someone like you--"


    Cui Xiaoxin!

    The name that was deliberately forgotten by Li Muyang, was abruptly mentioned in such a way.

    The outstanding classmate who said to him with a sincere look on her face, 'fight to win, try to succeed', the intelligent girl who came everyday to tutor him, the beautiful goddess who lit up his life but waved and left without leaving a wisp of cloud behind.

    She was his first love, was the one that made Li Muyang understand the feeling of love--from his dream.

    Li Muyang originally thought that, when he climbed the mountain with her and torrents of water gushed down the mountain, causing both of them to drop down into the bottomless cliff, it indicated that the fate between them has come to an end, and there would be no communication between them anymore.

    But when he heard her name, Li Muyang went into a trance.

    The reason he worked so hard back then, was so he could one day get into West Wind University with her.

    He wanted to make a promise with her, to see the widely praised sunset at the unnamed lake.

    Just that, things stay the same, but people change.

    "She--how is she?" Li Muyang asked in a low voice.

    Qiandu's eyes suddenly lit up, like stars suddenly illuminated in the night sky.

    She studied Li Muyang curiously, analysing the relationship between Li Muyang and the girl called Xiaoxin

    "It seems that this guy has some painful memories unknown to anyone." Qiandu thought to herself.

    "What does it have to do with you?" Song Tinyun asked rhetorically.

    Li Muyang nodded, saying: "You said I don't have a sense of shame, I can't deny that. I say things without meaning it, do things that even I find hard to accept, all just to live."

    "As for cowardice, I can't agree with that. I've just defeated Chu Xun, broke his bones--Do you need me to mercilessly beat you up, trample every bone of yours, for you to know of my bravery?"
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