Chapter 230 - You pick the time!

    Chapter 230: You pick the time!

    The Institute of Art was a quiet, peaceful place, where everyone could enjoy and admire the scenery or learn skills from each other. On hearing such a disturbing clamour, many people gathered around to watch.

    Without them noticing, a large crowd had already surrounded Li Muyang.

    Because Li Muyang spoke such strong and outrageous words, a great gasp of surprise came from the crowd.

    Some people who knew Song Tinyun, stood beside him and made a joke.

    "Song Tinyun, it seems he's unwilling to submit, is it because you're usually too low-key?"

    "Song Tinyun, it seems that this argument has to end with a fight--I bet on you."

    "That boy has guts, I like it--but are you sure you can beat Song Tinyun?I still want to bet on Song Tinyun."

    Chu Ning glared at Li Muyang's face with anger on her own, saying: "Li Muyang, you're an annoying troublemaker. You think that just because you defeated Chu Xun, no one can do anything to you?

    Li Muyang looked at Chu Ning, smiled and answered: "Who is the annoying troublemaker? First, you insulted me, and then he challenged me I refused, then you guys said I'm a coward and shameless, when I accepted, you think I'm an annoying troublemaker-if you were me, what would you do? Why don't you teach me."

    "You--" From what he said, Chu Ning suddenly felt that his words had a point. However, why did she feel more and more uncomfortable inside and more and more furious?

    Song Tinyun flicked an amused glance at Li Muyang, saying: "You're angry."

    "I came to learn about paintings, but two idiots came to pick a fight with me. Shouldn't I be angry?"

    "When I mentioned Cui Xiaoxin, you started to get angry. Why? Because you had hopes about her, you shamelessly chased after her. In the end, you didn't receive the response you want, instead she told you that it's never going to happen between you two--You're angry because of this, right? You're angry because of the cruelty of the truth, the unfairness of fate."

    Li Muyang looked Song Tinyun with fierce, piercing eyes. "You're provoking me?"

    "No." Song Tinyun said, shaking his head: "I'm just telling you the truth, analysing your relationship with Xiaoxin--"

    "What does my relationship with Cui Xiaoxin have to do with you?"

    "Of course it matters to him." Chu Ning sneered aloud. "Cui Xiaoxin is going to marry Song Tinyun, don't you know?"

    "--" Li Muyang's pupils suddenly constricted, his face blanched while looking at Chu Ning, doubting the truthfulness of her words.

    He was already aware that it's impossible between him and Cui Xiaoxin. Besides the wide difference in status and the huge gap between their families, the fact that he killed Cui Zhaoren, signified he will never be accepted by the Cui family.

    They would love to kill him as early as possible, just how would they marry off their daughter to him?

    Cui Xiaoxin will have a different life, she will find a man who matches her in status and who really loves her. Like Song Tinyun.

    This was something that he had already understood long ago; however, when the truth was plainly presented in front of him, when he heard Cui Xiaoxin is going to marry Song Tinyun, Li Muyang's heart still felt empty.

    The woman who he regarded as his first love, in the end, would no longer have anything to do with him? There would not even be a glimmer of hope left.

    "Oh, I know, Cui Xiaoxin hasn't told you, isn't that right? So you still don't understand the situation at all." Taking notice of Li Muyang's facial expression, Chu Ning immediately understood Li Muyang's mind, and again fiercely stabbed him with another knife. "Why didn't Cui Xiaoxin not want to tell you? Because she doesn't want you to feel inferior. In her heart, you're nothing but an insignificant person. There are countless toads that want to eat swan meat, but guess what? The swan was married to another swan, and the toad was all skinned and left under the sun, its sinews and flesh trembling. So ugly."

    Qiandu eyebrows lifted, evidently disliking the way Chu Ning attacked Li Muyang with her words.

    Uncovering the scars of others, pointing to the bleeding wounds and saying to people: look he has been hurt. This is in itself an extremely brutal form of wounding someone.

    However, this was Li Muyang's private matters and she did not get involved. She instead waited to see how Li Muyang would handle this.

    Li Muyang's eyes squinted up as he smiled and said to Chu Ning said: "Why?"

    "What do you mean why?"

    "Don't you guys just hate me, and want to teach me a lesson?" Li Muyang said with a smile. "Maybe out of the one hundred people you've bullied, ninety nine people would choose to stay quiet because of your status, swallow all the grievances and humiliation into their stomach. But there is a man like me, unwilling to compromise, unwilling to bow down to you, so you can't restrain your anger and annoyance and feel that your authority has been challenged, your dignity been insulted--"

    "You're a Princess of West Wind, but you're unruly and obstinate, abuse your powers and bully people. Aren't you the worst Princess in Starry Sky Academy? As a citizen of West Wind Kingdom, I'm really ashamed to have a princess like you."

    "Li Muyang, you--"

    Li Muyang was unafraid of offending these people, because it would have been useless even if he were afraid of them. The more you fear, the harder they stepped on you, and the more they bully you.

    His sight again shifted to Song Tinyun. "I know you come from a noble family, live an extravagant life, I know you're arrogant, your eyes are on your head and you never take notice of others. I also hope that I'll have a similar family background to you, I also want to live an extravagant life, I also wish that I'll be called young master, have the best teachers to impart knowledge, have the most powerful master to teach martial arts, have rare sacred books to read, and elixir and magical potion for me to eat. Unfortunately, I have none of these."

    "However, I feel that even if I had all of that, I won't use it to bully or humiliate people. I believe that, since the heavens gave me so many good things, they must have other profound meaning. They must want us to turn to the virtuous side, do things that are more meaningful and more worthy of respect from others. I'm an insignificant person, a little student in the shadow of your magnificence and nobility--even if you defeat me, mercilessly trample on me, would it add lustre to your name, would you be more respected and admired?"

    "You have many people, great forces and immense power. You can do what you want to do, many masters will jump out to have a chance to work under you--" Li Muyang looked at both Chu Ning and Song Tinyun, continuing: "I have nothing, only this passable body. So, all I can do is, if you want to challenge me, then I accept. If you want to tread on me, I will fight back with all my strength."

    Li Muyang's voice was firm and determined and his words powerful and resonating when he said: "Time, you pick. Location, you choose."
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