Chapter 231 - Borrow power to repress people!

    Chapter 231: Borrow power to repress people!

    The whole audience was reduced to silence!

    All eyes were fixed on Li Muyang, as they carefully pondered over what he had just said.

    The people present were not all Prince and Princess or from noble families. Some of them came from the mountains, the wilderness, desert or some wicked places. These talented people formed the majority of Starry Sky Academy and the cornerstone of the entire human world.

    The structure of the world's population was in the shape of a pyramid, with the Princes, princesses and aristocrats being the minority. The world's sparsest but precious existences nonetheless.

    Along their path of growing up, they've also been bullied by the strong and oppressed by the powerful. They either had to silently endure or resist a fight. However, along their road to become stronger, inevitably many things will not go smoothly.

    Just like Li Muyang now, in the face of bullying, how could he control himself?

    At that moment, they felt that they were Li Muyang. The situation that Li Muyang was in was what they've encountered in the past or likely to encounter in the future.

    Li Muyang's grievances were their grievance; Li Muyang's fury was their fury.

    They were just a group of bystanders, but now the emotional scales have been tilted.

    They were in support of Li Muyang.

    "He's right, who doesn't want to come from a rich family, but fate is not something we can choose--you were born into a good family because you're lucky, but this is not a reason to bully others--"

    "The Royal family of West Wind abuse their powers to bully others, it makes our Dawu Nation feel ashamed. Could it be the strength of the West Wind Kingdom is weakening day by day, and sooner or later they would be annexed by another state--"

    "This is Starry Sky Academy, where there is no difference in status and authority, only in level of cultivation. If you're so good why don't you fight it out--"

    Those who were equally wealthy and high in social status felt it would be inappropriate for them to interfere and add their opinion because of their position. But the way they looked at Li Muyang was full of compassion and sympathy. They also felt that the Princess of West Wind was a bit pushy and domineering, which people dislike.

    After listening, Lin Canghai's emotions were stirred, he whispered to Qiandu: "What Li Muyang said is too amazing, the good things that the heavens have given us, are not to be used to humiliate or bully people, but to do more meaningful things--I underestimated Li Muyang. He is far more mature and outstanding than I thought."

    Qiandu nodded, smiled and said: "What else did you notice?"

    "Other things I've noticed? What else?" Lin Canghai said with a puzzled look on his face.

    "Look at the eyes of the spectators." Qiandu whispered. "What do you see in their eyes?"

    Lin Canghai shifted his sight to look at the eyes of the spectators, noticing that everyone's expression looked serious and their eyes contained indescribable emotions flickering inside.

    "They're very concerned about this matter." Lin Canghai said in a low voice. "They are beginning to care about the outcome of this dispute."

    "Yes. Originally everyone gathered because of they wanted to watch the scene and to go where the crowds were. They didn't care who wins or how it turns out. But because of Li Muyang's words, they began to think about who is in the right in this dispute--The fate of Li Muyang is also related to their fate, and Li Muyang's ending could also be their ending." Qiandu's complexion, facial expression and eyes sparkled with wisdom.

    "Yes." As though suddenly enlightened, Lin Canghai exclaimed. "Li Muyang is drawing the crowd to his side. At least from an emotional and momentum standpoint, Li Muyang has the upper hand. On the contrary, the Princess of West Wind is at a disadvantage."

    "This is borrowing power." Qiandu said. "Compared with the arrogant and mighty Princess of West Wind, Li Muyang is undoubtedly a weak person. If he clashed head on with her, he would only have suffered losses. At this time, he needed to borrow power to repress her. By borrowing the power of the spectators, the power of those who share a fate similar to his. By doing so, the Princess of West Wind is no longer facing Li Muyang himself, but a group, the people of the Institute of Art--If Chu Ning forcefully bullied Li Muyang now or gets revenge later, this would only irritate people and lose their hearts."

    "After all, all the students who could enter Starry Sky Academy will have a good future. No one can be sure which of these people will become a strong person of the Starry Sky--If today Chu Ning made them harbor ill feelings towards her, it may be difficult to wash away all the traces of this from her life. The gains cannot make up for losses."

    "Isn't Li Muyang too cunning?" Lin Canghai said, eyes widening. "I just thought he was making a comment out of personal feeling, genuine and sincere. I didn't expect him to have this idea--I have to stay away from him in the future, so he can't trick me to count his money."

    The corners of Qiandu's lips curved into a charming smile, saying: "The history of the struggle of a nobody, is both more venerable and pitiful than the struggle of important characters. It is full of intelligence. What is stronger than the imperial power? The public's heart. The way Li Muyang handled this matter is the way of being a King. You must win the hearts of the public, the people then place their hopes on you. You have to try hard to understand this, it will be beneficial to you in the future."

    Lin Canghai shook his head in refusal. "That kind of thing is too complicated. My wish is to collect all the famous swords in the world and see all the sword techniques of the world."

    Qiandu smiled, with no more words to say.

    Everyone has their own choice, she also can't force him.

    Although Chu Ning was unruly, she was not an idiot.

    She was visibly aware of the changes in the atmosphere, and the eyes that looked at her were beginning to feel hostile.

    "Damn bastard, he dares to incite people to repress me--" Chu Ning scolded in her mind. However, she did not answer. She instead looked to Song Tinyun, indicating for him to clean up the mess.

    They were defeated, miserably defeated in this battle.

    Song Tinyun understood Chu Ning's meaning, looked at Li Muyang with a deadpan expression and said: "Do not put yourself in a victim's position, a real man does not need anyone's compassion. Only the weak use this method. Besides, there is no difference in status and authority in Starry Sky Academy, only difference in strength. No Princess or Prince, and no commoners. In the presence of so many students, we might as well openly end this with a duel--If you use a sword, I will use a sword. If you won't use a weapon, I also won't use a weapon. You come to me, fair and square. No help, no tricks. Do you dare to accept such a challenge?"

    Li Muyang sneered: "These words are beautiful. Who was the one who said I insulted the Princess of West Wind? Now she's not a princess? When she was oppressing me she threw out her status as the princess, when she incur the anger of the masses she hurriedly hide away her Princess's identity--Are you playing a game of masks?"

    "Li Muyang, cut the crap. Starry Sky students measure a hero by their strength. You only need to say if you dare to take my challenge."

    "I've said already, if you want to challenge me, I accept. Time, you pick. Location, you choose." Li Muyang said in a cold voice.

    "Then right here and right now." A confident and unrestrained voice of a man echoed over the crowd.
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