Chapter 238 - The Princess apologises!

    Chapter 238: The Princess apologises!

    It was currently late autumn, but peach trees were currently blossoming.

    Bare branches, as everyone was watching, at a speed visible to the naked eye, began to grow until they were crammed with flowers. The desolate and cold garden turned beautiful, festive and lively.

    "Sorrow can cause one to age overnight. This Show of Spring Sunshine, has caused the spirit of spring to infect all the Walls of Peach Blossom--"

    "Snow in the summer, withered trees blooming This is a miracle--I've only heard of the painting immortal Li Keran achieving this--"

    "Li Muyang's painting and Teacher Gu's wisp of spring breeze, complements each other too well. It really makes one gasp in amazement--"

    Because they witnessed such a miracle, the emotion of every person that loved painting was ignited.

    They were shocked at the fact that Li Muyang had such exquisite painting skills, but they admired the ability of Gu Huangwu to touch rock and turn it to gold even more.

    They were filled with anticipation. They hoped to become like Li Muyang, become Gu Huangwu, become a national level painting master who can create such a miracle piece of work--

    Actions speak louder than words!

    Gu Huangwu lent Li Muyang his wisp of spring breeze, dispelling the questions and dissatisfaction of all people.

    They finally believed that Li Muyang was regarded as important by Teacher Gu because of real ability and genuine talent--Of course, this does not rule out the possibility that Li Muyang is the illegitimate son of the teacher. After all, if Li Muyang was just an ordinary child of a small family, how could he have such a level of ability?

    Blood relationship was very important!

    "Teacher Gu, the painting that Li Muyang presented, which of the ten borders of painting does it belong to?" Someone asked.

    Gu Huangwu took another huge mouthful of alcohol, before saying: "The realm of simplicity is the ninth border, the border of heart and mind is the tenth. Li Muyang's 'Shower of Spring Sunshine' is between the ninth and tenth border--An outstanding painting can possibly melt a few borders, it is difficult to define and judge."

    "Chu Ning's 'The boy fight in spring picture' is the first border, Li Muyang's 'Shower of Spring Sunshine' is the ninth. Then it seems that Li Muyang has won this contest." Some people looked admiringly at Li Muyang. "I did not expect to see this wonder today, it has been a worthwhile trip. Today this contest will surely be spread throughout the divine continent, and be noted in history books. We bystanders are also proud to witness this event."

    Gu Huangwu nodded, then looked at Chu Ning and stated: "Chu Ning, this contest, you have lost."

    Chu Ning looked extremely embarrassed, watching the peach trees in full bloom, she knew that her 'The boy struggle in spring' was nothing compared to his 'Shower of Spring Sunshine'.

    It was evident that her skills were more refined, her panting more beautiful. Why was it that Teacher Gu, with just a few swipe of his brush, presented such a miracle?

    Moreover, if that Li Muyang really had such painting skills, why did he come to Walls of Peach Blossom to learn painting? Is this really his first time painting?

    Chu Ning stared at Li Muyang with uncertain eyes. In her mind, two glittering characters kept appearing: A liar!

    She thought Li Muyang was a liar. He had never said a believable word from the very start.

    However, as a Princess of West Wind, she must have dignity and decency.

    Chu Ning deeply bowed to Gu Huangwu. "Thank you Teacher Gu for your comments, student will work hard, having a sense of shame is a form of bravery. I will definitely live up to Teacher Gu's expectation."

    Gu Huangwu, with a dismissive wave of his hand, answered: "There is no shame, you can produce such works at such a young age. You are just slightly worse than when I was younger--Your efforts are for yourself, and has nothing to do with me. So, whether you work hard or not is your own business. However, as your teacher, I still hope you will become successful, and live up to the title of being my student."

    "Yes." Chu Ning bowed again.

    Gu Huangwu pointed to Li Muyang. "You should be given the prize."

    Chu Ning's face was pale, her teeth gritted, walking reluctantly to in front of Li Muyang, she slightly bowed to Li Muyang and mumbled, "Li Muyang, I'm sorry."

    Li Muyang also did not want to have anything to do with this noble woman with such an important identity anymore than necessary. Now that she had to publicly apologise to him, she most likely hated him even more. If he ridiculed her and publicly embarrassed her, creating rancour between them, it would be bad for his safety and for his family.

    Li Muyang naturally backed down, smiled and said: "It's nothing, what happened was in the past. Let's treat it as if nothing had happened."

    Chu Ning was taken aback, she did not think that Li Muyang this articulate knife stabbing man would let her off so easily.

    She lifted her head to look at Li Muyang. "About the bet--"

    Li Muyang blankly looked at Chu Ning. "What bet?"

    Chu Ning suddenly understood Li Muyang's intention, this guy deliberately acted stupid to brush this matter aside. After all, if a Princess of West Wind had to serve a commoner, it would affect her reputation and the Royal Family of West Wind would lose face.

    At this moment, Chu Ning suddenly had a change of opinion of Li Muyang. She thought that this guy seemed not as annoying as the rumours said.

    Song Tinyun coldly added: "The West Wind's Royal family's promise is weightier than one thousand bars of gold, do they need your little deeds of kindness?"

    Before the smile on Chu Ning's face could blossom into a full smile, it had faded.

    She shot a dissatisfied glance at Song Tinyun, then said to Li Muyang: "Since the wager has been established, we have to follow the rules. I will be a servant for you for a day, you pick the time."

    Li Muyang smiled. "As long as you like it."

    Gu Huangwu looked back at the painting of Li Muyang, then at Li Muyang: "The artistic conception is vivid, but the drawing technique is still clumsy. The way of painting, you're a master, but also a novice. You still need to sharpen your techniques later to not waste your talent."

    Li Muyang bowed low in deep respect. "Thank you Teacher Gu, I will definitely work hard. If Teacher Gu does not mind, I want to come ask Teacher Gu for advice everyday--"

    Gu Huangwu waved his hand. "I'm an alcoholic, I'm drunk every day and can't teach anything. I don't want you to lead you astray and I don't want to lead myself astray."

    As he finished talking, he turned to say to the boy with him: "Store away the 'Shower of Spring Sunshine'."

    The young boy scurried over to collect the painting, while Gu Huangwe's gaze ran across the audience. "Today I benefited a lot, presumably you have too. So, this is the end of the lecture--while the Walls of Peach Blossom has not yet disappeared, take peach blossom as the theme, to each produce a painting for me."

    All students agreed, respectfully bowing as Gu Huangwu staggered away.

    As soon as Gu Huangwu went far away, the group of students surrounded Li Muyang, regarding him as a hero.

    "Brother Muyang, is this really your first time painting? You've never learned painting before?"

    "Brother Muyang, can I ask you about painting skills later? Please do not hesitate to enlighten me."

    "Li Muyang, where are you from, from your accent maybe we're from the same town--"

    Li Muyang was courteous and polite, answering each question one by one. Without the slightest impatience or complacency.

    The other students went off to paint, when Lin Canghai, who had stood in shock silence the entire time, rushed to embrace Li Muyang, exclaiming in an uncontrollable excited voice: "Li Muyang, I knew you're a genius--do you know what you did?"

    Qiandu jokingly added: "Who was it that blocked in front of the painting desk, and stopped people coming close?"

    Lin Canghai reddened a little, complaining: "You already knew that this 'Shower of Spring Sunshine' is an extraordinary piece of work, right? I saw you admiring it so attentively and remaining silent like you were captivated by the painting--Why did you not remind me earlier? I wouldn't have to lose face so badly."

    Qiandu did not answer Lin Canghai's question, but looked at Li Muyang. "Your painting technique is very special."

    Looking in surprise at Qiandu, Li Muyang asked, "How is it special?"

    Qiandu stayed quiet deep in thought before she replied: "I've seen in 'ancient prose' that this is the heavy-coloured gold-hook painting technique, the most peculiar and difficult to master painting skill of the world-which has been lost for a long time. It's hard for ordinary people to notice. How did Li Muyang learn it?"

    Li Muyang had no idea that a painting he casually drawn would bring about such a huge shock, but even more did not think that the study of painting and writing was so profound.

    Aware that Qiandu had suspicions about his painting skills, he asked with a smile: "What heavy-coloured gold-hook drawing technique, I have never heard of it--"

    "Using strong colour, is heavy coloured. Also, the angle of the line--" Qiandu gazed into Li Muyang's eyes, smiled and continued: "The end of every brush is a hook, if you look carefully, countless gold hooks overlap, like forming magic clouds. Paintings drawn using this technique will look extremely glamorous and comfortable."

    Li Muyang shook his head. "So this is the heavy coloured gold hook. I wouldn't have known if you didn't tell me. Since this kind of painting skill is so remarkable, why has it been lost?"

    Qiandu's mouth curled into a subtle smile. "It is said this concerns a secret of the Peacock Dynasty. As to what is exactly the reason, even I do not know."

    Li Muyang nodded. "A pity."

    "Yes. It's really a shame that it was lost." Qiandu looked at Li Muyang. "However, now we have Muyang classmate who has inherited this painting technique and will further develop the heavy-coloured gold hook technique, it also is a very joyful occasion. It's good news for the countless painting enthusiasts in the divine continent."

    Li Muyang nodded. "I'll do my best--but you should not have too much hope for me. After all, just now Teacher Gu also said that, I'm still just a beginner in painting and would still need much practice."

    Qiandu nodded. "I'll accompany you often to Teacher Gu's lecture in the future."

    When Lin Canghai heard Qiandu say such words, his eyes shot wide open, staring in surprise.

    When Qiandu glanced at him, Lin Canghai immediately resumed as usual. "Today I now know what is known as becoming famous overnight. The matter that Gu Huangwu, the walls of painting and calligraphy' admired Li Muyang's 'Shower of Spring Sunshine' should most likely have been spread all around the Divine Continent by now?"
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