Chapter 239 - Joy mixed with worry!

    Chapter 239: Joy mixed with worry!

    Deer chasing stage.

    Chu Xianda finished the last stroke of his brush on a painting scroll. He set down the brush on top of the ink stone, and beckoned to his beloved concubine who stood next to him watching him. He said with smile: "Concubine Ling, come look at my painting 'Distant view of the country' and tell me what you think?"

    Beautiful and graceful Concubine Ling came closer over with light steps, studying the painting seriously. "The layout is impressive, the atmosphere diverse. The whole picture gives people a sense of vitality, there is a force almost tearing the paper, breaking the blue dome of heaven."

    Chu Xianda received the towel the chamberlain brought over, wiped his hand and pointed at Concubine Ling. "You're just saying things I like to hear."

    "Your Majesty, what I said was sincere." When the gentle and dignified woman flattered someone she was even more attractive, which was the reason that Concubine Ling was most loved out of the inner palace. "I am your Majesty's soul mate, with your Majesty's masterpiece, one not only need to see with the eyes, but look attentively with the heart. You see, the red sun is particularly bursting with energy, like the time when your Majesty wanted to get rid of the disease plaguing Shenke. And your Majesty will surely accomplish great deeds, attain achievements as dazzling as the red sun."

    Chu Xianda vigorously pulled Concubine Ling into his embrace, gently sighing: "Concubine Ling is indeed my soul mate. I've been enthroned for many years, but my powers has always been controlled by those ministers. Whenever I bring forth new ideas to benefit the people, I feel constrained every time. The rules of governing a country cannot be applied and there is nowhere for my anger to be vented. It's just enduring day after day--One day I will kick those old dogs out. I will trample them and show them how I will make this world a better place and make my people have better days."

    "Your Majesty be careful of what you say." Concubine Ling urged.

    Chu Xianda abruptly became furious, bellowing, "This is my palace, you're my woman and servant, don't tell me I have to worry about this fear in my own home and when talking to my woman?"

    "Your Majesty--"

    Concubine Ling and the servants fell down and knelt before him.

    Chu Xianda released his anger, then quickly calmed down, waving his hand dismissively. "Forget it, get up. I'm not mad at you, but angry at--the old man who has given me a hard and difficult fight."

    Concubine Ling got up from the floor. "Your Majesty is at your peak, is there a need to be anxious?"

    Chu Xianda nodded. "I am not anxious, but those old dogs needs to be anxious--Lu Xingkong, that old man, has slaughtered my Monitoring division, and now I have to find someone to assume the position of Left Minister. Hey, if I gave it to him, just how would my days be in the future?"

    "Then your Majesty thinks highly of the elder of the Cui family?" Concubine Ling asked.

    Chu Xianda glowered at Concubine Ling, replying in a cold tone: "Do you think this is something

    Concubine Ling immediately knelt down again. "Your Majesty, I didn't mean that, I just followed up with a question--Even if I have one hundred guts I dare not intervene in the business of the court."

    Chu Xianda helped Concubine Ling back up from the floor. "Concubine Ling, you know that I spoil you the most. But because of this, you're not cautious with your words and action. If the Queen knows, the Queen would put you in disciplinary confinement yet again."

    "Thank you for understanding Your Majesty." Concubine Ling sobbed.

    Chu Xianda gave a dismissive wave. "Well, someone hang up my 'Distant view of the country', I want to hang it up in the Great Culture Palace Hall to encourage myself everyday."

    "Yes, your majesty." Concubine Ling answered.

    Chamberlain Li Fu came in, reporting loudly, "Your Majesty, the first Prince sent a letter back."

    "Hmm. Chu Kai is a filial child, he knows that I'm not in a good mood recently so every few days he would write me a letter to tell me some fun stories in Starry Sky Academy to amuse me." Chu Xianda received the envelope that Li Fu handed over and began to read.

    As he read, Chu Xianda's face darkened, until he tossed away the letter and yelled: "Chu Ning this idiot girl, she competed in a painting contest with a worthless guy and lost to him--"

    Concubine Ling picked up the letter and quickly glanced through it, then said consolingly: "You can't blame Chu Ning, even Gu Huangwu such a skilled person in calligraphy and painting also endlessly praised that Li Muyang. There was nothing Chu Ning could have done."

    "Hmph, praised endlessly? Is Gu Huangwu the old drunk intentionally trying to embarrass my West Wind Kingdom? When did the West Wind ever treat him badly?"

    "Your Majesty please calm down."

    "I can't, write to Chu Ning, tell her to come back immediately. Don't bring disgrace to West Wind." Chu Xianda commanded Chamberlain Li Fu.

    "Yes your Majesty--" Li Fu answered. "Just that--"

    "Just what? Even you old dog won't listen to me?"

    "Your Majesty, Princess Chu Ning had just lost the contest, if your Majesty calls her back, others will mistakenly think--" Li Fu hesitated, not daring to finish his words.

    "Mistakenly think what?"

    "Other people will mistakenly think that the Royal Family of West Wind is unaccommodating and intolerant towards others." Concubine Ling, noticing Li Fu's imploring eyes, interrupted: "The more Your Majesty cares, the more others will think so. If your Majesty pretends not to care about this matter, people will think that the Royal family of West Wind can accommodate talents of the world--Your Majesty sent the Princes to train at far away Starry Sky Academy. This was also for the purpose of recruiting talents for West Wind, right?"

    Chu Xianda pondered for a moment, before answering, "Then we just leave this matter as it is?"

    "Wait until the time is ripe to settle this, since your Majesty also doesn't like that Li Muyang--"

    "Li Muyang again--Li Muyang--Whoever has something to do with the Lu family, is a nail in my eyes, a thorn in my flesh. One day I must pull them all out."

    Concubine Ling and Li Fu exchanged a glance and lowered their heads without a word.

    "Hahaha, Li Muyang--" In the backyard, Lu Xingkong was grasping a piece of paper and was laughing heartily. "Did you see it? Even the double wall of painting and calligraphy Gu Huangwu said he is far inferior to him. Good boy, what a good boy."

    The old butler followed Lu Xingkong closely from behind, with a kind and amiable smile. "He is a good child. He had only begun to learn painting, but famous master Gu Huangwu considered himself as inferior to him. If young master continues to learn, what about other painters? Will he toss them aside so far that not even their shadows could be seen?"

    "Of course." Lu Xingkong said firmly. "My grandson is obviously not someone an ordinary man can compare to."

    The old butler gave Lu Xingkong a glance, looking as if he had something he wanted to say.

    "Just say what you want to say, you also want to hide things from me?" Walking in front, Lu Xingkong said without turning his head back.

    The old butler lips were drawn back into a grin. "Master, are you going to get in touch with young master? At least let him know that our Lu family has been paying attention to him all this time--"
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