Chapter 245 - The four illusions!

    Chapter 245: The four illusions!

    Chu Ning returned, carrying over three cups of tea, and in turn placed in front of Li Muyang, Lin Canghai and Qiandu.

    Lin Canghai's eyes strangely looked at the cup of tea in front, a delay in touching the cup and drinking.

    Only Qiandu naturally received the cup, smiled at Chu Ning, nodded and said thanks.

    Chu Ning humph coldly. She disliked woman that are more beautiful than her. This Qiandu was not only beautiful, but exhibited a graceful and gentle temperament. Such a woman is pleasing to the eye and without any aggressiveness. And even if she doesn't say a word, no one can ignore her existence.

    Chu Ning once wanted to be an orchid-like woman.

    But she accidentally turned out to be a rose.

    Qiandu smiled at her, not caring in the slightest about Chu Ning's hostile attitude towards her.

    This made Chu Ning felt more unbearably suffocating; I am the West Wind Princess, I hate you--do you not even feel a little pressure? You're not afraid of me executing your whole family?

    Li Muyang looked at Chu Ning. "There are some clothes that need to be washed, if you don't know how then leave it there I'll do it myself--"

    "Who said I don't?" Chu Ning said irritably. This idiot dares to question her ability, she must do well to blind his dog like eyes.

    "Then I have to trouble you." Li Muyang said, smiling.

    Chu Ning ran like the wind into the house, while Li Muyang, Qiandu and Lin Canghai exchanged glances and finally could not help but burst into laughter.

    Chu Ning twisted around. "What are you laughing at?"

    Li Muyang pointed to Lin Canghai. "He just told a joke."

    "Idiot." Chu Ning turned and headed into the house.

    Lin Canghai stared shocked at Li Muyang. "Brother Muyang, you really dare to drive the West Wind Princess to be your servant? Do you know that if this incident is spread, I'm afraid you'll have to endure the vengeance of the Royal Family and the wrath of all the people--"

    Li Muyang spread his hands, replying: "What can I do? She cried and shouted to wash my clothes, cook dinner and cut my nails, if I didn't accept it she wouldn't leave me--If I turned her down, what if she killed herself? Wouldn't the West Wind Royal Family have even more of a reason to retaliate?"

    "--" Lin Canghai thought that Li Muyang has a point, there was nothing to refute.

    "Besides, didn't you drink her tea too? When the West Wind Royal Family wants to retaliate, they won't behead me alone?"

    "--Are you pulling us into the line of fire?"

    "You volunteered to share the fire." Li Muyang chuckled evilly. "Since you already drank the princess's tea, do you want to bring over some dirty clothes for her to wash?


    "If you agree to bet you must accept the consequences of losing." Qiandu raised the cup of tea to her nose to appreciate its fragrance, as she indifferently said: "There is no hierarchy in the Academy, only teachers and the friendship of students. It was just some bet between students, it can't proceed to such a severe stage. If the West Wind Royal Family really blames Muyang, then the West Wind Royal Family is a narrow-minded family."

    Lin Canghai chuckled. "Only you can say such words."

    Li Muyang looked at Qiandu and Lin Canghai, smiled and asked: "Isn't there class today? What are you two doing here?"

    "What? Brother Muyang is hiding a wife in his golden house and do not want us to come in?"

    Li Muyang looked at the corner of his courtyard, where Chu Ning was sat around a large wooden basin desperately washing clothes. "I'm hiding a thunder in my broken house, which might cause me death at any time--"

    Lin Canghai laughed. "That's true. If you dare marry a West Wind Princess, the West Wind Royal Family will certainly chop you up--"

    "Can't you comfort me?" Li Muyang said with a wry smile.

    "Not completely impossible." Lin Canghai smiled. "If you cultivate into the Starry Sky Realm early, presumably the West Wind Royal Family would be willing to let their princess marry to such a young talent."

    "You know that I just reached the Empty Valley Realm?"

    "I know."

    "Then you think this is comforting me?"

    "It's not impossible for you to get married at 60."


    Qiandu looked at Lin Canghai and said: "Muyang classmate is intelligent and talented, has boundless prospects, marrying a princess is not impossible."

    Lin Canghai replied with a mischievous smile. "Yes. Yes. Perhaps a princess would cry and shout to marry him."

    "Okay, okay." Li Muyang raised his arms in surrender. "You two came to mock me?"

    Qiandu pursed her lips and giggled. "The thing is, according to the rules of Starry Sky Academy, freshmen have to go to the Water Moon Heavenly Cave to undergo some training, the teachers of other courses have informed their students to prepare, I think Teacher Yang would also mention about this soon--so we came to discuss with you, are you ready?"

    "What kind of place is the Water Moon Heavenly Cave?" Li Muyang asked aloud.

    "Water Moon Heavenly Cave is not a place, but four places--" Lin Canghai said with a smile, he knew that Li Muyang knew nothing about it, so answered his questions and cleared up his confusion. "Respectively, the illusion of weak water, the Magic Moon, the Demon Cave and the Clear Heaven, these four places are four unknown places, but also four ancient battlefield. After entering, no one knows where they would be sent to and what danger they would encounter--because the students that have been in have found that they had not reached the same place. Some people went in, walked around in a circle and came back out safe and sound, some people encountered extremely dangerous things or monsters, and some obtained miracle pills or strange treasures, and others--they forever stayed there."

    Li Muyang gasped. "Is this not a test in the school? There is a chance of fatality?"

    "What do you think Starry Sky Academy is famous for? Why has it produced a whole pantheon of renowned figures?" Lin Canghai asked rhetorically.

    "Is it because of this cruel survival training?"

    "Right." Lin Canghai said. "Broken mountain is situated on a very powerful formation, that can easily send people to the four lands of illusion. The strong people of Starry Sky, almost every one of them had undergone training in the lands of illusion and had made great progress through it--So, the opportunity to enter and train in the four lands of illusion is what every Starry Sky student expects and look forward to."

    "Can you not go?" Li Muyang asked. He had already possessed the 'Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery, 'Subdue dragon and tame tiger mantra', as well as 'The Art of the Breaking Body', all which he had not cultivated successfully yet, and he still has a very long way to go. Moreover, he had merged with the Tear of the Dragon King and in his mind were countless profound techniques. Did he really needed to enter some caves to find treasure?

    What if he was beaten by those freaks?
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