Chapter 250 - Escape from sea of fire!

    Chapter 250: Escape from sea of fire!

    Soul Haunting Whip Luo Xu and Heart Buddha Ning Xinhai were two skilled masters of the Lu and Cui family, and because each has his own master and neither was going to give way, a battle was unavoidable.

    Feeling the frightful presence emanating from them, all the little companions had retreated to a safe distance away from them.

    Lu Tianyu tugged at Li Shinian's sleeve, whispering, "Is that your driver?"

    "I think so?" Li Shinian replied unsurely.

    Lu Tianyu lips formed a sulky pout between those chubby cheeks and said in a rather sullen tone: "Why do you have a driver and I don't? Also, they've arranged such a powerful driver for you, but I don't even have a bodyguard--am I a child of the Lu family or are you a child of the Lu family?"

    Li Shinian also felt a slight twinge of guilt, she had thought that the Lu family arranged a driver for her so it would be more comfortable and convenient for her to go to school but she did not expect him to be such a high level master. Even Lu Tianyu, the real young master of the Lu family had not received this degree of protection, so she--indeed was more fortunate than him. No wonder Lu Tianyu felt unfairly treated.

    Li Shinian pinched Lu Tianyu's chubby face, speaking softly: "The reason you don't have a driver is because all the drivers of the Lu Family have to listen to your orders. You can use whoever you want, but I can only use this driver. Moreover, you're the young master of the Lu family, no one dares to bully you, so they haven't arranged a bodyguard for you."

    "No one dares to bully me?" Lu Tianyu repeated, eyes widening and pointing to Cui Shaofeng and the others. "They often bullied me. If you hadn't come today, I don't know how I would have been beaten up this time."

    "It was an accident. After what you've been through today, your family will definitely arrange someone to protect you."

    "Humph, I'll go back and ask my mother. I'm going to ask her if I'm her own son--I must have been adopted, otherwise why would they do this to me?"


    While they were whispering and muttering to each other, Soul Haunting Whip Luo Xu's and Heart Buddha Ning Xinhai's imposing manner had accumulated to its peak.

    Soul Haunting Whip Luo Xu firmly gripped his whip like a spear, then thrust it toward Heart Buddha Ning Xinhai.

    A gust of violent wind howled, whipping up dust.

    As for as the eyes could see, shadows of spear covered the sky, filling the narrow and quaint alley.

    One spear surpasses ten thousand spears!

    Ning Xinhai had not moved an inch from his position, throwing out a devastating punch with his right hand that was kept hidden in his sleeve.


    A red ball of light emerged above his head, blinding the surrounding people with its brightness.

    At least half of these children more or less know some martial skills, so as the red sun rose high into the air, they had retreated to a safe distance from the fighting and did not look directly at the sun, yet they still staggered back several steps.

    The red ball suddenly ruptured, golden light erupting out.


    When the golden light was gone, the ten thousands of shadow of spear had similarly disappeared.

    Heart Buddha Ning Xinhai and Soul Haunting Whip stood motionless in their original place and not moved a single step, as if nothing had happened.

    Ning Xinhai looked at Soul Haunting Whip and spoke in a low voice. "One man can hold out against ten thousand, a spear surpasses ten thousand spears, the Heavenly Emperor Spear of the Lu family really deserves its reputation. However, it is the Lu Family's technique, rather than brother Luo's own Soul Haunting Whip skill. If this is the case, I'm afraid you have dissapointed me Brother Luo."

    Luo Xu did not like to talk. He shook the spear in his hand, releasing all the essential qi inside and it changed into a long, flexible whip.

    Watching this scene, a faint smile surfaced onto Ning Xinhai's face. "Right. This is what you're good at. Although the Lu Family was not stingy with teaching you their 'Heavenly Emperor Spear', but that ultimately is the cultivation technique of the Lu family. If they had not also given you their 'bright moon mental cultivation method', you wouldn't have been able to show the real power of Heavenly Emperor Spear--"

    "Your Buddha is born everywhere is also just so-so." Soul Haunting Whip countered. "It's only for self-defense and can't kill an enemy. This is considered as a first-class cultivation method?"

    Ning Xinhai chuckled: "You can try again."

    "Then try again."

    As Soul Haunting Whip spoke, the whip in his hand rumbled softly.

    Pa Pa Pa--

    The whip swung out in mid-air, drawing a graceful arc.

    The long powerful swish of his whip lashed through the air in a circular motion, producing a series of cracking sounds that lingered in the air.

    The series of cracking noises compressed into one very loud sound and the end of the whip flared up in flames.

    The flames grew larger as the fire spread, becoming an enormous fireball. It was not clear what material the tip of the whip was made out off but looked it could be burned off at any time.

    The fireball continued to grow in size, almost filling the whole alley and engulfing the entire body of Ning Xinhai.


    Ning Xinhai's body entered into a sea of raging flames.

    A foreign body entered into the flames, the fireball burned more ferocious.

    Smoke billowed out, as though Ning Xinhai had been refined by fire.

    "Uncle Ning--" Cui Shaofeng screamed. He was not close with Ning Xinhai before and it could not be said that there were deep feelings between the two. Just that, today Ning Xinhai, who coincidentally passed by, was his only protective barrier at this time. If Ning Xinhai was incinerated by Soul Haunting Whip Luo Xu, then who would protect them?

    "Heavens, hurry put out the fire, he's going to burn to death--"

    "Help--Somebody help--"

    Cui Shaofeng's little friends scampered in confusion. Who would have thought that Ning Xinhai would lose and has been killed before even two rounds of fight.


    The enormous blazing fireball suddenly rose from the ground like a humanoid fire, shooting through the air toward Li Shinian and Lu Tianyu like a missile.

    The fireball was still alive!

    Lu Tianyu's mouth formed into a soundless shocked 'O', Li Shinian lunged forward, shielding Lu Tianyu with her thin and weak body, her both hands clenched into tight fists, ready to use all her strength to throw a punch at the fireball.

    The fireball hurtled toward them at a very fast speed, swift as a meteor and fast as lightning.

    Soul Haunting Whip Luo Xu's face stiffened with dismay, swinging out his whip once again to strike the fireball swirling in midair.


    The fireball dropped from above Li Shinian and Lu Tianyu, smashing into the ground.

    "Ahhh--" The miserable voice of Lu Tianyu sounded below the fireball.

    Like a dragon fruit, the outer layer of red flames was peeled off one by one, and a glistening golden figure stood where Li Shinian and Lu Tianyu were.

    It was Ning Xinhai who was engulfed by the fireball. The fact that he survived unscathed having been in the fireball for such a long time, made people gasped in astonishment.

    "Immortal golden shield." The crowd exclaimed.

    Luo Xu flicked his wrist and sent his whip coiling around Li Shinian and Lu Tianyu who were flying across mid-air and carefully lowered them to the ground.
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